Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Reading, Writing, Hodgepodging

Yes Hodgepodge is so a verb. Welcome to your mid-week fun in the form of a Wednesday random. Newcomers are always welcome to join in here, but please don't link unless you've actually answered the questions. Do hop over and say hi at least to the blogger who linked before you, because we're friendly here on this side of the pond. 

1. June 23rd is National Pink Day. What's your favorite something pink?

I love the color pink, particularly the softer shades. I often dressed my girls in pink and there's something about a blond haired toddler in pastel pink that to this day tugs at my heartstrings. 

I think for my answer though (no that wasn't my answer, that was the introduction to my answer) I'm going to say a peony. So sweet and lovely and definitely a favorite of mine. 

2. What did you enjoy most about gym class when you were in school? How about the least?

I wasn't a very athletic child, at least in comparison to some kids my age, so I think I enjoyed discovering there were physical activities I was good at. I loved basketball and gymnastics especially. 

As far as least favorite? How about the whole showering at school in the middle of the day nonsense, or sometimes almost right after getting to school if you were unlucky enough to have gym first period? Do p.e. teachers still stand at the shower door with a clipboard and check off your name after a shower? Second on my list of least favorite would be the rope climb. The gym felt ten stories tall on those days. 

3. What memory is brought to mind by the smell of roses?

I love roses, but I'm not sure their scent brings to mind anything more than simple summertime. My dad grew roses and there was often a rose bud in a vase on our kitchen table. 

4. Do you prefer to read or write? 

Do I prefer my left hand or my right hand? My first or second child? Chocolate cake or a chocolate bar? I enjoy both so much, and in my mind it's impossible to separate the two. I'm fairly certain the best writers are also readers. Reading takes me inside someone else's head and experiences. Writing takes me inside my own. 

5. Sam Keen is quoted as saying, 'Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.' Would you agree? Is laziness ever respectable? How will you be lazy this summer? 

I agree to a point. I don't think a summer respite necessarily fits the definition of lazy. Lazy means not doing something you should be doing, an unwillingness to work. Rest is a necessary part of life and summer seems the logical time for that to happen. We can't shirk all of our responsibilities but we can enjoy a slower pace, longer daylight, and time with friends and family who are also enjoying a slower pace. I know I accomplish more when I take time to recharge my batteries. Life is rarely an emergency and summer helps me remember that. 

6. The Florida Keys, Disney World, or a resort somewhere on the Gulf Coast...which Florida destination would you choose (and why) if the trip were today?

Definitely a resort on the Gulf Coast. I could use a week there right about now. It's a place I completely relax and decompress and also a place where so many happy family memories have been made. 

I will add though, if my girls and son-in-law could join us, I'd probably change my answer to Disney. 

7. What's a question you hate to answer?

Where's home? 

I guess I don't really mind answering this question, it's just that the answer is long and complicated (at least the way I tell it-ha! ) so sometimes I just say...'We've moved a lot.'  

8. Insert your own random thought here.

So last we spoke it was the Hodgepodge. One whole entire week ago. We've had a busy few days weeks months so finding time and space to blog has been a challenge. 

You should know that in my head I'm blogging. 

And I'm so hoping to get back into some sort of rhythm here shortly. In the meantime, I'm grateful for the Hodgepodge and the friendly faces that keep coming back here. Thanks for riding the wave of transition with me! 


  1. I could use about a week of beach therapy, too :) I hope both of our lives settle down to a 'new norm' soon...

    As for that blonde toddler, dressed in pink, perhaps there will be another one of those in your future--in the form of a granddaughter :) Of course blonde toddlers dressed in baby blue are precious, too...

    Thanks for continuing to host The Hodgepodge!

  2. Thanks for still finding the time to prepare the Hodgepodge. Hope things are not too manic.

  3. Riding the wave of transition, I love that and am going to remember that in the days ahead. I feel like ours is a big transition after living here for 34 years but yours truly is a big transition.

    Loved your answer about reading and writing and think you are right.

    All the best as you "trudge" forth!

  4. I could use a week away too and the beach would be really nice. But alas, it'll be November before I can do that. At least, I hope I can do it in November.

    I agree, pink on little girls is adorable! Good answer to #5!

  5. Peonies are my fave too! Hope you have a great week!

  6. I too have always had a hard time with the question "where is home?" I have moved a bunch of times, as a kid and as an adult. But, I wouldn't have it any other way! North, south, east west. Been there, done that. Found my favorite place!

  7. I agree that slowing down isn't necessarily being lazy. :) There are some really beautiful places to stay on the Gulf, aren't there?

  8. There are some really beautiful Gulf homes, aren't there? I love it.

  9. Mmm yes, a peony is wonderful, as is a sweet baby girl!
    We never had to shower after gym, thank the LORD!
    I have fallen off the blogging wagon and I'm not even moving!
    Enjoy your week!

  10. This is what I tell my son...Home is where your heart is. We have moved so many times, I know the feeling, Joyce. Blessings

  11. No, that wasn't my real answer! You make me chuckle. You are truly a writer and so good with words. I am guessing you enjoy great conversations with everyone you meet. Thanks for the questions every week. I so enjoy reading everyone's thoughts.

  12. It was good to finally jump back on to the Hodgepodge this week...I soo enjoy it! I agree with you as always in a few areas. Blonde haired little girls in pink for one, and your answer to number 4 for another, lol. Enjoy your week!

  13. There is just nothing like the beach to relax. Thanks for continuing with the Hodgepodge with all you have going on. I saw your profile picture with you and the snow and thought... I bet that will be updated to a lake picture soon :)

  14. Hello,
    Thank you for taking time to do the Hodgepodge. I enjoy it.

    I agree with number 4. Many of the authors I know also love to read.

    Happy 4th of July. I will be taking a blog break next week.

  15. I love peonies! My mom grew a hot pink peony and when it is time, all of the girls and daddy will get part of it to (hopefully) grow at their house. As for gym class, I don't remember anyone checking us off for showers and I did hate that class was in the middle of the day. Some were just stinky!

  16. Well of course, pink peonies. That is a pink I like! Loved your answer to the lazy question. Have a great week!

  17. Wish I'd had such an eloquent answer for the reading vs. writing question. Inside another's mind vs. inside my own--well said. I love peonies, too--such a wonderful mix of elegance and simplicity--not to mention the divine fragrance! I also liked your answer to the laziness question. There's a happy medium between workaholism and laziness, and it's a biblical mandate to rest once every seven days. If it's good enough for God...:)

  18. When i was in middle school in the 90's we didn't have to shower. Whew! I would've highly disliked that.
    Wow no coffee ?! That wouldn't be pretty here. ;0)

  19. I'm so glad I didn't have to shower in gym, we actually didn't have access to showers until middle school, and the only time I spent time in showers was in high school when we had swimming. I don't recall taking off my swim suit while being in the shower, though. With all the fun that high school is, I'm not sure showering with my peers would have made it better.

  20. I totally knew you were blogging in your head :)

  21. "Reading takes me inside someone else's head and experiences. Writing takes me inside my own."

    Love the way you worded this and hope you won't mind if I borrow them (credit will be given) when talking to my students this school year.

  22. Oh, man. If I had had to shower after gym class, I would have DIED! There is no way I would have done it. I was painfully shy back then and I haven't advanced much either. LOL I thought I would jump right back into blogging when school got out but all I've wanted to do is sit in a chair. Under the fan. Beside the AC vent. It's too hot to care down here.

  23. Your response to #4 is especially interesting, so much so that I've saved it in my personal list of favorite quotes! I need to read more so my writing will improve! Thanks for the tip!

  24. You know...You're right! How can you really separate reading and writing? They go together like peanut butter - and - jelly! And I always tell my kids that good reader makes good writers...I don't think we sweated enough in gym to require a shower. LOL

  25. The beach, IMHO, is the very best place to rest, relax and decompress. Hope you get some beach time before too long ... you certainly could use some, I'm thinking.

  26. Enjoyed your answer to #4 especially. It IS hard to choose between reading and writing!

  27. There! An even 48 entries! I'm only 5 days late :-)

  28. I read your answers AFTER I answered my questions... I'm beginning to think we should check our genealogy records...!