Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday's Laundry

Hello Monday! I missed posting on Saturday as we ended up having a travel day, and I think I already told you I'm not posting on Sundays. Essentially this whole Write 31 is filled with rules of my own making. I like it that way.

I'm not going to be on topic today either, because I don't feel like being tied to the word prompt. I feel like catching up.

Day 19-catchup

We've had positively glorious weather the past several days. Hubs and I both said we'd forgotten how gorgeous fall feels in this part of the country. A couple of my northern NJ friends posted pics of snowflakes falling over the weekend, and do you know I was not even the teeniest bit jealous?

Late Friday afternoon Daughter2 joined hubs and I at the movies. We saw Bridge of Spies which we all thoroughly enjoyed. The film is based on a true story, and the casting is excellent. When is Tom Hanks not believable in something? He's wonderful in this flick too, and Mark Rylance is fabulous as the spy Rudolf Abel.

After the film ended we dropped Daughter2 off to meet her honey, and since it was such a beautiful evening hubs and I decided to watch some of the university women's soccer match. Our girl's Alma mater was playing our own Alma mater, which made choosing sides a little hard for me. Hubs settled the question by wearing our own team shirt, but bringing stadium seats bearing the hometown team logo. I cheered when either side scored so Go Team!

The sky had such lovely variation in color as the sun sank, and hubs pointed out it looked exactly like our state license plate. Ha! It did! Crescent moon and all. There's nothing like an October sky, is there?

Saturday we got on the road bright and early as we needed to be in TN by 11. The road from our little corner of SC over to TN crosses the mountains of North Carolina and it's stunning, especially this time of year. We cranked up the tunes and enjoyed the ride.

We had a Memorial Service to attend in the morning, then spent the rest of the day relaxing with family in the Smokies. The peaceful side for those in the know.

Sunday morning hubs and I met his parents for early church, and then breakfast after which was so nice. At one point during church hubs put his arm around his mama, and she got a little teary eyed. It's so special to have your kids seated beside you in a pew, no matter your age or theirs.

Later we met hubs brother and sister-in-law for a drive out to their lake lot. They're building on a lake in Tennessee, and we're both at about the same stage of construction. That would be the lot-is-mostly clear, septic-in, no-house-yet stage.

But we're both getting there!

Hubs and I headed home, but had plans for a fun little surprise en route. We've been back and forth to TN three times since moving south in August, and every time we pass the exit for a little town in NC we say we're going to stop.

Sweet, sweet friends of ours from the UK years bought a B&B in a really charming NC town back in June. If you've been reading here a while, these are the friends we met up with in Hong Kong when we were there in 2012.

They were living in China at the time, but have changed geography just a little since then, ahem, and are now the proud owners of a lovely B&B, less than two hours from our home. It was about 4 PM, and as we were approaching the area we mapped it, saw the inn was not a ridiculous drive from the highway, and decided to go for it.

Yes, we are those friends who drop in unannounced, but sometimes that is the most fun thing in the world.

We pulled around the side of the building and noticed the kitchen door was open.

Yes, we are those friends who let themselves in through your kitchen door just to see the look on your face and hear your excited shout.

Totally worth it. Made my heart happy and I know they'd say the same. We didn't stay long as they had guests coming and going, but we did get a tour of their fantastic new home, and we can't wait to go back and stay the night. We'll book the regular way next time.

And now it's Monday and I'm finally catching up on the mountain of laundry and grocery shopping and bill pay and other general nonsense that Monday calls for.  Also, know that when you're building in a state with red clay dirt, you're going to have some ridiculous laundry.

Hoping to get back in the swing of the one-word prompt challenge tomorrow, but I'm outta the box when it comes to writing this month, so we'll see. In the meantime, I hope your Monday is filled with all the colors of fall!


  1. You are so right, having our chicks under our wing on the church pew, well, it just doesn't get much better or sweeter, no matter the age. Those spur of the moment stops are sometimes the best. Happy week!

  2. What special friends for a "drop in" visit. Love the history between you couples. Good stuff!

  3. I agree about the church pew... unfortunately for us, neither of our boys are practicing Catholics anymore and aren't attending any church. Sigh. They are grown men. Not much we can do about it. :(

    Love the photos and how fun to surprise your friends!! Such beauty there in your area. Don't ever be jealous of snow!! :)

  4. We saw the movie on Sat and loved it too. But then I don't think Tom Hanks can do a bad movie. He's just soo good. I have a feeling your life is going to be the dreamed of retired life for many people. Traveling around, spending time with family, building your home, hiking and seeing things you've been wanting to, dropping in on old friends....ALL of it sounds soo good to me. Don't have to tell you to enjoy it because I know you are. Happy week!

  5. Surprise visits are always lovely although I know some people who I could never do that to lol

  6. It's sounds like you and your hubs have settled nicely into your new lives :) Your weekend sounds wonderful, and you certainly packed a lot into a little bit of time!

  7. I haven't been to the show in a few weeks which is not like me but I do want to see that movie, glad you liked it. Glad your loving your weather. I got chills reading about you stopping to see your friends. What a beautiful moment........

  8. What beautiful pictures of the mountains. Gorgeous!!