Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Just a reminder for those of you here looking for the Wednesday Hodgepodge, we're on Spring Break today, but will be back next week-April 27th.  In the meantime,  I'm back on track with the A-Z Blog Challenge...

Q is for Quietude

Hubs and I went out to the lot late yesterday afternoon to meet with the builder and discuss (again) some electrical stuff and of course stuff always leads to more stuff and before you know it, the clock is heading towards 7 PM and I just cannot deal.

I think I've mentioned here a time or ten how I feel about 'stuff', and does anyone else remember when figuring out how to have music in your house was a simple matter of plugging in a radio?

Excuse me while I satisfy my need for quietude. 

When we're at the house and I feel overwhelmed by all the decisions,  I sometimes step out here and regroup-

The covered deck, which isn't actually a deck yet but is well on it's way.  The ceiling is peaked and stretches 18 feet high, the view is wide, and the trees are tall. As I stood there yesterday it occurred to me that in every home we've ever owned I've sought out the quiet spaces. 

We've lived around large cities most of our married life, but never actually in the large city. Hubs and I both love big cities and enjoy taking advantage of all they have to offer, but we're country mice at heart. 

I like living in the middle of blooming things. Growing things. Nature. Birds and bees and rocks and trees. Small towns where people drive annoyingly slow and deer graze in the yard and clouds float by unhurried on a sunny summer day. 

Where poppies turn their faces to the sun and red maples burst into flame.

Where birthday parties and babies bloom. 

Where come October the trees turn gold and a red-tailed hawk watches from on high. 

Where sunlight dances on the water and blue heron wade beside the shore. 

Where a walk in the woods is possible every single day.

Where nearby mountaintops can be reached with your own two feet. 

Where hummingbirds hum and koi swim smoothly beneath the purple iris.

Where you learn flowers and people both grow in gardens.

Where sunsets are a purple shade of pink and marshmallows roast under a starry night sky.

If you need me I'll be on the deck...

...embracing the quietude of home. 


  1. Great post Joyce. Much as I love the Hodgepodge I needed the breather this week to keep up with the A-Z.

  2. Ahhhhhhhh.... How lovely your new home will be!

  3. Oh, what a fabulous place you are going to have and I, too, must have a place of sweet repose. Happy mid-week!

  4. That sounds SO delicious! Such pretty pictures! Love the picture of you walking in the woods with your pup, hugs to you.

  5. Love the pictures and so glad we were able to share some of those quite places with you over the years. Looking forward to sitting on the deck with you and a glass of your sweet tea.

  6. Your use of the letter Q is beautiful. I enjoyed all of your photos and comments with them. Really peaceful.

  7. Lovely photos except for the deer. The population here is out of control and I have spent in excess of $10,000 over the years trying to protect my landscaping.

  8. Your property, deck and view is gorgeous. Definitely a place to find peace. Maybe not at this moment but when all is said and done. I missed hodgepodge this week. See you next week. Enjoy your weekend.