Monday, February 8, 2021

Super Fun

Weekends leave a little something to be desired these days, wouldn't you agree? Feels like we've been walking through sludge for a while now, and February isn't helping.  

We're mostly still doing a lot of nothing here and like most everyone we're tired of it. Bored with it. Ready to rejoin the party except there's still no party to rejoin. Which is why I blog about the weather and what's on the grill and the ongoing saga of our television service. 

We did have a very small snowfall Saturday night and that was a little bit exciting. Relatively speaking of course. Parts of the lake had more, but just a dusting here. 

Did you watch the Superbowl? We sorta kinda watched a snippet here and there, but honestly were not the least bit invested in the outcome. We have not watched a single NFL game this year because we are over the NFL, but I love Eric Church and wanted to see him sing the National Anthem. He's country and this was to be a duet with a more hip hop/R & B singer (Jazmine Sullivan) so I was nervous. I hate when singers mess with the anthem and the potential for that felt large with this combo. 

Course by the time we got the tv connected (!!!) team captains were already mid-field doing the coin toss and we missed it. 

Remember when something annoyed us and we'd just say 2020 and roll our eyes and everyone knew what we meant?  Saying 2021 is not nearly as satisfying. 

Anyway, I did go watch a clip of the anthem on youtube and based on comments I'd read was prepared not to like their version, but I actually loved it. They only messed with it a little, plus that sign language interpreter was fantastic and brought a big dose of happy to the whole thing. 

This boy loves my popcorn maker more than even I do and that's saying something. He watches this machine like a hawk-

In other Superbowl food news hubs decided to grill wings, a skill he has completely mastered-

We invited our next door neighbors over to share and ended up talking, laughing, not really watching the game, and playing pool until midnight. The girls won which isn't important but does feel worthy of a mention, and the whole evening was so much fun I forgot for a minute it wasn't a party. 

Remember fun? In 2021 I think we have to make our own. 

And so we do.


  1. Oh, we are so OVER it and long for fun with our buddies. We're all almost finished with our 2nd vaccine so we're going to have a huge PARTEE very soon. Love the pup with the popcorn machine. So cute!

  2. Oh, Joyce, I so agree and so relate. When will it end? I'm glad you had a fun Super Bowl 'gathering'! the wings look great and congrats to the girls for winning at pool!! We were happy the Bucs won. The National Anthem was done better than I expected, I agree. The half-time show was also better than they have been these past years. Your pup must love popcorn!! Too cute!

  3. I totally identified with this post. We are bored, missing friends and family and tired of being home... which never happened pre-COVID. But, like you, we are trying to make the best of it all.

  4. Good for you for inviting someone over and enjoying a good time and laughter! We mostly had the game muted. Was happy they are still singing the National Anthem! :)

  5. That sounds like a fun night! We didn't watch the superbowl at all but spent the day plowing and shoveling.

  6. We got a popcorn maker likes yours for free but it does not have the instructions. It did some with a spoon for the oil and one for the popcorn.

  7. Sounds like a fun day. Yum on the chicken wings. Yes Mark and I watched. The pictures are great! Enjoy your Sunday.