Sunday, January 28, 2024

A Ragtag Post

We finally had a quiet at home weekend doing a whole lot of very little which was long overdue. Also not much to blog about, but of course I'm blogging anyway. C'est la vie. 

Hubs had been duck hunting all week and didn't get home until very late Friday night. His trip meant I had four whole entire days in the house by myself which, if you're livin' the retired life, you know is rare. And also appreciated now and then.

Hi hubs! I'm glad you're home. 

It's okay, he gets me lol. Celebrating 40 years of married life this June so yeah, he gets me. 

Back to last week...I'd naturally made a lot of overly ambitious plans (in my head) with hopes of completing some small organizational projects, and got exactly none completed. Oh I did plenty, I just couldn't quite get to my mental list which is still there, still rolling around my brain. 

Here are my excuses...

I said I had the house to myself but that's only partly true. The little brown dog was here keeping me company, pining for his favorite mister, racing to the window every time someone pulled down the driveway thinking maybe it was him, needing to go outside in the ridiculous pouring rain which meant I had to go outside in the ridiculous pouring rain, and then I had to get out the towels and the brush and the dryer and do all the things hubs normally does when it rains and the dog needs tending

Hi hubs! I'm glad you're home. 

What's something...I talked on the phone. A lot. Not a bad thing as a friend I hadn't spoken to in about a year and a half called and two hours later we were almost all caught up. Then one daughter called, then my mom called, then another daughter called and before I knew what was happening the clock said noon and I was still in my jammies. 

Which is fine, but it's not me, and it throws off my mojo aka my enthusiasm to begin a project. Let's watch HGTV instead, k? 

I still had my usual weekly to-dos like groceries and laundry and bible study on Wednesday and volunteering on Thursday and I got my nails done because priorities people. And I did manage to get beds changed from the last set of houseguests and some lingering bits of Christmas put away with the exception of two nutcrackers whose boxes have to be hunted down. 

Yes. Christmas. I told you, it's been a whirlwind. 

In other news I didn't kill any plants while he was away. Hubs babies the plants here in his efforts to keep outdoor plants alive indoors throughout the winter and I did not let him down. 

I put down a book I was reading and picked up another. Life is too short to read books that are just eh. Normal Rules Don't Apply by Kate Atkinson. I enjoy her writing but I was not getting this one at all. It's a series of stories which I thought were going to be related somehow but I was four stories in and it just wasn't happening. Moving on to Demon Copperhead  by Barbara Kingsolver, which is our March book club selection. 

Hubs and I are also listening to an audible of The Wager : A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder by David Grann (author of Killers of The Flower Moon). We started this one on the windy curvy drive to Tennessee a couple of weeks ago and had to turn it off because the description of the rough and rolling sea and the conditions the sailors lived in was making me car sick. It doesn't take much. 

Back to my excuses...I cooked. A lot. I didn't eat what I cooked but I did freeze three meals to take to my daughter. Her friends are wonderful and I know will bring food in the early days, but these meals are for that day down the road when the baby is fussy and the toddler needs his momma, and she cannot face making dinner. 

I guess I did more than I thought. 

Hubs spent the weekend getting his hunting gear cleaned and put away and then I washed all the hunting clothes and got my own stuff organized so I'm ready to go to my daughter's when it's time. We had a rainy Saturday so we finished watching the second season of Reacher. We liked it, a bit corny and totally unbelievable in spots, but still we liked it. I'd booked us a date night dinner for Saturday at a restaurant we'd never been to and it was a lovely night out.

Question-when you're retired empty nesters do you still need date nights? 

Yes. Yes you do. We go out all the time, but often it's with other couples or groups of people or to events of one kind or another, and date night is dedicated let's talk about us time. 

We watched all the football today and I guess Taylor Swift is going to the Superbowl lol. What a year she's had, of course she'll be at the Superbowl. Personally I think everyone should calm down about Taylor and direct their outrage toward things going on in our own country and the world at large that are genuinely worthy of outrage. 

I didn't take any pictures all weekend but here's a snapshot of hubs plants, blooming and growing and bringing joy on the grayest of days. 

May we all do the same. 


  1. To be honest I am not even sure what she looks like and I wouldn’t know her music unless someone pointed it out to me.
    Why do you have to bring in your outside plants? I’ve never heard of that before. lol gosh it sounds like I live under a rock. 😄
    I love when my husband goes hiking - he gets me too! And like you I always have big plans that hardly ever get done. Oh well.
    Enjoyed your post.

  2. When I first looked at your post title in my feedly I thought it said Raging post. Ragtag was much better. I had to laugh at myself...again. It has been a long time since I've had more than just a few hours home alone. Cooking up those meals for your daughter's freezer is a blessing. Another babe arriving soon, so sweet. My two and only two are heading for age 7 and 5! My granddaughter announced to me that she got graduate out of her car seat to the next level seat whatever that is. It will be a lot easier for me to take her shopping without having her parents install that big bulky car seat! That's great that those plants survived. Enjoy the last few days of January.

  3. Well, I'd say you accomplished quite a lot in those 4 days and, as my Momma would always say, the other will still be there when you get to it. :0) My response to her would always be, "Yes, that's what I'm afraid of." :o)) It was a running joke between us as I have never handled not accomplishing all I've set out to do very well. Wishing Shannon an easy delivery of that precious little girl. Happy week!

    1. Maggie...Shannon has her hands full currently : )

  4. It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful week where you accomplished some things and found time to relax and time to enjoy reading and taking are of yourself. Hope you have a blessed day!

  5. I have never been hunting, Tim went kangaroo hunting as a teenager with his brother, it is our 40 wedding anniversary in September

  6. Taylor Swift. I barely know who she is and have no idea what her songs are. I am so far removed from current trends and have no idea about whatever controversy is hanging over her. I understand completely how the best intentions get lost in every day distractions. I'm sure Hunley is happy to have his 'daddy' home. A nice catch-up, Joyce!! xo

  7. My husband is the plant whisperer, too. I noticed our kolanchoes are blooming in the garage, where they are wintering. I need to make some casseroles for my daughter and son-in-law. Baby Lucy is coming mid April. Demon Copperhead was a hard read and I wanted to stop several times but I'm glad I didn't stop.

  8. It sounds like your week went well. That's great that you cooked and got meals ready to take to your daughters house. We recently finished season 2 of Reacher also. We haven't had a date night in a long time but we did go out to lunch last week. Honestly the pandemic really messed us up and we don't do the same things we used to do. We watched the games too. I agree with your point about everyone focusing more on our country. We are in terrible shape. The plants look lovely. Have a great week.

  9. Yes to date nights! Sounds like a great stay at home time on your own. I've yet to read David Copperfield so Demon Copperhead is way down the TBR list lol.