Saturday, April 28, 2012


Here I go again...taking liberties with the letters, but it's Saturday and I don't normally blog on Saturdays. Plus my hubs just returned from a week in Argentina-Chile-Brazil and whenever he's on a flight landing stateside at o'dark thirty we go out to breakfast.

It's the law.

The A-Z challenge and the letter Y.
Or as some people would say-why?

Why is our pilot consulting a big ole paper map before boarding the plane? More than a little disconcerting to see since we were preparing to board that same plane.

For a fifteen hour flight home.

At least I hope we're going home.
He knows how to get there right?
He doesn't actually need to consult a paper map does he?
Can't planes practically fly themselves these days?

Just when you were thinking maybe you would like to travel with me.

Perhaps more worrisome was the fact that the agent behind the counter was doing all the pointing and talking.

I do not need to see stuff like this before I board a plane.
Hubs had to add that he's never seen it before and S and E agreed.

Ya know, I don't need to hear stuff like that either.
I'm certain there's a perfectly logical explanation.
There has to be, right?

In the meantime...

Business class.
Champagne, head phones, and a seat that goes alllllll the way back.

Wake me up when we get to New Jersey.
Or Timbuktu.
I might not like it but I sure wouldn't want to miss it either.


  1. I love your law that you have to go out to breakfast - fantastic. Hope the flight got you to where you were supposed to be.

  2. I ask my hubby he works in the Aircraft business and travels a lot (not as much as yours but more than I'd like ) He said yes he has seen it they are studying flight paths there are a lot out there and some are very complicated. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks for the Sat. morning laugh! I read this out loud to my husband and he found it hilarious too!

  4. Hubby tells me that evn with GPS, they still must have the Jepesen Maps, in case the GPS goes on the fritz!

  5. Better the pilot should be studying it while on the ground than trying to learn it while up in the air!! I have seen it once or twice, but still think they should maybe do it in private, not out where passengers can see it and wonder!

  6. Yikes! As a VERY reluctant flyer (no, wait, that doesn't even come close to adequately express the dread and anxiety I feel when I have to fly), that sight is most definitely one I would NOT want to see before getting ready to board that pilot's plane!! Glad you made it back home safe and sound!

  7. Even with all our digital gadgets and GPS and stuff, some people (like me) still prefer to see it on paper. And with maps, it can help to see the big picture. Nerve wracking for you? Yes, but it does look like a proper chart, and I'll bet that they have all kinds of charts like that in the cockpit. ;)

  8. I'm so glad you made it back! Yikes!

    Check out the shout out about you on my blog:
    I appreciate you!

  9. Oh, my. That would be quite disconcerting to me. Kinda like seeing a surgeon studying a textbook in the waiting room. Some things should be kept outta sight! But I can see how you were thinking what great blog material this why would make for Y. :)

  10. That would be really something if you had a pilot who could fly one of those big old jets using paper maps instead of instruments.

  11. A 15-hour flight just makes my head spin! Hmm...seeing the pilot scour over that huge piece of paper would definitely make me a little nervous, too!

  12. Well I am thankful he got you home safe & sound.
    Cute post Joyce!

  13. Not a good thing to see before getting on the flight. lol Have enjoyed all of your posts.
    until next time... nel

  14. Very funny post about the pilot's apptitude. I'm amazed you could write so much when you're about to go out for your lawful breakfast. Well done.