Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Questions for the Hodgepodge Vol 74

If you're looking for today's A-Z post featuring the letter O you'll find it here.

Here are the questions for this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Answer on your own blog but be sure to come back tomorrow and link up with the rest of the neighborhood.

1. Spring is in the air (at least in my neck of the woods) and the birds are singing...what's your favorite bird?

2. Speaking of birds...do you tweet? If so tell us your screen name and we'll come flocking to your Twitter site. Even if you don't let's all pretend here that we do-in 140 characters or less, sum up your week so far.

3. Its been reported recently that employers are not only viewing the facebook pages of potential hires but they're also requesting your facebook password to have a look at what you've kept from public view. What say you?

4. It's April and you know what that means-Major League Baseball is back in action. What's your favorite baseball movie? If that's too hard, what's your favorite sports themed movie?

5. Something else this season brings-asparagus. Yes please or no thanks? If it's yes please what's your favorite way to have it prepared?

6. What drives you? (Don't you love how I sandwiched that one in between asparagus and jugglers???)

7. April 18th is International Jugglers Day...can you juggle?

8. Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Fun questions, again, Joyce! See you tomorrow!

  2. Oooh! Thanks for posting early, this is just what I needed this week.

    Think, think, think...

  3. wow,great questions, wish I could juggle!

  4. Wow . . . I had not heard about the Facebook thing! That seems like a bit much, does it not?

  5. 1. Favorite bird is the eagle

    2. I (@kansasbob) just followed you on Twitter.

    3. Employers need to mind their own FB business.

    4. KC Royals are my fav BB team. The Natural my fav BB movie.

    5. I love asparagus drenched in olive oil and cooked on the grill.

    6. These days I am driven by a passion to care for my disabled wife.

    7. I can juggle my budget. Does that count?

    8. I took a few months off and am just getting back into the flow of blogging again.