Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Love Is In The Details

Strap in. I've got pictures and shower details of which there are toomany.

family in the house

Daughter1's baby shower was on Sunday, and I might have had a little too much fun with the planning and the Pinteresting. In my defense she's a detail girl and relishes all the small touches. Since she didn't find out the baby's gender until three days before the shower we kept it neutral.

If you saw pics from her wedding you'll know she loves that natural woodland palette of creams, tans, and greens so keeping it neutral wasn't hard. The theme was Welcome Little Lamb and there was an abundance of sheep in the decor.  I will link to all the Etsy vendors at the bottom of this post because Etsy is pure awesomeness.

My mom got to town a week ago Tuesday and stayed with me for a few days, helping with the shower cooking and listening to me talk endlessly about how in the world I was going to arrange the tables and chairs. We were serving a brunchy kind of lunch, and since I always like a table for my glass and plate when I attend these types of events I decided to rent tables and chairs, and move some furniture.

I didn't break that last bit to hubs until late in the game, and he took some convincing, but once he's on board with a plan he is all in and was an enormous help. We had three tables of eight, plus a table for dessert and drinks.

I put all the food on my kitchen island and served buffet style. A local florist made gorgeous arrangements for the tables in shades of green and white using these precious hobnail vases, and then a larger arrangement for a side table where I set the guest book.

Daughter1 loved Are You My Mother from the time she could talk so I knew I wanted to use that for her guest book. She has some sweet messages written by her guests inside the front and back covers.

I also asked the florist to make my girl a flower crown for her head because every mother needs one. She might be having a baby but she's still my baby, and I knew she would love this.

We moved a sofa table upstairs beside the front door to hold name tags and instructions for the reveal, plus our take home favors. I'd purchased a fun tassel banner from one Etsy shop, a small colorful Oh Baby banner from another Etsy shop, and a burlap flag banner adorned with sheep from a third Etsy shop.

I was pleased with all three, and hung the tassel in my entry hall from a big cabinet I have there.

The small colorful banner went across the dessert and drinks table-

And hubs hung the burlap banner across the barn doors in my great room so it would show in some of our photographs.

We did the gender reveal first thing, because some of us knew and were worried we'd spill the beans. I wrapped a big box and tied two blue balloons to a cute little lamb wearing a blue bow, then stuffed them under the big box and Daughter1 just lifted it to set the balloons free.

There were tiny baby bottles filled with blue jelly beans as a little prize for everyone who guessed correctly. Course I also had pink balloons and pink jelly beans stashed in my closet since I needed to do it all ahead and didn't know myself until the night before. It was a lot of fun to see everyone's reactions.

We served lunch after the reveal, with little lamb placecards (Etsy!) beside each dish. There were four kinds of quiche (shoutout to my college friend Maryellen for sharing her fabulous quiche recipes!), pickled shrimp...

...deviled eggs, chicken salad sliders, pasta salad, a broccoli salad made by my sister, and a fruit salad made by my daughter's mother-in-law.

For dessert we had the most fabulous sweet potato cake known to mankind and that's not an exaggeration. My daughter's mother-in-law brought the cake from a place in downtown Greenville, famous for this particular sweet treat (Brick Street Cafe).  It honestly is one of the best desserts I've ever eaten, and that's saying something!

That sparkly gold cake topper is from where else? Etsy! and looked so cute atop this gorgeous cake. My Daughter2 has a friend whose sister makes beautifully decorated cookies, so we ordered three dozen in our shower colors and they were absolutely gorgeous. Delicious too!

She did little lambs with tiny sweet faces, baby bottles in yellow and green, and little onesies, some with a lamb on front, and some saying BABY. They were individually wrapped so anyone who didn't eat theirs at the shower could take one home.

We played one game after lunch, a simplified version of The Price is Right, then moved on to the gifts. So many lovely thoughtful things purchased for this little boy, but I have another post in mind, and will save gift talk for later. This post is already longer than anybody wants to read.

As a take home favor for our guests I'd ordered wildflower seeds from Bentley Seed Company. They are a regular seed company, but package these specifically for baby showers and across the front there's a little poem -'Plant these seeds, and watch them bloom, just like our baby who will be here soon'. My mom and I packaged them in cello bags with a little green crinkle cut filler, tied with a green ribbon.

It was such a lovely afternoon and I know the mama-to-be felt spoiled and well loved.

Because she is!

Etsy links-

Lamb burlap banner-Quaint Confections
Tassel banner-Tassel and Twine
Oh Baby cake topper-Cuts of Confetti
Oh Baby -cocktail napkins by Gracious Bridal
Little lamb placecards-Vintage Hill Creations
Bentley Seed Packet favors


  1. Such a cute baby bump. Loved all the details. Well done!

  2. It was a wonderful baby shower. I love your lake house you have done a beautiful job you & Tim. Congrats again for the bundle of joy soon to come.

  3. Loved it all...every tiny little detail. How loved your daughter is. That coming baby boy will be blessed indeed.

  4. Oh my goodness, such fabulousness (is that even a word?), where do I begin? LOVE the muted woodland theme, so pretty. I'm not usually a fan of burlap but your choices are perfect for the theme. Gorgeous flowers, and those cookies - so cute! What a fun day.

  5. It's the details that add the fun. Everything is just perfect and I love the flower crown to make her feel special. We don't even have a wedding date yet, but I'm already planning the bridal shower, just because it's so much fun to do!

  6. It looks like everyone had a fabulous time! I'm dying to try that cake. One of these days the lovelies and I are going to stop all this nonsense of making the decorations for our events. It takes forever and stresses me out because of all the extra prep work. Not to mention we probably spend more than we would if we ordered things already made. Besides, like you said, Etsy has so many wonderful choices! I love all the happy in those pictures! :)

  7. Thank you for sharing all the cute details of your baby shower. It looks like you had a very happy day. Your daughter is adorable. Congratulations on baby boy. You will love having a sweet little guy in your life. I have been trying to think of a small favor to give out at my soon-to-be daughter's bridal shower next month(she and my son are going to be married on May 20). I thought your seed packet idea was so cute that I decided to 'borrow' it. I already went to the web sight and placed an order for their April Showers seed favors. It will be a little something that I can add to the shower. Thank you again for sharing. Best wishes for a happy healthy pregnancy for your girl.

  8. I loved this whole post - every single detail and it was not too long . . .and I don't even know y'all! I know your daughter felt loved. My mom died when I was 15 (I do have a wonderful mother-in-law who is almost 92) and so reading about the fact that your mom was there to help - be still my heart! I love that y'all cooked together and made the favors together!!

  9. Great job Joyce! What a beautiful baby shower you gave. Your daughter is beyond glowing with joy :)

  10. What a beautiful baby shower!! My eyes lit up when I saw Are You My Mother? My mom bought and read it to me when it was published in 1960. I was only a little over 2 but it started my love of books and reading. I have a copy of the book that came with a stuffed dog from the cover.

  11. I haven't joined in on Wednesday Hodgepodge since having my baby boy (who is almost 2!) but I have enjoyed reading with the house builds and updates and now a baby grandson! Congratulations to you all on the new baby to come. Your daughter looks so happy.What a nice shower!

  12. What a lovely and thoughtful shower! I remember planning my daughter's shower and how much fun it was.

  13. Oh, I loved every detail! Obviously every detail was thought through and your daughter must have felt so very special. And, let me tell you, this little guy will steal your heart instantly! Nothing like it!

  14. Reading this, I kept thinking back on when I was a kid and once my mother was all dressed up and had a gift so I asked where she was going. She said that she was going to a baby shower. The big tease she was, she gave me an answer that wasn't true and quite silly. Hey, but I was a kid so I believed her. I took a few years before I knew what a "shower" really was. My mom was always such a joker.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  15. Looks like a fabulous celebration. Love all the sweet touches. Have a great weekend, Joyce.

  16. What a wonderful baby shower. Loved the pictures and hearing all about it. As I've said before, you are going to love being a grandma and grandsons are absolutely wonderful!!

  17. What a lovely baby shower!! When is she due?

  18. That was so fun to read, Joyce! It looks like a wonderful time had by all and a baby shower to beat all baby showers. Your daughter looks like a sweet girl. I'm glad you could take this time to spoil her.

  19. Everything is so beautiful and well-planned. Your daughter (and everybody else pictured, too) looks wonderful!

    Congrats on the reveal that the baby is a boy! What incredible fun you have ahead of you!

  20. Oh and I could be soul sistahs!! For I went all out for my daughter in law's showers!! I just can't help it and even for the last one, I had to stand back and actually ask if it was tacky....just because once I started with a theme, I COULD NOT STOP!!! But this post just made me pull up old blog posts about those showers and I've shed a few happy tears looking at them.
    Your shower was perfecto!!! the lil lamb? great idea and it all coordinated so well. I could see the happiness on her face...and happy to be home with her mama too!!!!!
    (am I the only one or does your husband look like ted danson?? cutie patootie!)

  21. What special memories you all made that day. :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful day...and shrimp picture...with us. Shrimp is my favorite food.

    Your daughter, and everybody, looks so very happy. That is one well-loved baby coming into this world!

    Have a blessed evening. :)

  22. You did a great job with the baby shower! Your daughter is very lucky to have you in her life. I really like the wildflower seeds party favors you had done up. Can't say I've ever eaten a sweet potato cake.