Thursday, March 23, 2017

A 30's-80's-Last Week Throwback

I have three things (more or less) to post that I think qualify as throwbacks, all baby related but I believe that's allowed since I'm going to be a grandmother.

First things mother-in-law brought hubs and I a little gift when she was here for the shower. Technically it's for Baby M when he makes his appearance, and grows big enough to sit in a rocking chair, but we're going to keep it at our house.

This was my mother-in-law's rocker when she was a little girl-

Hubs and all his siblings rocked away in it too when they were small, and I'm excited for my grandson to rock there like a boss. Also, is this what you picture when you hear the word great- grandma? Ours are beauties with hearts to match.

Second thing next...this basket y'all!!

 I 'borrowed' this photo from my crafty friend's FB page because it shows all the goodies so well. 

A friend of mine in NJ put this together for my daughter, and I think also a little bit for me. I know I loved it every bit as much as my daughter did, and her thoughtfulness meant so much to me. This basket is filled to the brim with adorable little lamb onesies, booties (those booties!!), a bath towel with a little lamb hood, a super soft stuffed lamb, and more. Now here's the thing-this friend did not know our shower had a little lamb theme. Pure happenstance.

My mom was here when the box arrived on my doorstep and it was all we could do not to take out each and every item and ooh and aah over it. The only thing that stopped us was we did not want my daughter to miss out on the gorgeous presentation.

Our shower was neutral in color since the parents-to-be didn't learn the baby's gender until a couple of days before they got here. My daughter received several adorable onesies, sleep sacks, and teeny tiny little outfits as shower gifts, and as she pulled each one out of the bag I thought to myself, neutrals are for boys. The colors are perfect...the grays, oatmeals, and soft greens...they all say boy to me.

Also I'm glad the big trash bag made it into all the photos. That's very From This Side of the Pond-ha!

Third thing last...I ran across a couple of pictures from my very own baby shower circa-late 80's. Perms were a thing y'all.

Side note-are you ever shocked by how young you look in a photograph? I was pregnant here with the mama-to-be! which, I'm not gonna lie, kind of makes my brain hurt. I'm exactly the same number of months pregnant at my shower as she was at hers.

I remember absolutely loving this dress, which was a hand-me-down from my sister. She had a baby almost exactly one year before my little munchkin was born, so lots of my maternity wear was hand-me-down. Back then we wore great big balloon like tops and dresses as opposed to now when moms-to-be wear clothing that accentuates their baby bump.

Also, we didn't say baby bump.

Baby gear has changed 'just a little' in thirty years. Did you know there's now a port-a-crib where you press a button and it pops open and then you press again and it shrinks closed? Raise your hand if you ever traveled with a port-a-crib and cussed a little at trying to get all the poles in place?

And the strollers! Hoisting a stroller in and out of the car was an integral part of my daily aerobic workout way back when. Remember how they would sometimes threaten to partially open on you while you were lifting it into the trunk of your vehicle? Good times!

Not sure why we're all wearing blue? We didn't know the gender, but were all convinced she was a girl. This picture makes me so happy. That's my baby's great grandma between my sister and my mama.

And that's my friend on the end. We went to the same uni and our husbands were fraternity brothers. Then a few years went by and we ended up living in the same town and she had my baby shower in her home. Hubs and I loved her baby boy back then, and coincidentally that baby boy and his wife made my friend a grandmother just a few weeks ago.

I know the world can feel awfully harsh some days, but there are more often times when the sweetness of life makes my heart want to burst.

...'and the seasons, they go round and round, and the painted ponies go up and down...


  1. I'm raising my hand on the travel cot issue! And the getting the buggy in and out of the car torture lol I don't know how they manage these days - they seem bigger than ever and with so many bells and whistles. In my day if you were travelling by bus you had to fold it and stow it in the luggage area and hang on to the baby all at the same time. Now there is designated space on the bus for parents to just wheel the buggy on and off!

  2. I was 67 before I became a grandma, so doubt I will ever be a great-grandma. I have a neighbor in in early 80's who is a great-great-grandfather. It's a long, sad story. It is odd how we wore those huge flowing outfits when pregnant and now my DIL is still wearing jeans and stretchy tops to work. She is due with baby girl in six weeks.

  3. Oh, I'm so excited for you Joyce. You will be the best Grandmother. I have my hard maple rocker that all of my Grans have and are enjoying rocking in. What a special time and it will only get better. I love sharing in your joy!

  4. I must agree with Lea. I as well love sharing your joy in every phase of becoming a grandmother. I've been there six times and the anticipation of a new baby never gets old, so revel in every minute.

  5. Our family has a passed-along rocker for little ones too. We have photos of my grandpa sitting in it. My sister-in-law has it and will most likely be the next family member to have a little on to sit in it. Such a great tradition to have and to carry on. I'm so excited for you! It was fun seeing the photos of you and your baby shower!

  6. Baby showers are so different now, arent they? All the cool gadgets that babies need now.
    Your daughter looks so beautiful with her bump & her floral headpiece.
    I love rocking chairs anyways but to have such a beautiful vintage one. So special.

  7. Oh what a treasure trove of memories. I loved reading this post and remember my time way back when I was going to be a mama, too. I think it is wonderful that your MIL's rocker is going on to another generation. That is beautiful. :)

    Many blessings to all of you at this most special time of your lives.

  8. A baby show is so exciting. I love the rocker!