Friday, June 17, 2011

The dog ate my homework

How do you handle awards on your blog? Do you acknowledge? Respond? Follow the bestow-er? Tag others to play along? Smile, think 'that's nice' and move along? I'm wondering because in the past couple of weeks I've been tagged by several bloggers and I've kind of just left them all out there hanging. Something about that doesn't feel nice so I'm going to attempt to respond and acknowledge all of them in one big post...think of it like the Oscars and I win in all categories. I'm not going to tag anyone because I know some people don't like to play and others might wish they were asked plus all that linking is more than my its-almost-summer-brain can handle on a Friday. Thanks to all of the bloggers who mentioned my blog...I do appreciate it!

Beverly at The Beverly Buzz and Donna at The House on the Corner both gave me The Pay it Forward Award...for this one I'm supposed to mention the bloggers (check), link to their blogs (check) and tag five bloggers to do the same (two out of three is good, right?)

I was also given an award over at Rainbow's Daily Life -The Versatile Blogger Award...I need to thank the person who gave the award (Thanks Rainbow!), tell seven things about myself (more on that in a minute) and tag fifteen recently discovered blogs. FIFTEEN!? Yikes. I'm going to go all rebel on you and skip this step.

Way back at the end of May (sorry Empty felt like it was yesterday!) I was also tagged in a game of blog tag ...I need to answer some questions and then tag eight blog friends to answer the questions and carry on with the tagging. I'm going to answer the questions and count that as my seven things about myself that I need for The Versatile Blogger award mentioned above. Hey, what do ya know? I am versatile!

Here we go-

1. Do you think you're hot?

Oh brother. Are we talking temperature because if we're talking temperature then yeah baby, I'm definitely hot!

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.

I took this picture recently in the outdoor shop called Cabelas. We stopped at their Pennsylvania store on our way home from D.C. a couple of weekends ago and I thought this item was interesting. Did you know they made dusters specifically for dusting game? Cabelas is an absolutely amazing shop...everything you might need for outdoor fun plus incredible displays of stuffed game like this one-

I guess if you have a display like this one in your house you would certainly need a game duster. And a very understanding wife.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?

A barbecue at my sister's house last was delish!

4. The song/songs you listened to recently-

I listen to a lot of music in the course of a day so I'll go with the last three songs played while writing this post:

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's, Free by Zac Brown Band, and Spit in the Rain by Del Amitri...told you I was versatile.

5. What were you thinking while doing this?

I used to be hott and not just hot.

6. Do you have any nicknames? What are they?

Really only one and family members are the only people who use it-Jo

7. Tag eight blogger friends

And this is where I drop the ball.

Finally, just yesterday Scoot's1Mom tagged me 'For Bee-ing a Blessing' in a very sweet post on her blog My Hands, His Glory-thanks Scoots1Mom!

Whew...I feel like I just finished an overdue book report. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I know how you feel I think the awards are great but I really hate passing them on....most people feel that way! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awards are great but they can be very time consuming.

  3. Those awards make me wonder if the person is looking for recognition for themselves, since there are strings attached (link back, follow me, me, me, me).

  4. A game that's something for the person who has everything. LOL Love it! As far as awards go, I've participated and ignored them depending on the time I have. I don't like tagging others as I read so many blogs that I enjoy, how could I possibly pick anyone and leave others out.

  5. Awards are definitely time consuming! I don't blame you at all for 'dropping the ball' on that part--- You know, if you weren't so awesome, you wouldn't get recognized so much!

    Loved you responses! You are hilarious!

  6. Good job on accepting your awards gracefully and (sort of) completing your homework! :)

  7. GOod job completing your tasks! I like that people award me awards, but they do stress me out a bit. :) You done good, HOTT Joyce.

  8. This is the funniest post EVER about dealing with rewards! I still think "rabbits" every time some one mentions one!

  9. Perfect!! Except there should be chocolate :-)

    PS - I a glutton for any sign of acceptance. I love awards!!

  10. I thought you handled those awards well. :)

    BTW, Cabela's is based here in NE. My parents are friends with the Cabelas and go to their party every year in Vail, CO. They always serve a variety of exotic meats. Wonderful or awful depending on your take.

  11. Thanks for doing this--even if it was more or less under duress. I kind of feel the same way about awards. Hey There Delilah will forever remind me of my son--who loves that song.

  12. Great way to handle awards!

    When I read about the game duster I thought, "Who is going out trying to dust game?" Then the Aha moment in the next picture...stuffed game. I don't drink coffee, but I do think I need something to wake me up this morning.

    Thanks for stopping by. It's good to know others are still reading. I look forward to getting back to blogging again this summer.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. Congrats on all the awards!

    I think I'm the place where awards go to die. I really appreciate them, but I've a horrible memory for people who gave them to me! I tried to keep track of it all in the beginning, but now... I've just given up.

  14. My first year of blogging was spent getting award after award. It was so much work but I always did them. Then little by little I changed my ways. I don't pass them on anymore but I will always do a post about it and most of the time if there are questions to answer I will do that too. I was honored to receive all of them. At one point I would pass them on to my newest followers. I just hated picking out people to send them to as I started to gain so many friends. Never wanted to hurt anyones feelings. You did a great job on this one!