Sunday, March 6, 2011

Monday kind of stuff

Sometimes it's good to begin a new week with a list.
This is one of those times-

1. I have a dental appointment this morning.

You thought this was going to be interesting?

I've been wearing the Invisilign trays for the past four months and today I'm finished with the lower teeth correction.
I'll be having a fixed retainer put in and no I am not fourteen.
The retainer is ultra thin and on the backside of my bottom teeth so pretty much invisible.
This is the latest and greatest recommendation for holding straightened teeth in place.
I wish it had been the recommended method back in 1975 when I had all the hardware taken off my teeth the first time, but better late than never.

I am super happy with the results.

I am also super happy to be done with the lower trays.
And especially all that extra saliva.

TMI for a Monday morning?

2. I was amazed at how much spring had sprung just 90 miles south of here.
My mom had daffodils popping up and buds on some trees.
When she walks out her front door she sees this-

and this-

We woke up to spitting snow.

I know.

When I walked out of my garage door this morning I saw this-

Trust's way slicker than it looks.
And please just ignore those ugly black lawn bags sitting on the rocks.
They've been buried under snow since December and only came up for air this weekend.

On the bright side, the fence is still standing....

Still can't open it but at least we know its there and its upright.

It's becoming possible to avoid walking on ice out back.
The trick now is to avoid the mud.


3. That being said spring is trying to make an appearance here.
I know this is so because we've seen our very first sign-Alvin and the chipmunks have returned and are back entertaining us with their antics in the rock wall.
There is a family of five living there and they run and chase and dart in and out of the rocks just like a cartoon.
I guess they're a family.
I suppose they could just be a bunch of friends having a big time.

4. Work will begin on our Master Bath shower on Wednesday.
They will be removing tile and two walls of dry wall.
Oh what a lovely mess that will be.
Since my closet backs up to the shower wall I have added 'clean my closet' to my to do list.
I don't think they'll need in there but just in case, I don't want a stranger judging my shoe obsession habit.

5. Hubs and I went to see Just go With It on Saturday.
Jennifer Anniston is so cute.

She and I have the same figure you know.
Well, we would if I worked out 8 hours a day every day.

After the movie ended we stopped somewhere locally to have a bite to eat and there was live music playing so we sat some more.
They were an 80s band and they were pretty good.

I have not been out late listening to live music in a long long, long time.

It was fun.

And my girls would say 11 o'clock isn't late but hey, it is when you're me.

Enjoy your Monday!


  1. 11 is late for me too!!! I was surprised with the snow this morning. Tucker is hiding under the desk. He hates to hear the wind. Enjoy your day at the dentist. I am heading there on Wednesday.

  2. You need a heated driveway! I am sure they aren't too expensive ;)

  3. Our house looks like yours as far as the snow goes, a bit depressing but Spring is 13 days away! I do see ground-but not in my yard, it's on the side of the road where the payment meets the dirty snow pile - still it's ground! Hope to see pictures of the new bath.

  4. 11 is too late ... way too late. I guess it's official ... we're old! ha!

    Our spring must be somewhere between yours and your mom's. Our snow has all melted, but we don't have anything sprouting yet ... everything is still old dead stuff leftover from last year.

    Have a marvelous Monday!

  5. I did the Invislign thing too! Have I mentioned that before? Hmm. Anyway, I also finished on the bottom earlier and opted for the permanent bar retainer. Wrong choice. It was a pain to floss with, the teeth shifted a bit and then it broke off! I went to the invislign retainer at night then. I just wanted to be done with the trays! I'm sure you relate to that! Anyway, I now wear both top and bottom invisilgn retainers at night. I've been finished for 2 years now and yes, I still wear them nightly altough I give myself the weekend off. Ha.

    I think I actually heard birds chirping this morning. That is a sign of Spring coming, right?

    Wow! Totally cool date night. We have one of those once in a (great) while. :)

  6. I have my ortho consult on Weds-- you inspired me ;)

  7. I am very jealous about your new bathroom. You're taking before and after pics, right?

  8. It's weird how you can go just a little ways down the road and see the seasons changing!

  9. Ugh, been there and done that on the bathroom, but I decided it was worth the mess after it was done. :o) So glad you all are seeing signs of Spring. It's about time! I agree, 11:00 is late. :o) Happy week!

  10. 11:00? That's way too late for me! I can't stay up that late anymore...just too worn out from the kids and the week.
    I know you must be ready for the snow to disappear and spring to come. We've had warm temps but today was a little cool for down here.

  11. Staying out late and listening to music sounds fun...It's been a very long time since we did that! :)

  12. Hope your trip to the dentist went well, and I'm glad to see that winter is finally releasing it's grip. Or at least opening it's clenched fist. : )

  13. Ew..I hope OUR weather will be coming YOUR way soon. Sorry! It's nice here today, and you??