Monday, April 25, 2016

The Home Stretch

U is for Weekend Update

Honestly I'm hanging on by my fingernails in this A-Z Challenge but we're on the home stretch now and I'm determined to finish.  

That being said I'm not going to strain my brain too much at 10PM on a Monday night, and since Update fits the letter of the day let's do that. It's been a full fun weekend in the Carolinas beginning with Friday night at the opera. 

Some friends from our NJ neighborhood invited us to meet them at the opera in Winston-Salem. Their son is in a post-post grad program and has a phenomenal amount of talent. He had the male lead in Carmen, which is not a happily-ever-after sort of tale, but the music is wonderful and familiar. We drove over from SC on Friday afternoon and met for a pre-show dinner before heading to the UNC School of Performing Arts. Such an enjoyable evening! 

Saturday was all about the furniture shopping which I mentioned in yesterday's post, and once we'd had our fill of that we headed on to Raleigh for the remainder of the weekend. Hubs and I had the most fantastic dinner Saturday night, and yes I am blogging about a meal. It was that good. 

We dined at a place called Death and Taxes which was at one time a mortuary and later a bank, hence the name. There were so many things on the menu I wanted to sample so I'll definitely need to go back. Many of the entrees are made for sharing, which is what we did. Hubs and I started with a charcuterie plate served on some lovely locally made pottery. I think you know I'm all about a pretty dish. 

We shared a fish entree, described on the menu as striped bass, sun choke barigoule vinagraitte, and black olive oil. Oh my I even love the words. We also ordered the asparagus side dish which was the very best I've ever tasted.  I wish there'd been a dessert sampler because I'd have loved to try them all, but we settled on our servers favorite-

Apple crisp with rosemary ice cream and a milk cream poured over all. Milk cream is like a very creamy caramel and it is divine. I would have been happy with a glass of that! The service was just right too. If you're in the Raleigh area, this one is definitely worth a visit. 

Sunday was gorgeous so we ventured out to the Neuse River Greenway and the Falls River Dam. We walked for miles under sunny skies, a picture perfect afternoon.  

Sunday evening we met up with a college friend who lives in the area. She was in our wedding way back when and we haven't been in the same place at the same time in several years. 

It was fun catching up, and I'd mention the delicious meal we enjoyed in a downtown rooftop restaurant, but then you might mistake me for a food blogger. Ha! 

And that was the weekend in a nutshell. Consider yourself updated. When you blog through the alphabet it feels like more than 26 letters. I'm sure you're thinking the same. 


  1. Yep I'm hanging in there too! Just. You could definitely write a food blog. Great update.

  2. Every year I think about trying the A-Z and then don't. I think I made a good decision again. Even though I blog most every day, coming up with a theme and sticking to it just boggles my mind. Some folks have been very creative, and I have enjoyed your A-Z, Joyce. It has been fun shopping with you and making decisions with you! Just a few days to go!!

  3. I don't think I could eat in a former mortuary. I think I'd be seeing ghosts in every least, feeling them. :) I do think the name is a great name, considering its former lives!

    Happy Mother's Day!