Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Nobody's mentioned the weather on their blog today, have they?  Ha!  It seems the whole US of A has had some weather this weekend, unless you count Florida, but I won't because who doesn't love a little ice and snow in early December?

We had a full weekend filled with all manner of festivity. Raise your hand if you love this most magical time of the year? I won't tell you how many attempts were made to capture this selfie, but it was so pretty when we came out of the restaurant last night I insisted we try. And try again. And again.

As we walked to our car snowflakes were falling, tinytowns Christmas tree beside the lake was aglow with its mass of colored lights, the trees in the village were all twinkly and fairy-like, and we both agreed that we love it. All of it. Even the craziness that we woke up to this morning, which essentially is a driveway turned skating rink.

I got up to go to bootcamp, because FYI the weekend included more than a little eating out, but alas no boot camp.  No way could I get my car down the driveway. I guess maybe I could have gotten down the drive, but not without taking out some serious rocks and the pillars at the curb. Hubs made a valiant attempt to get to his office at the normal time, but it just wasn't happening. He finally headed for the office a few minutes ago, so I'm hoping the roads are in better shape than our driveway.

Friday evening we stayed home. It was nice. I sometimes think I'd like to have a Christmas tree in my house year round, but I suppose the special-ness of that would wane. Maybe. Arctic air swept in here on Saturday...naturally, because that's the day hubs needed to put up the outside lights. He tries to do that job in November, but his travel schedule this fall didn't cooperate, so he had to settle for the coldest day of the year.

Anyone out there hear a few naughty words when their hubs is dealing with the outside lights? I'm asking for a friend.

The lights are up, and we're still married, so win-win.

Friends who live a few towns over called and said they were headed to the German Christmas Market in our town, and did we want to meet them there?  Hubs was happy to take a break from the lighting debacle so we spent most of the afternoon on the boardwalk browsing the stalls and sipping Gluhwein to stay warm.

Afterwards we headed home where hubs commenced with the lighting shenanigans and I indulged in perhaps the greatest nap ever.  He woke me up asking about dinner at 7:45. Yikes! I think all the 5 AM mornings, combined with all the holiday to-dos finally caught up with me. I am still thinking about that nap. Merry Christmas to me!

We went to a local Italian place for dinner, and had a few clams with our garlic.

Not a vampire in sight!

Sunday afternoon we trekked over to some friends for their annual Christmas party, which is always so much fun. It's a fundraiser for a nearby food pantry, and they really do it up right. There are inflatables for the kids, and live animals, also for the kids, but hey we're all kids at heart, right?

Disney should call his agent.

Along with all the fun and games, there is always lots of wonderful food and conversation, plus jolly old Saint Nick makes an appearance too.


We left the party about 4 PM, right about the time the snow made its way into our area. We didn't get more than a dusting, but we did get inches of ice which is a bit more troublesome.

When I look at my front steps I can't help but think of that scene in Home Alone where McCauley Culkin pours water on the stairs to keep the burglars away.  Effective.

Today was my day to volunteer in a local soup kitchen, but even that has been cancelled. I guess that means I'm out of excuses as to why my Snow Village is still tucked neatly away in the basement as opposed to on display upstairs. I love it once its up, but what a job! All the dusting, and the rearranging of the tabletops, and the stowing of stuff on the tabletops, and the hauling umpteen bins up and down the stairs, and the chords which will not make any sense, and all that styrofoam packing that leaves little beads in its wake. I'm missing my elves today!

Okay, time to get busy.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was my Snow Village.
So what's it like where you live?


  1. Actually, Joyce, it's been pretty good here in South Carolina. We got a bit of rain and temps dropped from 70 to 50's...but today we are to warm up again. I did see the blizzard at the Philadelphia Eagles game yesterday. Yuck! And I know VERY WELL that "north and west" of New York always gets snow! But, ice is the worst!

    I recognized your picture spot...the Lake Mohawk area. Yes, it is very charming at Christmas-time especially. We spent endless Friday nights having "Fabians' Friday Night dinner Out" at Krogh's. It was a family tradition while we lived there.

    Stay warm - and safe!

  2. Cold air here still (warming up to a balmy 29 today). Side roads are still icy so school is cancelled again. Except universities...we have finals this week so are at work. I'm snug in my office with a space heater.

  3. We had snow and sleet and more snow and more sleet.. and more snow coming tonight. Kids didn't have school today and probably won't tomorrow either with the snow coming again. We do the same thing with outside lights. Last week it was in the 60s perfect weather to put them up but nooooo . So today it is before the next round of snow and sleet.

  4. You have such a sweet blog and a sweet spirit . I hope to be back soon for a visit.

  5. I've heard those words while the outside lights are being put up. Unless the lovelies were out there...wait, no. That didn't really stop the flow. LOL Our weather is HORRID. It's in the upper 70s today and tomorrow. And then. a plummet. Again. Pick one, Mother Nature. Pick. One. And stick with it. And make it cold. :) Maybe I'm too demanding? LOL

  6. It's COLD. Not as icy though so I guess you win. :)

  7. Icy brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr here in North Texas. We have been inside for the last 5 days. Made one little trip out this afternoon.
    I haven't decorated much this year and only put up a little tree because our son hasn't been able to get over and help us with getting it out of the attic. I definitely have the Nativity up and a few other decorations.
    Cooking a lot! You did a great job with the selfie.

  8. Rainy, and cold, cold!! We haven't had sunshine in almost a week and I'm having major withdrawal. But, yes, ice would be worse.

    I know all too well about all that hauling of boxes up and down stairs and I have downsized my decor the past 5 years because of it. It's hard work and my elves grew up and and left home and Poppa Bear isn't into hauling up and down stairs either. So, here we are, but we have enough to make it festive.

    Happy week!

  9. have me chuckling! I just love reading your blog and others as well. Here in upstate NY, it had been in the teens, but today it was a balmy 37*. Just ice from the storm, snow has melted. Suppose to plummet back down again and get snow. Blessings to you..and your questions.

  10. Well, I'm in Florida and we are setting records with highs in the mid 80s. No ice or snow, thank goodness!! I don't hang around outside when Joe is putting up the Christmas lights! Don't know what he says or doesn't say! LOL Love the photos!!

  11. It's sooo cold here! No snow or ice yet but they are predicting it...Ugh.
    We sent X and G a selfie Saturday night... still haven't mastered it either. There must be some sort of 'trick' to make us look (normal) good. Ha.

  12. Joyce, this was great :) thanks for the smile. We got 2" of sleet/freezing rain with 4" on top driveway, road everything was a giant skating rink...this Country girl hasn't been away from home since WED. More falling as I am typing ...Hugs to you Joyce it is 18 here :( burr

  13. Okay, the ice in that last picture looks treacherous!

  14. Loved your list and the llama!!!!
    I think that marriage counseling should include doing projects or chores together, all that talking is for SISSIES!!! We always say we are making a memory and will laugh about it later!
    I think I can guess what your answer to a question on the Hodgepodge will be, least favorite task=snow villiage!

  15. ....and that's why we have no outside lights!!! I'm cold just reading your post. Such nasty weather so early in the season.

  16. Whoa! That is some garlic! You're a busy girl, as always! We actually stopped putting up a tree three years ago....I decorate the piano with the Nativity on top! Something I started Dec. 1 - posting a daily message on facebook of small things to do to keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart. it gets chaotic this time of year, and I wanted to challenge myself (and others) to extend simple kindnesses every day until Christmas. It's been helpful. Come visit me, if you'd like:
    Have a blessed holiday!!