Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ready, Set, Goal

Day 10-Ready

I've been working for several weeks now on a new 101 in 1001 list, and today feels like a good time to add it to my blog. If you're not familiar with what that means, it's simply a list of 101 somethings you'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.

I wrote my first 101 list back in July of 2012, and was just sure I'd have it all checked off by day 1001, aka April 28, 2015. Well that didn't happen. In fact I only completed about one third of the items and I learned a few things in the process.

Firstly, I dream big. In other words my eyes are bigger than my pocketbook-ha! I had myself traveling all over God's green earth in that first list, and while I did do a fair amount of coming and going, I didn't come close to the goal I'd set in that first list.

Secondly, not every dream needs to be big. Small accomplishments are rewarding in their own way, so I've included both big and little in my new list. Overall I put more thought into this new list, jotting down ideas as they pop into my head, and saving them in the notes section of my iPad. I also went back through my first list, considered all the items I didn't check off, and weighed whether or not they were still relevant, possible, or interesting. Some are back on the new list, others I've bid adieu. 

Since I wrote that first list a lot of life has happened. We've moved from north to south, my husband retired, I gained a son-in-law, and we're presently building a house from the ground up. Roll with the changes people.

Roll with the changes, but don't throw out all the old to make way for the new. There were a few things I checked off my original list that are worth repeating. Memorizing scripture, exercising regularly, and reading through the Bible are three I'll have on endless repeat.

I will add too, that I didn't obsess about my list during the 1001 day period. I looked it over from time to time, reminded myself of my hopes and dreams and short term goals, then refocused my energies to make a few reality. If you decide to make a list of your own, let me know and I'll cheer you on.

Okay...on with the new...

Start date-10/10/2015
End date-7/7/2018

1. transfer our videos to DVD-01/11/18
2. organize my photos in the new format on my Mac
3. Read 6 non-fiction books-4/07/16
4. crochet something
5. pay for a soldier's meal or coffee 
6. visit Symmes Chapel aka Pretty Place SC-10/14/15
7. bake a coconut cake from scratch
8. move into our lake house-11/10/16
9. learn to confidently drive and dock the boat
10. buy new furniture for our master bedroom-07/2016
11. furnish the screened in porch and covered deck
12. buy new furniture for main level family room-07/2016
13. learn to paddle board
14. get comfy chairs for beside the kitchen fireplace-11/2016
15. host a dinner party under the stars
16. visit all the islands in our lake
17. take a cooking class
18. Read 20 books on the BBC's Book List Challenge
19. re-label my blog posts
20. send 36 handwritten notes
21. buy pretty monogrammed or engraved stationery 
22. create an inspiration board for my new office space
23. visit Vancouver
24. leave a 100% tip on a restaurant bill
25. read through the Bible in a year-2017
26. learn calligraphy
27. make a trip back to London
28. join or host a women's Bible Study-11/2016
29. perform random acts of kindness every day the week of my birthday
30. complete 3 scrapbooks
31. learn to fly fish
32. find a church in lake town
33. tour Biltmore House-02/1016
34. take the Banff train
35. make homemade ice cream
36. volunteer to pack boxes in a packing center for Operation Christmas Child
37. see a Vol game in Neyland Stadium-11/7/15
38. plan a birthday surprise for hubs
39. read 10 pieces of classic literature
40. visit Oregon-10/17/17
41. learn to make grits
42. hike to a waterfall-3/26/17
43. see the SC state capitol
44. make our own limoncello-06/2017
45. do something special for each of my three siblings
46. see Cirque du Soleil
47. Memorize 30 verses 
48. publish something
49. sip Prosecco in Italy
50. read all the Harry Potter books
51. travel to a state I've never visited-Oregon, 10/17
52. make a playlist of my 100 favorite songs
53. go to the shooting range
54. try tai chi
55. visit three museums or galleries I've never been to before
56. make homemade rolls like my grandma did for a holiday meal
57. take a southern road trip
58. write a letter to someone I admire
59. grow my own tomatoes-summer 2017
60. swim in the ocean
61. find a great lipstick
62. go berry picking
63. stay in a B & B 02/2016
64. fly a kite
65. host a holiday open house
66. attend a Clemson football game, tailgate too-09/23/17
67. spend a girls only weekend with my sisters, daughters, and niece
68. make at least ten of the recipes and/or crafts I've pinned on Pinterest
69. add to my Portmerion Christmas dish collection
70. vote in the Presidential election and state races 
71. do something creative with my daughter's wedding bouquet
72. visit a state park I haven't seen 
73. attend a Greenville Drive game
74. try a yoga class
75. organize and sync all my contacts, update all address books
76. attend a professional Ballet
77. spend a weekend in Charleston
78. visit Ft. Sumter
79. read 2 works of Shakespeare 
80. memorize the US Presidents in order
81. make an Indian curry dinner with hubs
82. give our will info to my sister in law and the kids 
83. host a brunch-08/2017
84. bake cranberry bread for our apartment neighbors
85. notice good parenting and then anonymously buy that family dinner
86. see Callaway Gardens (Georgia)
87. submit a travel piece to a magazine
88. compile emergency preparedness supplies 
89. create a flaming dessert
90. order a custom embosser for lake address
92. participate in at least one blog writing challenge-4/29/16
93. road trip up the California coast-10/17 (Northern End from SF to Tacoma WA)
94. buy and complete Rosetta stone-French
95. visit a French speaking country after completing Rosetta Stone 
96. make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and give them away
97. write our sponsored children at least four times a year
98. perfect my own salsa
99. pay for a camper to attend summer camp
100. blog about ten items on my list
101. inspire someone to make a list of their own 


  1. Excellent goals. Hope you can make them all. You will love the Biltmore. It is so neat and I hope to see it again some day. I saw several others on your list that I'd like to do too.

    1. I've been one time, 31 years ago! There wasn't anything in the area other than Biltmore. We're only about an hour from there now, so it's definitely do-able.

  2. Well, what a great list! My daughter is a pro at making Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. She makes them 2-3 times a year but I've never made them. I've never done this so perhaps I should. Happy weekend!

  3. You may have inspired me to make a list!!

  4. That list is incredible! I have an autumn bucket list, but that only gives me about two and half months complete my five things. You list gives you two and half years! Awesome idea. Don't be surprised if you see on on my blog this winter :)

  5. Great list. This is something I've been considering but I'm not ready - yet!

  6. Fabulous list. And #6 caught my eye ... I think we may have to make a side trip on our way to or from HHI next year.

  7. Well I want to join in doing just about everything on your list. Such AWESOEME goals. I've been with my son-in-law, who is a soldier in the U.S.Army, when someone has paid for his meal. I thought my heart would burst with love and pride for him and our country. I'll be looking forward to following along as you live and check some things off.

  8. You've inspired me to make my own list. I'd been casting about for a way to focus on goals, and this is a perfect way to do it! I may be borrowing a few ideas from your list. Thank you, Joyce!

  9. Ah, good idea to revisit the list. You have inspired me. Oh, and I'll help you with #40. :)

  10. Great list Joyce and no doubt you will accomplish doing those things. I'm lucky to make my grocery list each week! I really need to set some goals for myself.

  11. Oh my. I am not even going to try for 10 things. Looks like someone will help you with your 101 though. Good luck, and I'm glad we will be here to get an update now and then!

  12. I will try yoga with you!!!
    Lots of great things to aspire to, looking forward to hearing as you accomplish them!

  13. I still remember when you posted your first list! You are always so ambitious :)
    I'm not quite sure I could make Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and give them ALL away... I wish you much success on accomplishing your goals, though.

  14. I can help with a recipe (true Italian) for #44 on your list, if you're interested. It makes a fabulous Christmas gift (with a "fair warning" tag on it!).

    1. Hi Darlene! We have a really delicious recipe the wife of one of hubs Italian co-workers shared with us. I'd love to see if yours is similar.