Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Tricky Hodgepodge

Welcome to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you're new here, I'm glad you've joined the party. Everyone is welcome to play along-answer the questions on your own blog, then add your link at the end of my post. Hop around and say hi to the neighbors too. Here we go-

1. What's something you're dealing with that might be described as tricky?

I'm not going to answer my own question. It's something I don't really want to blog about, but it's definitely tricky.  

What's Halloween week without a little mystery?  

2. What's your treat of choice? in candy? Like trick or treat? If that's the case I'll take a Payday or a Mounds Bar please. If we're talking treats in general then a shopping spree through Nordstrom's shoe department would be pretty awesome.

3. Did you/will you carve a jack-o-lantern this month? Which real (living or dead) or fictional 'Jack' would you most like to meet in person? Why?

We did not carve a jack-o-lantern this month. Did we have time to carve a jack-o-lantern this month? It doesn't feel like we had a lot of spare minutes in October, plus no littles in the house to clean out the 'guts'.  

Which Jack would I like to meet in person? Why Jack Bauer of course!  

4. In your opinion, what's the grossest sounding word in the English language?

I'm going with crusty because ewwww! That word gives me the shivers. There was a sandwich shop in our little village in the UK called Mrs. Crusty's. I'm sure the food was fine, but my girls and I never did go in there, because crusty...ewwww. 

5. When did your heart last skip a beat?

Probably the last time I was on an airplane. My heart skips lots of beats when I fly. Or it might have been my last visit to the dentist.  I lose a few beats every time I'm in that chair. 

6.  Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon or Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters...your favorite 'scary' tune?

Is everybody going to say Thriller? I imagine that will be the most picked, but I'm going out of the box on this one, and will say Werewolves of London.  

You had to know I would. 

We used to break into that song everytime we went to Chinatown to eat at Lee Ho Fooks. The restaurant closed while we were living in the UK, and I'm not sure we ever ordered the beef chow mein, but we definitely 'did some walking through the streets of Soho in the rain'.  

Some of you have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?
Suffice it to say, music and memory go hand in hand.  

7.  It was a dark and stormy night when__________________________

Hurricane Sandy struck this time last year.  Stormy doesn't even begin to describe the sound she made.  It was scary. The storm made landfall on October 29th and one year later people are still displaced and many businesses continue to struggle, not just at the shore either.  There are some literal ghost towns in this part of the country as a result of Sandy.  

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Once upon a time there lived a bunny and a princess.  
They were the sweetest in all the land.   

Halloween, circa 1992

They still are. 


  1. wahoo, I got the first comment ;) thank you Joyce for this fun Hodgepodge love your answers...happy halloween,

  2. Don't you just love looking at old Halloween pics of your girls? I know I do...they make me smile every time! Mounds bars are at the very top of my favorites list. If I have them in the house, you can guarantee that they will be ME!

  3. I didn't join up this week, we are heading out of town on Saturday and as usual, everything is breaking!
    My answer to #1 would have been the same. TOO tricky. Loved your answers! Come back Jack Bauer!

  4. Loved the questions this week! I also enjoyed your pictures from the past :)
    Hope your 'tricky' situation works out for the best. Sometimes life can be 'tricky' AND hard!

  5. Our children are growing up too fast! Have a safe Halloween.

  6. Great questions. Sorry I can't hop around.

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww, cute bunny and precious princess!!!

    And I didn't go with Thriller...but I didn't choose the song of your choice either.

    Happy Trick 'r' Treat Day dear Hostess.

  8. Agree re: question 1 - every now and then these hit the personal and you have to figure out where the blog line is. Hope everything works out.

    The pic of your daughters is adorable! I'm glad we're still at that stage here :) Also means I had "littles" for pumpkin carving.

    Best! - Louise

  9. Those a two very sweet young ones all dressed up for Halloween!!

    Thanks for another Hodgepodge week!!

  10. Awww...your picture of your girls in their costumes is just precious!!

    BTW, I totally read the gross sounding word question wrong. Oh well!

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. I've never heard the song you I'm one of those that have no idea what you're talking about.

    Your Princess and Bunny are adorable!

  12. It's amazing a year ago since Sandy and not a lot has changed...really sad for the folks effected by it. Love your girls Halloween shots too cute! Happy Wednesday!

  13. Not fair to ask us to answer a question and then decide not to answer it yourself...just sayin. Also, why Jack Bauer? Just curious.

  14. Yes, Sandy devastated that area just as Katrina did the Southern part of our state. Well, really the entire state. We still have a lot of displaced folks here in NE La. that are still struggling due to Katrina. Very sad!

    Well, we all could likely have written a short novel on #1. :o)

    Love the cute pic of the girls. What memories!

  15. I intended to participate today but Wed snuck up on me again, lol I would have picked thriller however, haha. Your little ones are pretty cute, but someday the fun is lived over again in grandkids, and then someone else is dealing with sugar highs, lol! Enjoy your day!

  16. Don't hate me, but I did meet ( Kiefer) Jack Bauer. We went to a season 2 premiere of 24 and I talked Toronto (where he is from) and hockey with him - he is just as handsome in person and very friendly :-)

  17. This week was so much fun. Thanks for such great questions. Happy Halloween to you and yours.

  18. Payday is a great choice, very satisfying. I agree, some flights have made my heart skip a beat. Love your once upon a time. I really need to get into my boxes of old photos, get them scanned! Have a great day Joyce.

  19. Very cute picture of your girls in their costumes! I miss that stage of family life…

  20. Hi Joyce! I was also a bunny for Halloween when i was about 6 or 7. I can't find that photo though. ;/
    Crusty actually sounds delicious to me since i think of a pie when i hear that. :o)

  21. Deanie was a bunny in 1989. Well, she was the White Rabbit and Breezy was Alice. I have the cutest pictures from that year! Hope your girls are doing well!

  22. Never thought of crusty for my word but I can see where it would be gross.

  23. Sweet picture of your babies. Great post. Thanks for all you do.

  24. My heart skips a whole lot of beats on an airplane - therefore we drive when traveling. ;-)

  25. If that isn't the most adorable picture of your favorite little bunny and princess! And YES to the Payday and Almond Joy! Happy Halloween to you today.

  26. It's just not a fun holiday without little kids around is it? I'm kinda feeling sniffly about it.

  27. The bunny and princess look sweet and adorable! Loved the photo, it made my day!