Thursday, April 28, 2016

X Marks The Spot

Three letters remain in this year's A-Z Blog Challenge. You can do this! 

X Marks The Spot

Right here. This is the place. The state, the neighborhood, the house that welcomed me home when I became a mother. Can you tell the neighborhood was under construction when we moved in? Ha! I know it's the Midwest, but y'all that tree situation is so sad.

We did not care. I mean that. I was seven months pregnant when we landed in The Buckeye State and approximately one week later became scary sick with toxemia. I spent the next six weeks on my left side while boxes went unpacked and hubs catered to my every whim.

Until he ran out of steam, and then my mom stepped in to save the day.
Mothers have a superpower unlike any other.

On a bright June day the world's happiest baby was born.

Let's discuss this throwback picture Thursday Thirteen Style-

1.  It was Easter.

2.  My bangs! It was the 80's people.

3.  Little girl tights that wrinkle at the ankle.

4.  Black dresser shoes-hers. My girls for some reason always called their black patents 'dresser' shoes.

5.  Hot pink heels-mine. You can't see them in this picture, but I remember them like it was yesterday, and they were fabulous.

6.  Easter bonnets.

7.  Just nine months old here and oh so ready to walk.

8.  She looked waaaay too tiny to be walking.

9.  She was determined.

10. It runs in the family.

11. This picture makes my heart fill all the way up.

12. It reminds me of all the pure sweetness and light she brought into my home and heart one bright June day.

13. And all the days after.

When you smile at your nine month old in her Easter bonnet and fancy dresser shoes you don't think for one single solitary minute you'll ever never ever go 125 days without seeing her up close and in person, yet here you are...125 days away from the last time you saw her up close and in person.

What's remarkable about that is your heart is still whole. You wouldn't have believed it possible back then, but you get it now. You always knew she'd grow up...

You just didn't realize you would too.


  1. Nice take on X Joyce. Must be hard being soooo far away.

  2. Ummm...more things in common...I had the bangs, hot pink heels and pre-eclampsia with my first pregnancy complete with three weeks of laying on my left side.

  3. Such a sweet post full of wonderful memories!We all had those bangs in the 80s!!

  4. What a wonderfully-written blog post, Joyce! Thanks for all the memories because many of them apply to me, too. My goodness, that was a long time ago. Blessings to you.

  5. So I really identify with this post...from the baby tights [that Melody HATED] and "dresser" shoes, to the pink heels and fancy bangs, I had them all. But also how long it can be sometimes between when I see her up close and personal. I think the longest we have gone has been a little over six months...way TOO long, lol. But for the most part we've learned to adjust. It's funny. Our goal from the beginning is to raise them to be independent and adventurous and willing to go where the Lord leads, but I am still amazed sometimes how far away He lead her. Have a good week-end!

  6. X marks the spot is a very popular choice.

  7. Love this post!! It took me down my own memory lane.

  8. Just love your writing style, Joyce... and your apt description of a mama's heart. What a joy to read!