Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 510

Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Answer on your own blog, then hop back here tomorrow to add your link to the party. 

Note-there won't be a Hodgepodge next week (July 5th). The Hodgepodge will return the following week, July 12th. God bless America! 

Now back to today~

1. What's one thing you're excited about in the coming month? 

2. What was your life like when you were ten years old? 

3. What's something from your childhood you still enjoy today? 

4. What state (that you haven't been to) do you most want to visit? Tell us why. 

5. Do you like to drive? Tell us how you learned to drive. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.