Monday, April 9, 2012

Hang on a minute...

I'm breaking from my Asia theme just for today so I can write about the Easter weekend.  I want to remember that too-

H is for How becomes the weekends go so fast?

Yes I do know that sentence is grammatically incorrect but when our girls were little they always began a question with the words, "How becomes...?" and it's kinda stuck.

Daughter2 graduates from uni in less than one month.  AAACK!  How did that happen? I'm telling you, when your kids hit the college years time kicks into supersonic speed. She's been home on Easter break since Wednesday and we've had the nicest visit.  This girl has a lot to say and so does her mother so essentially it's a talk fest.  We've also done some shopping and been to the movies and of course she's done some baking.

Pistachio cupcakes with buttercream icing for Easter dessert.  So pretty and spring-y and most importantly, delish!

Daughter1 arrived by train after work on Friday evening and since we were practically there we drove on in to the city for dinner.  By city I mean NYC,  just in case you're new here.  Hubs took his three favorite girls to his #1 favorite steak house in the Big Apple-Sparks Steakhouse.  Sparks bills itself as the 'Fort Knox of Fine Aged Prime Beef' and that sounds about right.  Their steaks are soooo good and the atmosphere is lively. I love the city at night!   Be forewarned, there  is no 'petite' option on their menu which is why we had steak and eggs before church on Sunday.  And also why our pup had a great weekend too.  Here's something-back in the mid 1980's a very well known mob guy by the name of Paul Castellano was killed on the orders of John Gotti right in front of Sparks.  How's that for trivia?

Saturday was supposed to be sunny and not too cold so we'd planned to take a picnic up to Highpoint.   It was clear enough to see the George Washington Bridge from the observation deck.  We're about 50+ miles from the GW here.

We gave it a go but it was ridiculously windy so we gave up and came home.

On our way out of the park we ran into a group of people doing some trailing with their Bloodhounds.  Too cute and oh my stars, the howling.

Our pup was naturally above it all and behaved like a complete lady.  She kinda rolled her eyes in that 'boys will be boys' sort of way and got on with the business of stalking birds.

Here is how she spent her Easter Sunday-

Waiting ever so patiently for a groundhog to appear.  Or a chipmunk.  Or a stray plastic bag.  Whatever.

We baked the cupcakes and made these cute little bird nests I'd seen on Debbie's blog and then we pulled out the egg dye because you're never too old.  

Someone likes to get her craft on when we pull out the egg dye.

Just sayin'.

Hubs grilled fish for dinner and daughter1 worked on tweaking my blog a little.

Nothing too major, just some reorganizing, streamlining, and tidying up.  I am in awe of her technical skills since mine are essentially non-existent.  Plus she is super cute.

Easter dawned sunny and bright and we had baskets for the girls.  The same baskets they've had since they were toddlers.  They are sentimental like their parents.  The baskets this year were not up to their usual standards because the Easter Bunny is still feeling the effects of jet lag, but the girls were happy just the same.  We went to church and sang my most favorite hymns and my heart felt full and then came home to endure some picture taking.

Hey, we're not all four in the same place at the same time too often so you do what you must.  Our dog insisted on getting in the way and we laughed a lot.

We put the ham in the oven and daughter2 made the squash casserole and deviled eggs.

We lazed a little on the patio while everything heated up.
Lounging on the patio is a weekend must-do.

We had a wonderful salad to start which I will definitely make again.  You'll find the recipe here.

After dishes were done hubs hit the recliner to watch some golf because Mr. Easter Bunny is also a little bit jet lagged still. The girls and I played Bananagrams while the clock ticked.  6 PM came too soon.  It always does.  Hubs headed out with Daughter1 back to the train station (weren't we just there???) and we all felt the small sting of sadness that pricks your heart at the end of a family weekend.  It helps to know we'll all be together for graduation and then a week at the beach right after.  An entire week.  I cannot wait.

How becomes my girls have to grow up and live so far away?
How becomes they're so sweet?

How becomes I got lucky enough to be their momma?


  1. Beautiful pictures Joyce! I also took a family picture yesterday like you we are never in the same place at the same time.

    See you Friday!

  2. What a wonderful weekend you all had. I'm so thankful that my daughter lives nearby ... and I've even told DH that if they ever move (if DSIL gets transferred), we'll be relocating, too! I think he thinks I was kidding, but I'm not so sure that I was. ;-)

    I love the photo of your pup patiently waiting for a groundhog, chipmunk or plastic bag. ;-)

  3. Great pictures! We had a lovely day too. I got to watch the CD of my grand daughter again, and see her spine and arms and legs and even her little mouth open and close. It's amazing to be so in love with a baby like this and she isn't even here yet!

  4. Your weekend sounds like lots of fun--except for the ending, when the girls had to leave :(

    My daughter-in-law, Christina, is the "crafty" one in our family. Her decorated eggs put everyone else's to shame.


  5. Looks like a great weekend was had by all!

    I'm thinking it's not by chance that your girlies are perfect and sweet... and I'm thinking they probably are wondering how becomes we got so lucky to have a great Momma!

    Just sayin' :)

  6. It looks like you had a sweet weekend! Such joy having everyone in the same place at the same time.

  7. How becomes you make me all sentimental when you post? Very sweet!

  8. Beautiful family and wonderful memories. We also have some funny sayings that are leftover from toddler years - Like "alsmo" as in "Are we alsmo there?" or "Getfor" as in "Don't getfor to buy me candy."

    We had a non-traditional celebration in a motel so we could be near Son who was on call - but it's looking like that's going to become a routine part of our life with his chosen profession. At least we were all together.

    Happy Easter.

  9. You have one great looking family, Joyce! You and your daughters could pass for sisters! You look so much alike! There is nothing better than being together as a family, is there? I'm with you, however...why do they have to live so far away? It's so hard on these mama's hearts!

  10. what wonderful pictures! I am so glad you had a great weekend with both of your girls! Eden Jade called me yesterday morning before church and was so excited. She wished us a happy easter and then proceeded to tell me about her shoes, dress and that her daddy was going to church with them. She was talking a mile a minute and it took me back and I too thought about how quickly they grow up. It seems like yesterday Janice was her size!
    until next time... nel

  11. Loved the picture journal and for the honor of spending precious time with your beautiful family. Yes indeed, "How becomes" time goes so quickly when you're with family? Just a reminder to never take a minute together for granted.

  12. presh
    what a wonderful time you had

  13. It sounds like a wonderful, relaxing weekend with your 'girls.' (They probably hate being called girls at that age. lol) What a sweet time you had together.

  14. such a beautiful family, joyce. looks like wonderful memories made together...

  15. I'm back and I forgot what and where I am doing!! lol

    So I'm starting again.

    I loved looking at your Easter and family pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

    You had a crew home for spring break.


  16. Sounds like a great weekend with those girls!,,,,

  17. A wee bit jealous. This was our first Easter that our kids were not all around our table. We went to Ohio with only the youngest . How becomes we raise responsible kids who get jobs and college classes they don't play hookie for even for us? How becomes we wish we could pull mommy strings by writing a note to the boss to please excuse her for family reasons?

  18. Such great pictures of your family and it looks like a wonderful weekend. Love the bloodhound pictures and the picture of your dog waiting to catch something cracks me up!

  19. I hope when they are all grown up and married with kids, they live only a few minutes away . . . :)

  20. Looks like a fabulous Easter and I love the family picture!

  21. Those cupcakes sound yummy, thanks for the link.
    Glad you made my little nests, hope you liked them. I just put that steak house in my favorites, hope to try it someday if I ever get to NYC. I just love how your pup sits and waits, our Skye does that too. She would wait all day if we let her! Love that you still have their baskets, that is so sweet. I bought each couple a cake pops kit this year. They were both very excited. Amber & Dylan did eggs but it was way after my bedtime. I only have pictures of the eggs and hope to write a post one of these days! Love your family photos. Sounds like a perfect weekend.