Friday, February 5, 2021

Five Things Friday

Three posts in the same week-whoohoo! I haven't done that in a while. And there's not even a whole lot to say or maybe there's too much to say? but either way it feels good to try to get back into some sort of rhythm here. 

I say that a lot but maybe this time it will stick. 

Since it's Friday let's go with an old fashioned list of five unrelated things, which used to be a regular occurrence in the blog world on Fridays. Like most things online the blog world is also topsy turvy, but don't's post won't strain your brain.  

1. This bit of loveliness bloomed big on Wednesday and makes me so happy. 

2. Daughter2 teaches in a snowy state and y'all!!...her students tote their snowpants and boots to school and she helps her entire little flock of 7-year old cuties get into that gear and then outside for recess. Prior to moving to said snowy state the bride spent her entire teaching career in the sunny south so helping a classroom full of second graders into snow gear every day is something new for her. 

I'm so happy they are in person learning and also in person playing. And I guess if they didn't go outside when the playground was covered in snow they wouldn't go outside for a big chunk of the year, so hooray for parents who remember to send snow pants and hooray for teachers doing what needs to be done.  

3. Remember this? 

Three months later and the repair is almost complete. Crazy I know, but the windows for the dormer were backordered and didn't arrive in the shop until January. They couldn't finish the dormer rebuild without the windows and then there were a bunch of other things that needed to happen, but they're happening now and it's just about done. I've almost forgotten what my house looks like without the blue tarp front and center. 

The sky looks almost the same today as it did three months ago. 
Minus the hurricane thank goodness.  

This post is interesting so far, isn't it? Ha! 

4. Something else you'll find super interesting...the TV situation here. It's so annoying. Hubs would add the amount of time I've spent mentioning how annoying I find the whole thing is also annoying but whatever. 

In hindsight we are wishing we'd made a different choice, and probably if we'd been less distracted during the sales call we would have. The agent, who was perfectly nice, turned up at our front door at 6 PM on a chilly evening, three days before the wedding. We reluctantly listened to his entire lengthy spiel and conducted all the signing and account set up on our front porch, six feet apart, because we weren't letting anyone whose level of Covid exposure we didn't know inside the house two days before the wedding. It just seemed easier to say yes, plus the new option was quite a bit less expensive which at the time seemed worth it. Now not so much. 

We're not tech people. I just want to turn on the tv in a single step and have it work. Same for my computer, although the internet portion seems fine. Long story long, hubs called in the professionals and we have someone (not the cable company!) coming to sort everything out for us and I really hope I don't have to be present for the sorting. Ha! Just make it work please and thank you. 

5. Let's finish on a high note...the winter sunrise sky. Swoon! 

Happy Weekend Everyone...may your souls find rest and beauty there. 


  1. Thanks for the pretty photos. Well, except the one with a tree on your roof. We had a similar issue when hurricane Matthew came through. A big gum tree slammed through our roof into our kitchen eating area. I love trees on our property, just not in the house! Ha!!

  2. Love that flower and the sunrise! Hope you all get the TV and Cable stuff straightened really quickly.

  3. Great photos, Joyce! Sorry for the TV woes and sure hope they get figured out for you soon! We left our cable company and went with HULU. Loving it and saving over $80 a month. We are lost without the internet and/or TV though. Good grief it's awful when it goes out!! xo

  4. That sunrise...amazing. Congrats on the repair of your house. It's lookin good. Hope that tech person gets everything sorted with no issues!

  5. Thanks for sharing the beauty and hope you get the TV fixed ok. You must be glad to get the house repairs finally done!

  6. Your last photo goes a long way to promoting beauty and rest. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am SAME way with tech stuff...hate it. And if I have to sit on the phone with Direct tv one more hour of my life, I’ll throw all of em into the lake! Along with the Samsung fridge that I hate..don’t get me started!!! There is a new 70 inch tv still in box in my garage...since before Xmas...because neither one of us want to deal with the crazy tv peeps again!!!!