Monday, January 22, 2024

Showered With Love

We have had the craziest start to the new year. End to last year? I cannot believe it's almost February and I still feel like I'm racing to catch up with the calendar.  

Is it annoying when people go on and on about how fast time is passing? 

It's flying y'all. I cannot seem to get my foot on the rung that is this new year. 

We have a new granddaughter joining the party (yes, we're a party) very soon. We're anticipating a  February arrival, but she may make her appearance sooner, and how in the world is it already February???

Technically it's not, but I've already made the leap into the next month because this one has me bamboozled.  

Also, I'm getting another granddaughter (insert all the heart eyes and emojis here).

Hubs and I trekked to Tennessee Thursday afternoon so we would be available Friday morning for baby's momma to visit the doctor without her toddler in tow. Remember when going to the doctor, followed by a stop at the grocery store by yourself was a real treat? 

We spent the morning indoors because it was something like nine degrees outside. We stacked blocks and read books and played 'baby pretend to go night night' in the great big blanket, and then Nana did 600 laps behind the tricycle on the living room-dining room-kitchen circuit. 

Little man sat so quietly and was so happy on that trike seat that we just kept doing the loop. At one point I asked hubs to take his picture and we discovered sweet baby J was sound asleep. Sitting up on his tricycle.

He is so precious. 

My daughter's in-laws arrived Friday afternoon and my son-in-law grilled wings and we had them with a nice charcuterie for dinner. Saturday morning we girls headed out in the bitter cold to attend a shower for baby girl. My daughter has the loveliest, kindest, most wonderful friends who made the morning so very special. 

They started the shower by going around in a circle and reading scripture and prayers for momma, dad, and baby. Not only for her physical health and development, but each one also tied to her spiritual health and development. They were very specific and absolutely beautiful. Made me quite teary actually. 

We had tea sandwiches and a pasta salad along with fruit skewers, baked brie, and a delectable assortment of sweet treats too. 

My daughter is so very fortunate to have these friends, and even though my baby is having a baby she's still my baby. I love that there is a circle of friends to support her and to be 'on call' should any need at all arise. 

What a gift! 

While we were at the shower the men were out doing manly things lol. They had Mexican food before coming home and little man was napping when we walked in the house. We spent the afternoon reading, chatting, and watching basketball, then dined on some super delicious ribs my son-in-law grilled. 

We headed home on Sunday and are now playing the guessing game as to when baby girl will celebrate her birth-day. I have plans to go back sooner rather than later so I'm in the house with the soon-to-be big brother. Having your second is easier in some ways, fewer surprises at what your body is capable of, but then so many feelings about your first born too.

I want to remind my daughter of her big sister's reaction when she first laid eyes on this new little person who was suddenly part of her life. The big sister who became her very best friend for always. Who knows her like no other. Who has loved her since she was rolled into the hospital visitors room and we were quickly commanded to 'gimme dat'.

Be still my heart. 

May this new little one be loved so well. 


  1. This is such a sweet post and I can't believe it's time for baby girl to arrive. Wishing all the best for Mom and baby girl. I look forward to the recap.

  2. Congrats on the upcoming arrival of baby girl. You are one blessed grandmother!

  3. That shower looks wonderful! Wishing your daughter and her family all the best with her newest... whenever she decides to arrive. :)

  4. I love this post. You are the most wonderful writer. I am so excited for you. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit. So cute how your grandson fell asleep on the tricycle. Loved all the photos. Can't wait to meet your granddaughter!

  5. So doggone sweet! First off that little guy falling asleep on his tyke! So precious. What a comfort and blessing to have good friends surround you with encouragement, love and gifts! The shower looked lovely. 'Gimme dat' what a great memory. God bless and keep your family's new little one!!

  6. What a lovely visit you had. Exciting times for you all.

  7. What a sweet group of friends and a beautiful shower. I love the picture of the little guy asleep on the trike!

  8. What a beautiful baby shower! There is something extra special knowing that our daughters are surrounded by other good women!!

  9. So sweet - I love everything about this! From the little man dozing off at the wheel to that wonderful and meaningful baby shower. Congratulations!

  10. I'm still smiling. What a great celebration shower for Maggie and the new little one!! I loved seeing the last picture of your girls meeting each other for the first time. A beautiful memory. Do keep us posted!! xo