Monday, October 21, 2013

A Whirl of a Weekend

Well that was short.

Sometimes weekends feel short, and sometimes they really are short.
Ours was the latter.

Hubs was out of town most of last week, and arrived home late Friday evening. I broke my golden Friday night no cooking rule, and made BLT's for dinner. Some might not call that actual cooking, but since a waiter didn't take my order I think it qualifies. After dinner we lived it up with a movie at home.  We dozed through
watched The Great Gatsby which was just eh. I do think Leonardo DiCaprio is totally believable in whatever role he plays, but we thought this flick was a teensy bit boring. Sorry Leo!

We had a really lovely day on Saturday, spent at the Far Hills Horse Race. We've attended this event  several years in a row now, as guests of business acquaintances of the hubs. Monies raised go to the Cancer Unit at a nearby Medical Center so its fun for a good cause.

We always like to check out the tailgaters on our way up to the tent. I'm betting someone in this group has been on Pinterest-

People really get into the spirit of the race-

Our host's tent is in a prime viewing spot, and they always have a lovely set up with scrumptious food. This year their theme was Southern Hospitality so we dined on fried chicken and country ham. The tables were decorated with big yellow roses in silver bowls set atop striped cloths-so pretty!

Mason jars were filled with dried hydrangeas and strung around the tent posts, and there was red velvet cake and peach cobbler for dessert.  I'm pretty sure neither of those make the list of boot camp approved foods, but it would have been rude not to try it, right?

We hung out with our China travel buds and it was fun to catch up in person. In fact when the races wrapped up we extended the day into evening and the four of us went to dinner at a little family owned Persian restaurant not too far from the race venue.

Is it just me or does this post seem to be mostly about food?

How about I wrap it up with something else...fall is in full bloom in Northern NJ and beauty abounds.  And this has nothing to do with anything, but I feel the need to say it was an especially great weekend to be a fan of the Tennessee Volunteers!

Whenever hubs loses his Friday night due to work travel, and then has to head back to the airport on Sunday afternoon, it helps to remember the bright spots in the day that was your weekend.


  1. Surprisingly, we still have about as much foliage as you do. Your weekend looks like so much fun. What did you have at the Persian restaurant? I do love to talk about food!
    Have a great day, Joyce!

  2. You all usually manage to pack in as much fun as possible into your days.

  3. Sounds like a great week-end to me. Enjoyed Gatsby, but it was just too long....oh, and i LOVE the yellow and white striped tablecloths for some reason ~ different I guess! ~ Enjoy your week!

  4. Your weekend sounds like it was 'short but sweet' :)
    Those tables, with their yellow/white cloths and yellow roses really are quite lovely!
    Have a great week.

  5. I love the yellow stripes with the roses - perfection!

  6. I thought Gatsby was a snoozer too. I show it in my English 11 class...and it puts the kids to sleep as well.

  7. Friends, food and fun....with those elements even a short weekend is a good one. I also love the yellow and white table set-ups.

  8. What a great event that was! Food and fun...isn't that what we all blog about most of the time? LOL Joe and I haven't even mentioned watching the new Gatsby, even though we like Leonardo, it just looks like a sleeper to us. Glad to hear we can continue to overlook it on Netflix.

    Wishing you a good week!!

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend. What a great spot at the races and of course yummy food! I do love to see people enjoy themselves and go all out! Beautiful trees too......

  10. Awww it looks like you and the other couple really enjoyed the day.
    Short weekends are tough...I did them for years as a weekend RN.
    Were the horses beautiful?

  11. Sounds like a great weekend.
    Even though my hubby isn't traveling like yours, I still feel the let down at the end of the weekend. Monday mornings....blech.

  12. I sounds like you captured as much fun time together with Hubs this weekend as possible. And what a lovely view in your part of the world. Can't wait for colors to change in the south.

  13. Maybe short, but lovely! New Jersey is so lovely in the fall!
    Regarding cooking on a Friday...I posted on Facebook that I was cooking dinner Friday and said,"Has the world gone mad?" So, I'm with you! :) We usually end up eating pizza or random leftovers.

  14. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. Good food, good fun and good friends. What could be better? Those yellow table settings are gorgeous! And so are the beautiful fall trees. Ours haven't changed color that much yet, but they are working on it. :)

  15. What a great way to spend a weekend!