Friday, December 6, 2013

Technically it's Friday Fragments

On this Friday that unfolds a mere three weeks before Christmas I'm guessing I should be doing approximately a million and one things, which of course explains why I'm blogging. I'm not the only one who, when given a long list of to-dos, walks around in circles not actually doing any of them, am I?  Whatever...I have a few fragments and always enjoy linking up with Mrs. 4444's at the end of a busy week.
Half-Past Kissin' Time
I'm having my carpets cleaned today, along with my 'dog's chair'. Technically it's not her chair, but she doesn't know that so technically it is her chair. Not really ideal weather for wet carpet since we've got drizzly rain today, but I was determined to get the rugs cleaned before people have to sleep on them over Christmas. Technically my girls, my niece, and my nephew will be on air mattresses on the carpet, but still, that's almost the same thing as sleeping on the rug.

How many times can I say technically in a single post?
Technically we're going to find out.

I had signed my pup up for daycare and a spa treatment today so she'd be out of the house while the rugs were being cleaned. Spa treatment is technically just a bath, but spa treatment sounds like more fun. I was forced to embrace plan B since my dog spent half the day yesterday with an upset stomach, and I guess half the night too. Technically that's enough detail, right?

In fact, we had pulled her dog bed into our bathroom overnight just in case, since our bedroom is carpeted and the floor in the bath is tiled.  Easier clean up if you're struggling to follow along here today.

This morning I rousted myself out of bed for boot camp, and tiptoed quietly (semi-quietly...hubs says I'm not that quiet) into the bathroom, in the pitch black, at the delightful hour of 5:20 AM. Oh, and I was barefoot-that's important! I carefully opened the door so as not to disturb my sleeping pup, and promptly planted my foot in dog vomit.

As if getting to boot camp isn't stressful enough.

And of course she's been fit as a fiddle all morning long, so she's at home, underfoot, not getting a bath, and a little anxious about the status of her chair.

Technically that was way more than you wanted to know.

Friday Fragments peeps!

Last night was my neighborhood book club Christmas party. We don't read a book in December, and instead have a nice dinner out along with a fun gift exchange. Technically I'm sure we're all reading books in December, just not as a group.

I'm reading Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline for anyone who's curious.

Back to the party...we do the kind of exchange where you draw numbers, choose a present, and occasionally 'steal' from a friend. Always a great time, and I came home with the softest, snuggliest throw ever made. Originally I thought I'd wrap it up as a Christmas present for one of my daughters, but before I knew what was happening that throw was open and my own self was wrapped up in it. Ooops! Sorry girls!

I guess technically I may have known what was happening.

Okay time to be productive...I've got some secret Christmas stuff that isn't going to Pinterest itself. May your weekend be filled with laughter and joy!


  1. That is a lovely throw! I just attended one of those parties and they are fun! Much more fun than stepping in dog vomit (and believe me I know!)

  2. I have experienced the stepping in dog vomit with bare feet first thing in the morning! Not fun at all and when it happened I couldn't help but think, "If THIS is how my day started HOW is the rest of the day going to go?!!" Thanks for mentioning the Orphan Train book; it sounds like something I'd like to read.

  3. At our house, it's cat throw-up, but I get what you are saying. We have tile throughout the house, except the bedrooms (they are next). Of course, the cats always want to be in one of the bedrooms when they have a hairball to deposit. The joys of pet ownership...wouldn't have it any other way, though! I enjoyed your post!

  4. I technically followed everything .... Yikes....ugh. Ha
    Very pretty throw! It looks like one from Pottery Barn I have my eye on. Or should I say, it's on my list. Ha

  5. We have our book club Christmas dinner next week - sounds the same. We cater a dinner and bring a favorite thing for a gift exchange. The holiday season has started - you already opened a present :-)

  6. I too have stepped in dog vomit and/or poop with bare feet. Not the way to wake up in the morning!

  7. Sorry... I'm late again. That is such a nice throw. I can see it would be so comfy and warm to wrap in. We've done that type of exchange in our family. It is fun.
    I don't have a book club that I'd want to join, but I've always got a book open. I read every day. I'm making note of the one you mentioned here. I'm always looking for new ones.

  8. Ugh, poor dog and poor you. What a way to begin your day! Hope he's all well now.

    I'm host our Formidible Women group each Christmas for a brunch and afterwards we do a gift exchange and it's always such fun.

    Christmas blessings!

  9. Our sweet lab (RIP) had chronic tummy issues - lower digestive issues - so I've experienced similar early morning "mis-steps". Ewwww

    If I weren't so tired, I would have counted how many times you said technically - maybe next time. Ha!

  10. Hope your pooch is on the mend! I liked your fragments. Pretty sure that book is on my reading list too. Clean carpets make everything seem better!!!

  11. Oh, stepping in dog vomit, with bare feet isn't a great start to the day! The only thing worse is stepping in 'poop' :)

    Ed and I shampooed our carpet before decorating the living room for Christmas. The shampooer wouldn't spray out the shampoo solution, so we resorted to using a new garden sprayer for that! Fun times :) All's well that ends well--the carpet is clean now!