Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...


The weather forecast is saying we may get anywhere from 6-9 inches of snow later tonite.

Words fail me.

Not really.
I always have plenty of words.
I think what is called for today are some happy thoughts, don't you?
In no particular order here are some things that have made me happy in recent days~

These shoes~

I'd been admiring them every time I passed the store window and on Monday I caved.
I may have purchased a sweater first that had just a hint of this shade of green in it so I'd have a legitimate excuse to buy the shoes.

Daughter2 left a message on our answering machine on Tuesday.
She has the absolute sweetest voice.
It was a nothing message...just hi/how are you sort of thing, but I've listened a few times because I love the sound of her voice.

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy.

Clean sheets.
Is there anything more wonderful than sleeping in a freshly made bed?

Dancing with the Stars...lame I know but tis true.
I've never watched this program before but its fun.
I'm rooting for Kirstie Alley.

Daughter2 is directing a play for a theatre class she's taking and yesterday she shared with me what she considers the best part of the whole directing experience....

she gets to use a clipboard.

If you knew her you would smile.
She is her mother's daughter.
I love a good clipboard.
I might also like to be in charge.

Airline miles.
I just booked flights for my girls to come home for the Easter holiday.
The four of us have not been together since Christmas.
And the two of them have not been together in this house since Thanksgiving.
I am more than a teensy bit excited.

This picture was taken in Tennessee last Easter.

This year we'll be celebrating in the lovely Garden State with its April snow showers and freezing temperatures.
They might want to re-think 'sleeveless'.

On March 31st, 2002 the sweetest pup in all the world made her debut~

We had our pick of the litter and we're all so glad we picked her...

She is nine years old today.

Sixty-three in dog years.

She acts more like a nine year old child than a 'senior'.
Just sayin'.

We love this dog like we've never loved another~

Thus concludes today's list.
You will notice a spring snowstorm is nowhere to be found.


  1. I love, love, love those shoes. You're gonna need that sweater to keep warm while wearing the shoes. lol. It was only 37 here this morning. I feel your angst. We are bringing our puppy home tomorrow. So excited. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Blessings, SusanD

  2. Ah, what a lovely list. I hope you have a WONDERFUL day.

  3. Can you believe the forecast???


  4. Love your dog...she is so pretty! Hope the snow doesn't come for you.

  5. What a heartwarming post, Joyce...minus the snow part, of course! So glad your girlies get to come home for Easter...what a happy reunion that will be! Your dog is gorgeous! Isn't it amazing how quickly they win over your heart? Those shoes are to die for!

  6. Lovely post. And your absolutely right, there's nothing quite like fresh clean sheets.

  7. Even despite the fact that we've been having bad weather (including severe thunderstorms and tornado watches & warnings in some places) I don't envy your spring snowstorm!

    Pretty doggie!

  8. I loved this post, and and laughed out loud about the clip board!

    We've had a week of rain here, with no sun in sight since Saturday, but we need the rain. I'm beginnng to feel the need for some "light therapy" though :)

    I know you must be very excited to finally have your family together in the very near future! Daughters are simply the best!!!

  9. Snow here too! Yuck! Love the shoes they would make me smile too! Happy Birthday to your pup, such a cutie! I love your daughter2 comment about the clipboard cracked me up! Hope it warms up for Easter!

  10. Snow? Oh, I am so, so sorry. (and glad it's not here...)

  11. I really smiled when you divulged the truth that you'd bought a sweater with that shade in it to justify the shoes. HAHAHA! That's great!!

  12. I can't believe it's still snowing up there! (Bet you can't, either!) Better make sure the girlies bring sweaters and winter coats for Easter!

  13. So excited for your Easter togetherness! Even if you have snow, that'll be wonderful!

  14. More snow???!!! You poor thing!
    I am sick of being freezing cold, but we have fortunately not had any snow for weeks!

    Happy Birthday to your Pooch-i-Doo!

  15. I'm with your daughter~clipboards are pretty much the cat's MEOW.

    Looking forward to your A to Z posts!

  16. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge! Hope you will have a rewarding blogging experience in April. If there are any questions or comments please let me or my co-hosts know. You can find all the Challenge hosts listed at the top of my blog page.

    Love the Tennessee photo. I came from East Tennessee when I moved to Los Angeles. I wouldn't mind going back someday.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  17. Don't you just love airline miles? Having the girls home for Easter will be wonderful for you and the family. We will want photos! Your dog is adorable. Wish we could have one, but it wouldn't be fair to leave it while we travel so much. Hopefully, when we retire!

  18. Got a message on my phone that we are due to get 8-16" of the white stuff! :( So sad it will come on 4/1/11 - Do you think the weather man will say tomorrow "April Fool's - no snow after all!!!" I don't either. I love the photos of your dog. I love our dog too, she's 11. She is part of the family and it sounds like yours is too.

  19. I admire those, too!
    a message on our answering machine: i saved one on my phone, too...<3 the sound of her voice.
    best part:a clipboard...i loved keeping softball actions on my 'clipboard' with the scorecard/statistics sheet!

    home for the Easter holiday: YEAH!!!!!!!
    What's your "senior's" name? so pretty!

  20. Snow? I can't even imagine. Cute shoes. :) Happy birthday to your sweet pup! Yay for your girls coming home!!

  21. Adorable shoes!!!! Love them!! Glad all will be together for Easter.

  22. It's amazing how attached you can get to a pet. She's beautiful.

  23. I have always loved Dixie. She is beautiful. Happy birthday to her!!! And I know you are beyond excited to have your girls come home for Easter. My girl is going to see her boyfriend for Easter, but she asked first if it was OK. I will miss her, but she is coming home 2 other weekends in April, so that will be great! And we are coming to NYC in June. I sent you a note about it. Love your new shoes. I bought some high wedges today too. A woman has to have good shoes! That is my girl's motto. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm going away with my Bible study group. Love & blessings from NC!

  24. Fun post Joyce! So glad the girls will be home for Easter. (We love using those miles) Clean sheets are great. I'm not watching DWTS but I am hoping Kirstie wins! I did see her dance the other day. Happy Birthday to your sweet dog.