Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Feet

Today's post is brought to you by the letter F.
F is for foot massage.

But first there was tea.

I'm doing my best to write about the trip in something that resembles chronological order but there may be a day or two out of whack.  Hubs and I spent our first full day in Shanghai roaming around the city together.  The planets were all correctly aligned in the solar system which meant he could take a day of vacation before diving in to his work commitments.

No, his job has nothing to do with outer space.
He just works a lot.

This was not hubs first trip to Shanghai so he helped me get acclimated some before I had to manage the days on my own.  Here's a little secret...I like having someone else read the map,  figure out the exchange rate, and determine which way to travel on a subway.  Just sayin'.

It was drizzling a little when we left the hotel so we started our day trying to find a particular tea shop hubs had visited on a previous trip. This particular shop has tea on one side and pearls on the other. What's not to love?

We were in an area of the city known as Yu Gardens (when the letter G rolls around tomorrow guess what I'll be writing about?) and it was chock a block full of tea shops of every size and variety.  Course we needed to meander around several blocks...

past the McDonalds ...

and no less than 30 dried fish stalls...

and then down a little alley and up a flight of stairs to the one he knew.

I think afternoon tea is one of life's little necessities and I was anxious to sample some of the varieties on offer in the country where it originated.   We were seated at a small table and our hostess gave us a menu describing the taste and benefits of many different teas.  She said we could choose four to sample.

Many of the teas are said to benefit your health in some I need to remove heat from my body, aid digestion, or boost energy?  All of the above please.

Correctly brewing, pouring and serving the tea is a real art.

As is making a purchase afterwards.

Wait, what was today's letter?
F.  Foot massage.

I'll get there.  After the tea shop we headed to the gardens and after all that walking hubs declared we needed a foot massage.  Shanghai is known for this and there are places all over the city, but of course hubs knew a place so that's where we headed.

I have to say, this was one of the best things ever.  The salon was so calm and quiet and a little bit dark and there was soft music playing.  They took us into a room with big comfy chairs that you sunk yourself into, after you've put on your pink flowered pajama pants.  I'll spare you a picture of hubs in his.  And of course they served you tea and a plate of fresh fruit because we're in China remember?  The foot massage started at the top of my head and she worked a knot out of my shoulder that I'm pretty sure has been there since 1975.    It was bliss.

So this was Day 2.
And only a part of Day 2.
I sure hope 26 posts will be enough.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that 'foot massage' extended over the whole body. I'm really enjoying these travel posts. Love that first photo especially. And being in that tea shop would be quite an experience, especially for someone like me who grew up thinking that making tea was a matter of pouring boiling water into a cup that had a Lipton teabag in it.

  2. Tea is an afternoon necessity for me. Foot massage sounds so relaxing. I probably would have fallen asleep!

  3. So glad I found you early in the a - z. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog - this looks like a delightful trip! Can't wait to hear more.

  5. You do such a good job of describing the culture you are experiencing. You brought the tea experience and the foot massage alive for us.

  6. I'd love a foot massage that dealt with just my feet ... including the entire body is just a huge bonus! I don't drink much hot tea, so I think watching tea being "properly" prepared would be very interesting. Thanks for "taking us along" on your trip to China! ;-)

  7. I hope this is not a duplicate post. Blogger is not behaving today. :-( I'd love a foot massage that just dealt with the feet ... including the entire body would be a huge bonus! I'm not much of a hot tea drinker, so watching tea being "properly" prepared would be interesting. Thanks so much for "taking us along" on your trip to China!

  8. Ok... I need one of those foot massages right now! It looks fabulous!!

  9. The foot massage sounds heavenly (but pajama bottoms?? Hmmm...) My two favorite things about life in SE Asia... pedicures every three weeks that including some awesome massage, and getting my hair cut that also included an amazing head massage. If the person washing my hair was annoyed at the previous client? An even better head massage during the shampoo happened! I miss those two things.

  10. The foot massage sounds heavenly but I am most envious of your tea today. I've been drinking tea bag tea for weeks now. Blech. Yours looks delicious!

  11. Sounds like you got your Zen on and it was ONLY Day 2! :)

  12. I like that McDonalds sign. But oh how I would love to adopt the code words Foot Massage when I mean the works next time hubby offers. I am lovin your China memoirs.

  13. omg, sounds absolutely fabulous! Glad you guys got to enjoy the tea and foot massage day together! Happy easter and love to the girlz.

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day. Tea and a foot massage.

  15. Loving coming along on your trip like this. Your writing puts me right there.

  16. Wow what a massage! That looks like a very relaxing place, I would of probably dozed off. I love the McD's sign, you knew there had to be one of those. Do they serve what we have here or do they serve hot tea also? Just curious. Enjoying your trip with you and if the 26 posts are not enough you can continue on without prompts... not a problem! :)
    until next time....nel

  17. The tea shop looks wonderful and I bet the gardens were beautiful. Can't wait to see your pictures. That chair looks very comfortable. So glad you loved your foot massage.

  18. Thank you for having no word verification!

  19. This looks amazing! I love tea!

    I've never been to any part of Asia but it facinates me. My hubby and I will be moving to the Philippines (from Canada) to work with Wycliffe in a few months and we hope to travel around the area once we're there.

    Your blog looks fun so I will be following you now. :)