Sunday, December 29, 2013

Had Ourselves a Merry Little Christmas

I suppose it's time to post a little Christmas recap, but to be honest I'm still enjoying Christmas.  I know some of you rip down the decorations and insist any evidence of the day be removed as of December 26th, but that is not me.

I'm still getting up every morning, pouring my coffee in a Christmas mug, grabbing the super soft blankie I won at our neighborhood Christmas party, and sitting for my quiet time by the tree in our sunroom. Favorite thing people. Savoring it. Basking in it. Not quite ready to tuck it away for another year.

My entire family was here for Christmas, and my girls are still home, although Daughter1 heads back to D.C. tonite. Daughter2's boyfriend flew in yesterday to ring in the new year with us so still lots to look forward to here. I guess technically he's here to ring in the new year with Daughter2, and hubs and I are just a bonus, but still...happy new year!

There were 8 of us here for Christmas Eve, and I roasted turkey breast tenderloins with lots of sides.  I wrapped the turkey in bacon and hubs said it might have been the best meal he's ever had. After dinner we went to the candlelight service at church and snow fell, which made it all perfectly perfect.

The girls opened their traditional Christmas Eve present, except my niece's gift was in my brother's car and he wasn't arriving until Christmas morning so oops. She took it well, and posed for the traditional Christmas morning step photo with a smile.

Hubs spoiled me rotten on Christmas Day, and the girls surprised us with a fabulous present-

A painted canvas of our sweet is an absolute perfect likeness, and they were so proud of Daughter1 themselves for keeping it a secret.

I had a couple of fun surprises for my little family this year too, one I'll mention in a later post, and then this one-

That's our England house.
That's my family crying happy tears.

We're all sappy when it comes to unexpected mentions of the small island we once called home.  I had these polymer clay ornaments custom made by Dyane at Garden Art and Moore (an Etsy shop) and they turned out exactly as I'd imagined.  Hubs and the girl's reaction was Hallmark worthy.

The rest of my family (one brother, one sister-in-law, one sister, one brother-in law, one nephew, and one carsick puppy) arrived early afternoon. The dog was bathed, more presents were opened, more memories made.  

Oh, and we ate.

In my defense I was feeding 13 people, so there was a whole lotta food. I did my best to go heavy on the vegetable sides, but there was still a lot of sugar and more carbs on the menu than I've had in three months. 'Tis but a season!

The day after Christmas my big sis celebrated a milestone birthday. She collects pig 'stuff' so Daughter2 baked her a pig cake.  

Absolutely positively too cute for words! She made the pigs out of a light pink marshmallow fondant, her first time trying that, and it was so adorable. The cake itself was a deep rich chocolate with more rich chocolate in the form of ganache on top-super delicious!

My family left Friday, but we've carried on in holiday mode around here, and I intend to keep that up for a few more days. Early in the season I declared this year I absolutely would not let anything steal my joy. No worries...'s still here.


  1. Your words and photos are so full of love and JOY and wonderful memories made! I am one who has put the decorations away already, but I am back to work tomorrow (sigh) and we have no family here (another sigh). Your tree is beautiful, as is your family!! May your Christmas joy last well into the new year!!

  2. It looked like a wonderful time! Those ornaments are a treasure for sure.

  3. I'm so glad you had a great Christmas, your family is so loving. I was lucky and had all my family with me as well, although half of them were coughing and spluttering their way through the day!

  4. It looks like you have and are still doing "tis the season" in just the right way.

  5. Wonderful holiday recap! I extend to enjoy the decorations a couple more days, as well.

  6. I grabbed a hold of my Christmas joy and didn't let it go too! And I am also still enjoying the decorations. So glad I decided they couldn't take my joy away and decorated the house. Everyone left yesterday except Deanie (my DC daughter),. She and the boyfriend left this morning. They will spend NYE in Nashville as his band is playing there that night. All is quiet here and there is a hush over the house. But the decorations are still feeding the joy. LOVE the ornaments you had made for the family. I'm going to have to check that out for next year! So glad you had everyone home. It just makes the season that much more special!

  7. Still enjoying my lights too. It will be a quiet New Year here, but I am looking forward to it. Your girls look like they had a great Christmas and were thrilled to be home!

  8. Your... 'Oh, and we ate. Mercy' pretty much sums up my week (which may or may not be still going) too. Oh well. :)
    Your Christmas sounds like it was 'picture perfect.' :)

  9. Just plum beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I couldn't pick out the best picture I liked..maybe..the cake, lolol. JK---..your family holding the ornaments..just warmed my heart. Blessings

  10. Joyce what a wonderful Christmas you had. Love all the pictures. Everyone looks so happy and your tree is beautiful! Hope your joy lasts all through 2014 too.

  11. Happy (late) Christmas and (early) New Year!

  12. Not me either, my decorations will be up for at least another week, maybe longer. One year they were up until Feb. 5th because I got sick after Christmas. How wonderful to have a gathering of your family and the dinner sounds delicious. Those ornaments you had made are so awesome! Look at all the desserts too. It looks perfect.........

  13. What an absolutely delightful Christmas you had ... Glad Daughter2 is still there, although I'm sure you're missing Daughter1 terribly. Christmas is definitely the time when the nest feels particularly empty. ;-) Wishing you and yours a very blessed 2914!

  14. I'm glad to hear that you and your family had a Merry Christmas! That photo of their faces, with their ornaments, is priceless! You did good, Joyce :)
    P.S. I love to savor Christmas, afterward, too! My decorations will probably be up through this weekend!