Monday, March 27, 2017

Tale As Old As Saturday

Let's begin this Monday morning with a little beauty. That's Beauty with a capital B. I saw the film on Saturday, and I have some thoughts. I don't think I'll spoil anything for those of you who haven't seen it, because how can you spoil a tale as old as time that everybody already knows? The film remains true to the original storyline, which in my book is always a good thing.

My girls and I were so excited when we heard Disney was doing a live action version of one of our favorite stories. This particular 'video' was watched again and again in our house back in the day, and I really wanted to see it with my daughters. Sadly it didn't come out in theatres until the day before Daughter1 had to fly back to WA, so not happening. Thankfully hubs feels all the feels too, about those long ago days of little girls in the house, so he said he'd take me and that's how we spent our Saturday afternoon.

Beauty and the Beast. I absolutely loved it. Everything about this movie...Emma Watson is perfection in the role of Belle...the music, the scenery, the casting, everything...if you loved the original you will love this version too. I do think children under the age of seven or so would probably enjoy the cartoon version more, since live action is always more sophisticated than a cartoon.

I know there was a whole lotta ruckus prior to the film's release, and here's my .02 on that-

Besides all the warm feelings and nostalgia this movie stirs up in me (and there were a lot! A lot-a lot!), I think the basic message of this film is a really good one.

Belle is friendly and kind. The townspeople find her a bit odd, but she has confidence in who she is and doesn't allow their feelings to define her.

Belle treats her father with honor and respect.

Belle lives in a small village, but is curious about the world around her. She reads books to discover what else is out there in the great wide somewhere.

Belle values inward beauty over outward good looks.

Belle is unselfish. She forgoes her own plans (hurrying home to her Father) to help someone who initially wasn't all that nice to her.

Aren't these the sorts of messages we want our daughters to hear??? 

Don't we all encounter a 'beast' from time to time? 

I know Disney isn't perfect, but honestly if I hadn't known about the fuss prior to seeing the film, it would have gone right over my head. It's only a thing if you want to make it a thing, but of course in America we like to make everything a thing.

The movie is so well done, and when the credits rolled I looked at hubs and said if they run it again right now I'll stay and watch. We didn't, but I could have.

If you have grown up girls who once upon a time loved to dress up and sing and act out the movies they watched, then this one will get you right in the heart. Bring a tissue.


  1. Our whole family went to see it Saturday, and we all loved it. I completely agree with you about the messages from the movie, as well as the big deal made out of the controversial character. I seriously wouldn't have even noticed anything if the media hadn't drawn attention to it. It was a beautifully done movie, and I'm looking forward to all the live action remakes Disney reportedly has in the works!

  2. A lovely review, Joyce! Thank you for this! You are so right that we do like to make a thing out of everything...

    I've seen the cartoon, but didn't have little girls growing up watching it, so it is kind of off my radar. It is not a movie I would get Joe to see. High five for your hubs!!

    Blogging friend, Rebecca Jo, is immersed in Beauty and the Beast. If you aren't connected to her, you should check into her blog. So much fun!

  3. I saw it last Thursday afternoon with my 16 year old grand daughter and I just couldn't agree more to your whole review. Because of all the hype I DID have my critique glasses on LOOKING for problems, but honestly it was just soo unnecessary. I too would have never noticed a thing had I not been specifically looking. The film was SOOO good, and I am definitely planning another trip soon to see it again. I love the music in this video and reminds me sooo much too of my daughter growing up. Belle was always both of our favorites.

  4. Thank you for your opinion, Joyce. I so appreciate what you and Debbie, above had to say. I haven't seen it and probably won't simply because it is not something Hubby would enjoy and I just don't do movies by myself. So sorry you missed sharing it with your girls.

  5. You are so right, if they didnt bring attention to anything, nothing would have been noticed. Everything IS a thing here lately.

  6. I saw it last week with my youngest. Loved it too. And I agree with you, had it not been for all the fuss made, I really don't think I would have paid any attention to it. It was more just like comedic relief.

  7. I can't wait to see it. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

  8. I had to point out the "controversial" parts to my husband! (We just saw it last night.) My daughter's school did this musical her senior year in high school. It was so fun remembering all that. She had the part of the wardrobe. She turned down the part of Belle so her best friend could have the part. Kind of a 'Belle' type of move, I'd say! Anyway... loved the movie!

  9. I saw it yesterday with my girls....loved it! So happy for you and your upcoming new grandbaby!