Monday, June 5, 2023

More Stuff I Was Going To Tell You But Never Did

I could probably start a weekly series here with that same title, but for the time being let's move forward. Actually backwards to finish the two week catch up I was supposed to finish last week. 

Guess I'm back to being two weeks behind. Hmmm.

One nice thing about the cities my girls are currently living in is their proximity to hubs family, specifically his mom. It's not too far out of the way to go by her house on our way to/from Daughter1's, so we made plans to pick her up on the way back to the lake when we left the kids. 

We have not spent a lot of in-person time with her this winter, mostly because she made a move in December, everyone's calendars are so busy (hers maybe most of all-true story!) and the comings and goings have just not gelled. 

This time we intentionally made it happen, breezed by her house, met hubs brother and sister-in-law for lunch (the pup always so so happy to see my sister-in-law), then drove on to the lake to spend the week together. We had such a nice time working puzzles, playing cards, talking about how cute and completely precious her great grands are, and we squeezed in a couple of fun outings too. 

On our first day home we finally took the inaugural boat ride of the season. The only boat ride so far, but technically it's not summer yet, right? Boating on a weekday here is the way to go, especially early in the season. The lake is calm, quiet, and gorgeous. 

Hubs had appointments all day Thursday so we girls went to lunch, then rode up to a nearby waterfall to see what we could see. My mother-in-law is always game for everything and was wishing she had a different pair of shoes with her so we could climb down to the bottom. 

I was happy she did not have a different pair of shoes with her. 

It was a spectacular day weather wise, the trees were every shade of green God created, and so many beautiful plants were in bloom. 

On Saturday we had tickets to go to the Scottish games in the nearby small big city. They're actually held every year on the university campus where my girls went to school and it's a gorgeous setting. The Memorial Day weather was not the best, but we had a fun full day there, leaving just as the rains came. 

The thing you need to know about my mother-in-law is she knows someone everywhere she goes. We saw a woman wearing a Tennessee hat at the festival and next thing you know she and my m-i-l are chatting like long lost friends. Turns out the woman's husband had played the bagpipes at a funeral the week before in my m-i-l's church so of course they had mutual friends. 

Also, hubs did not fall far from the tree when it comes to never meeting a stranger. Just sayin'. 

We watched a lot of the athletic events including the caber toss and the sheaf toss, both of which are pretty impressive. We also spent some time watching and listening to the pipe and drum competition which was fun.

A drummer in one group was blind and had someone standing beside him (maybe his dad?) to assist with direction. 

People are just amazing, aren't they? 

There were lots of Scottish and British treats and while we opted not to have the haggis, we did have some really good fish and chips. We wandered the many vendor stalls, found my son-in-law's clan, and just enjoyed the festive friendly atmosphere and all the people watching. 

On Sunday we went to church, then to lunch at a local 'landmark' which is one step up from a dive but is very, very well loved. It's always busy, and the 'meat and three' on their Sunday menu is  good. Do you have meat and threes where you live? We did not have those where I grew up, but it's a thing here. 

Hubs and the pup (where hubs goes he goes) drove his mom back to Tennessee on Monday and I stayed  home to regroup here. It's a rare day where I'm alone in my own house and I gotta say I didn't hate it. Hubs will laugh when he reads this and declare that an understatement, but whatever. I enjoy having him home and I hope he knows that. I am also someone who needs space and I know he knows that lol. 

Okay, we're all caught up. 

Almost caught up. 

Halfway caught up which is something. 

Have a nice week everyone! 


  1. How wonderful to spend that time with your mother in law. The waterfall is very pretty. The Scottish Games looks like it was fun. Sounds like it was a great visit. Yes, it's nice to get some quiet time alone.

  2. A good catch-up!! Nice to spend some good time with your MIL. She looks lovely. I haven't run into the 'meat & 3" thing here in Lakeland but I would like it, I think. Nice to have that first boat ride of the season done! More fun to come!! xo

  3. Do you know I've never been to the Highland Games? No doubt your MIL ran into at least 1 person she knows!!! Best band mom ever! :)

  4. What a fun catch-up, and thank you for spending some really good time with you m-i-l. As one I doubly appreciate you making the time to see her. Also, as one who needs - actually, must have - alone time, I also appreciate Hubs making that possible for you. Mine is teaching preschoolers in VBS this week, so I am having delightful mornings all to myself. Thus catching up with other's catch-ups.

  5. I'm so behind I was happy to sort of get caught up with you. Cracking up at you being happy your MIL didn't bring her hiking shoes! LOL.

  6. Well, what a fun MIL you have, and I hope my DIL thinks the same of me. :o)) And, alone time, I'm with you! I have to have it and thankfully I do get it. Happy rest of the week!

  7. We find during the week is the best time to be out on the lake too as weekends can get really crowded. It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your MIL though I did chuckle at the line about how you were happy she did not have other shoes. My mother in law is pretty much the same way; only she would have tried to hike to the bottom regardless.