Monday, January 14, 2013

Pea Soup

We've had the strangest weather all weekend.  Fog so thick that in some spots, you couldn't see your hand in front of your face.  Like pea soup.  All day Saturday, all day Sunday, and still hanging around this morning.  I'm here to tell ya it's getting old...we are so ready for the sun to break through.  I feel like I'm in England.

Actually, no I don't.
Even three straight days of gray skies and thick fog cannot trick me into thinking that.

Hubs and I had a nice weekend, very low key.
Low key is blog speak for not a lot to blog about.

We ate out a lot, twice on Saturday in fact. It seemed like the thing to do given the fog. When it comes to eating out, any old reason works for me. We also did fun things like drop off dry cleaning and a big grocery shop and hubs chopped the ice off the end of the driveway. He also took the Christmas wreaths off the pillars because the snow finally melted enough that you could actually see them, and I sorted through the paperwork mountain accumulating on the desk. We watched some football, and we're in agreement this was not our season. I think I said that last year, but this year was really not our year.

In other exciting weekend news, we're catching up on Downton Abbey. Are you watching, because it seems like the whole of America is hooked. Confession-we hadn't seen even the first episode prior to Christmas. I know this sounds ridiculous, but sometimes watching British programming makes us feel a little blue. The girls bought us the first two seasons for Christmas so we caved, and are now midway through Season 2.  I've been recording Season 3 so we'll be all caught up soon...I guess I don't need to add that we love it.

I made Cream of Parsnip soup last night because soup and fog and Sunday afternoon football go together.  I know some of you are turning up your noses, but trust me, it's delicious. Plus, I got a new immersion blender for Christmas so blending stuff is fun.

I'm starting a new volunteer opportunity this morning that I'm excited about, and then the rest of the week will be spent with Daughter1.  You'll find us painting the town red down in DC.

Okay, in reality we'll be shopping and gabbing and lunching, but painting the town red sounds more interesting, don't you think?  I could insert a really bad pun here about it being inauguration weekend and how we'll be a bright spot of red amidst all that blue...but I won't. Daughter1 works in close proximity to the White House, and I'll be meeting her for lunch most days, but I'm pretty sure we'll steer clear of the craziness as much as possible.

And if that's not possible then next Monday's post will be a lot less bland.

More spice.
Less pea soup.


  1. A low key weekend can be a very good weekend, especially before a busy week ahead with your daughter. Our weekend was marred by the Bronco's loss on Saturday, but, wow, what a game.
    I was happy to get my dose of Downton Abbey last night.

  2. I have heard so much about Downtown Abbey, but have never seen it. We just recently got Netflix, but I have to wonder if David would actually enjoy it?? Seems doubtful ;)

  3. That crazy fog was here last week! We didn't see the sun for three whole days! Once the fog moved out, the sun came out and it's been beautiful...and warm!

    Sounds like a fun week for you!!! Enjoy.

  4. I am also DVR'ing season 3 because I have not watched season 2. I like that sort of thing.

    Our weather was weird over here too. Warm enough to go without a coat, now FREEZING.

    Have fun with Daughter 1, that should be good blog fodder!

  5. Low-key weekends, fog, soup, watching football, eating out...all go together well. Eating out goes well with anything, actually. Never seen Downton Abbey but sounds like I'm missing something else I might get addicted to. So happy about your new volunteer thingy (gonna give a hint about it later?) and DaughterTime. Yes!

  6. Hi,'s been a while, I know! Hope you've been well! We had a low key weeekend around here, kind there is! It was so warm that I, actually, went outside and did some gardening. Very strange, at best. Today, the rain is moving in and the temps are dropping, so guess it was short-lived. Have a fun time with your girlie! DC is such a fun place to visit!

  7. we are in for three pea soup days up this way-----i haven't watched any of downtown abbey---i actually didn't even know about the show until maybe a month ago---i would love it i think----great post :)

  8. I used the term "low key", too. Too bad I wasn't talking about Key West! :)
    I've been watching DA since the very beginning...LOVE it! I can see us going back to England just to go to Highclere Castle!
    Have a great time in DC. NO way would I want to be there next weekend, but Ms. Principal is going for the inauguration.

  9. I'm not watching but I think I should. Everyone raves about it! Have a wonderful time in DC.

  10. enjoy your time with your daughter. tell us about your volunteer opportunity.

  11. We started Downton Abbey (Seasons 1 & 2 ) before Christmas and finished just in time to start Season 3 in real time. Loving it. Quite so.

  12. We gave our daughter-in-law Seasons 1 and 2 for Christmas and managed to watch all of Season 1 in about two days. Then she went and took her presents home with her. :( Hubby and I couldn't find Season 2 in to rent, so we bought it. :)
    Have I told you how I just love to read your blog?

  13. We're trying to work out going up to DC the first week in April. Three of the lovelies and I want to spend D2's birthday with her up there. We might just be painting the town red. LOL My team can't even spell playoffs but I've gotta tell ya, that was some fantastic football this weekend! Except for the Seattle game anyway. Wow! So worth all that time I spent just sitting in front of the tv this weekend. haha Are you going to post that soup recipe? We love parsnips here- and, if the weather EVER gets out of the 70s, I'll make it. We've had that fog too- and I've really enjoyed hearing the fog horns from the big ships. Such a comforting sound to me.

  14. I would like to say thank you for keeping me informed, entertained and thoughtfully challenged with your blog posts, especially the Wednesday Hodgepodge!I appreciate the contact I have with you in this Land of Blog and in recognition of that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please visit my blog to respond and play along. Keep up the good work!! Thank you. Pam

  15. Love love love Downton Abbey! Sounds like you will have a great week!

  16. Well now I think it's official that I am the ONLY person not watching Downton Abbey!

  17. I love Downton Abbey too. I haven't seen the 2 episodes for this season yet though. Hope to catch it this week.

    Have fun in DC.