Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Splurging On The Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. Comments keep the Hodgepodge sunny! Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. What does productivity look like to you? 

Making my bed every day. An empty sink and clean counters when I go to bed every night. A daily to-do list with lines crossed through it. Some days the list is long, other days it might not contain anything critical, but having a to-do list then following through makes me feel productive. 

I don't work anymore so productivity is something of a relative term. I need to have some time blocked for tasks each week, not every minute of every day but definitely something to provide structure. In this season (retirement) that might include times of work, writing, volunteering, hobbies and rest. 

2. What was your fondest (or one of your fondest) memory of High School? 

It's been a while lol. High school was okay, but I loved college. As far as a fond memory...I loved spending time with my church youth group. We were a close knit group, a mix of ages and high schools and backgrounds. It felt like a family, and many of us are still in touch with one another today. 

3. What did you do the summer after High School? 

I spent the summer after high school in one of my favorite places in the world-camp. I was a counselor for the oldest campers who were young teenagers. Camp was so much fun. For the counselors too! 

4. June 14th is National Strawberry Shortcake Day...are you a fan, and if so will you celebrate? How do you make yours? Have you been strawberry picking? If so what do you do with all those berrries? 

I might celebrate. Strawberry shortcake is one of my favorite desserts. My oldest daughter has a June birthday and always asks for shortcake on her special day. I sometimes make mine with Bisquick, or sometimes I make an angel food cake and use that as the cake base. I'm not picky about the cake but want lots of juicy berries and whipped cream. 

I haven't been strawberry picking, but I did buy a big bucket full from a local grower when my mother-in-law was visiting. We ate some, froze some, and I made a strawberry cobbler one night. We might make strawberry ice cream with the frozen berries when we have a houseful 4th of July. 

5. What's something you always splurge on? 

My hair feels like a bit of a splurge. I go about every six-eight weeks and while I know I could do it for about 1/10th of the price with a boxed product, I've never once considered that. I have a lot of hair, it's thick, and needs a professional. Hubs is 100% on board with this splurge. 

Although, I'm not 100% sure he knows exactly how much the splurge actually is teehee. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My mama is here visiting this week and we're doing our usual puzzle working-card playing-book reading thing. Our neighborhood had a luau on Friday night, we went to church on Sunday, hubs has grilled some five star meals, and today (Tuesday) is book club. Such a blessing to have in-person time together. 

Hubs and I spent the weekend before she arrived at the ballpark. We watched the College Regionals held in our area which meant seeing our hometown team (Clemson) and our all-time always favorite team (Tennessee) go head to head. The game went fourteen innings!! but our Vols prevailed. They won in the Super Regionals this past weekend too, so now it's onward to Omaha. 

I'm talking about the college baseball world series for those of you who don't know. And maybe don't care-ha! 

We care. Go Vols! 

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  1. I forgot about the "splurge" on my hair. I have my roots colored every 5 weeks and get a trim. That is indeed a splurge! Enjoy every moment with your mama!

    1. I have been keeping up with the VOLS! Cheering them on from my recliner! Enjoy your week with your Mama.

  2. Those were the best places to be in high school and in the summer, too, youth group and camp! What a sweet week to have with your dear mom. I can imagine the cost of that splurge. It's a lot less in the country than in the Seattle area. It's so nice to have a hubby that will cook. For most sports I prefer the college levels over the professional. Happy Flag Day!

  3. I was also a camp counselor! Funny. That's cool you've been going to the baseball games; I love ours here (FSU) but haven't been in a while. We are going to a soccer game soon; we have a minor league team and it's always fun.

  4. Indeed we do. GBO!!!
    Knoxville is hoppin' with all things "BaseVols" and "OmaVols"!

  5. I have to make the bed each morning and clear the kitchen like you. How cool that you were a camp counselor. Enjoy your strawberries, sounds like fun. I go that often to my hair dresser too and I actually have an appointment today. That is a splurge that I didn't think of. Love your random, you have been so busy. Enjoy your time with your Mom.

  6. I think a list makes me feel more productive too, whenever I can check a few things off! I always have a to-do list I'm working through. Your plans for this week and upcoming weekend sound like a lot of fun!

  7. Hi, I bet college baseball is a blast. 14 innings... that is fun too. ;-)
    I loved hearing about the time spent with your mom.
    Happy Flag Day,

  8. We love strawberry shortcake; but fresh strawberries aren't ready for picking up here yet so we save our strawberry shortcake for then. I honestly can not remember my summer after high school; I must have hung out around my parent's pool and with my boyfriend/ now husband.

  9. What the hell is productivity, well I guess just seeing things get done
    I did not like high school and liked being done with it
    Strawberries are a new like for me only a few years ago I took to eating berries each morning.
    I love to buy stationary even when I don't need it
    Winter is cold and summer hot and it is what we like to complain about

  10. It is so great that you both have your moms to share time (and desserts) with!! What a blessing! I have never been a baseball fan but have gone to a few of the Detroit Tiger practice season games. Their summer training is right here in Lakeland. Of course, we always went when Joe's Phillies were playing the Tigers! Have fun!! xo

  11. I laughed at your comment about hubby not knowing how much you splurge on your hair. I was the same when mine was coloured. Hubby had no idea how expensive it was.