Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Educational

Actually I just need a place to post my pretty pictures.

But I suppose you might learn something here too.
N is for the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Not to be confused with the National Museum in Beijing although they do share the same roots. I likely would not have confused the two since I'd never heard of either one, but you might know more China history than I do.

The National Palace Museum is an art museum in Taipei and is the National Museum of the Republic of China, aka Taiwan. Wanna know something? I didn't know Taiwan was aka The Republic of China. Not to be confused with The People's Republic of China aka Mainland China.

I am really the last person who should be attempting to explain centuries of Chinese history to the masses. I think I'll just stick to my pretty pictures.

But first of course I must back up because I always need to fill in the non-essential details. Its what keeps you coming back here. ahem.

Hubs was in town on a work trip. A co-worker, who shall henceforth be called S, was also on this same work trip. Her hubs (E) tagged along like I did and joined us for the Taiwan-Hong Kong leg of our jaunt across Asia. Technically we did more than tag along.

We vacationed while they worked.

Anyway, S & E told me yesterday that they're reading my trip recap (Hi!) and gave the okay to mention them here. Do you post pics of people you know in your blog without giving them a heads up? Just curious.

Since hubs and S were working most of the time, E and I got to have all the fun exploring the city together. We were quite the pair on that cable car ride which I'll talk about in an upcoming post, but first the National Palace Museum. Remember that? I think I mentioned it four paragraphs ago.

Since we arrived in Taipei on the weekend we had a day where all four of us could do some sightseeing together. We decided to trek out to the Palace, but first we had to figure out which bus to ride.

Do we look confused?
Apparently so.

This charming boy spoke some English and directed us to the correct stop. We didn't even ask...he somehow just pegged us as tourists.

Here we are having fun on the bus. This was before we discovered E's camera had been 'lifted' from his pocket somewhere between Point A and Point B. He took a picture on the bus so don't go thinking it was that sweet boy pictured above. It definitely wasn't him. The bus was crowded and hey some things just need to be chalked up to the perils of foreign travel. A missing camera might have ruined my entire trip day but E carried on with nary a complaint. The gorgeous weather and beautiful scenery definitely helped.

Just some ladies gettin' their Tai Chi on.
Note to self-learn Tai Chi.

The Palace is full of beautiful art and pottery and the surrounding gardens are none too shabby either.

Another zig zag bridge and some serious koi in the ponds here.

Hungry too-

We meandered thru the gardens and then found our own way back on the bus.
And then we hit the markets.
Because that's how we roll.

Of course I'm going to tell you about it.
We've still got half the alphabet to go remember!


  1. I usually do, but then, look at all the people in the background of picture. Oh well, I doubt they read my blob.

  2. I am enjoying this trip through Asia with you.

    I had a friend approach me at church last night and say that she and her daughter just got back from China. Her daughter had won a trip from Rosetta Stone so they could film a promo video. They had taken their top 4 Mandarin students and parents on an Asian vacation during spring break.

    I started chatting about your trip and asked if they had gone to specific places (from reading your posts.) I seemed so knowledgeable. HeeHee. She asked if I had been to China and I said, "No, I just have a bloggy friend who's been recently!"

    It's been fun enjoying your trip vicariously! Thanks.

  3. The sites are wonderful, but what is really attractive to me is all the good Samaritans you ran into who helped you along the way.

  4. I can't say Tai Chi without thinking "Chai Tea." ; My folks had their new camera "lifted" in Israel. It was a brand new digital SLR. I think I'd get over the swiping of a pocket camera (be sad I lost the pictures) but hopping mad about losing a big $$ cam. Did hubs take the picture of you three confused tourists? That's classic.

  5. Beautiful sights, and such fun that you had someone to share your adventures with.

  6. Beautiful! It looks like a very busy place, but very peaceful and serene, maybe that is why they have so many gardens and such to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax.
    And I ask unless it is my kids. I have not used certain pictures because the background person is recognizable.
    until next time...nel

  7. What a shame, that your friend had his camera "lifted"...

    I love those hungry koi! Such big mouths to feed!!!

  8. I'm glad you had someone to share your exploring with....and you are right, these are some very pretty pictures.

  9. I am so enjoying learning about your worldly travels, Joyce...kind of like living vicariously through you. You make every adventure sound like so much fun! Hope to hear more!

  10. The pictures in your blog post are wonderful. So sad that your friends camera was taken. It's great that he didn't let it ruin the outing.


  11. So glad you had someone to hang with. The picture are beautiful. I love their buildings. Sorry about the camera :( I do love seeing koi ponds.