Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Let's Talk

About what I don't know because it's that time of year where people are cranky and blog content is a bit thin, still I'm going to ramble on anyway. 

It's cold here in the Palmetto State, BUT! not as cold as the state we previously called home. I heard our little NJ town was mentioned on Good Morning America because they got a whopping 32 inches of snow yesterday. That is a lot of snow people. 

This picture popped up on my Facebook memories today, a photo snapped from my front porch six years ago. I guess piles of snow and groundhogs go together, and we had a lot of both in NJ. 

Hubs is so happy he's not dealing with it right now, but shhh...don't tell him...I kind of miss seeing the beauty of a great big snowfall. Just one though. We're not accustomed to those temps anymore so it's best enjoyed from a distance. I'm here shivering in 45 degree weather counting the days until we're back living life outdoors and on the water, hopefully soon. 

Did I mention here the bride and groom live in the snowy northeast? 

photo credit: the bride

Well they do. Many states away from the warm(ish) sunny southland and their people. Still America so there's that, but a ten hour car ride so not geographically close. I remind myself almost daily that it's good for newlyweds to establish themselves as a family unit separate and apart from their family of birth. And they're happy y'all. So so happy. 

My son-in-law's job means this is where they live right now, and so many things have fallen into place for this precious couple that you can't help but see God's hand in it all. The bride even landed an in person teaching job which she enjoys as much as one can in these weird times, but still...can't one of my girls live nearby? 

Maybe someday. 

This is why I declare technology my best friend. 

Wait, no it's not. I just remembered the cable company was in our house half a day yesterday to switch us over to the high speed internet now available in our community. Which is great except now none of the TVs are working right and I loathe having to deal with this sort of thing. Sorry for the run on sentence but ugh...

Also, hubs would say technically he is the one dealing with it, but ugh... 

In other less than pleasant news, our tax organizer appeared in my inbox today. 

Hello February. You're lucky you come with chocolate. 

And beauty. Because y'all there is beauty if you look for it even in the middle of a winter that feels grouchier than most. So let's throw some beauty into the mix.

You thought I was going to post a wedding picture didn't you?  

I would, but we're still waiting on our photographs. This one a guest snapped of the bride dancing with the groom's granddad is awfully sweet. 

And don't you worry...when we get the pictures back you'll know. Ha! 

When daughter2 started teaching from home back in March of 2020, she brought a half-dead plant to the house with her. A student had given her a 'bulb' which hadn't grown into much of anything save one lonely green stalk. Sadly the pot tipped over in her car enroute to our house and that lone green stalk ripped in half. 

She was going to chuck the whole thing but hubs intervened. He loves to shower half-dead plants with TLC and I want you to know he brought this plant back to life. I kept saying it looked like an amaryllis, and while it grew taller and taller every day for a year, it never sprouted any sort of bud or bloom. Hubs though, did not give up and this week-

Yes he attached a grow light to a pool cue. I told you hubs is serious about bringing life to sad situations. 

The world is kind of sad right now, isn't it? Yet here we are with two buds ready to pop, and another  following close behind smack dab in the middle of a cold gray winter. 

A gentle reminder that a little patience and some tender loving care can make all sorts of thing grow. 


  1. And especially to real life folks. We are leaving a rather cool but gorgeous Texas for the snowy, -3 degree Northern Indiana in the morning. I can't pack enough warm clothes into a shared suitcase for that kind of weather. But, I love it. Usually. Nope, its no fun living apart from your family, even if they are happy and blessed. Thus a major move at 76 and 80.

  2. Whoa! 32 inches in one day...that's incredible and I hope it never happens here! So sweet to hear things are going well for the newlyweds. I think we should check out the grocery stores and see if they have tulips or daffodils to put around the house in February to remind us Spring is coming...

  3. That is so pretty. He must have a green thumb. Totally get the daughters living so far away. I’m not sure I could deal with it if it weren’t for technology.

  4. I'm impressed that you can have a white couch!!! (Ha, ha!) I had no idea D2 wasn't in SC anymore...but your girls seem to happy anywhere they are!

  5. I live in the northeast... an hour south of Montreal. So more north than east! We got about six inches of snow today with another 3-6 expected overnight tonight. But we are ever so grateful that it isn't 32 inches! Our daughter lives a ten hour drive away too, but it's an hour closer than where they were... so there's that.

  6. That is a lot of snow!! Wow! I don't mind seeing pictures but have no desire to see it close up and in person ever again! Your hubs did a good job with the plant. It looks lovely and quite recovered!! Love the photo of D2 with her hubby's granddad. So sweet. xo

  7. this made my heart warm....the bride and groom's place in God's hands, the grandfather dance and the amaryllis coming back to life....a reminder that the little things in our lives are so important and need to be recognized and appreciated daily. Note to self!

  8. What a beautiful post! Love the amaryllis story. We’re having a cold week for us, mid to high 40’s and I’m freezing! I can’t wait to see more wedding pics. Have a joy filled rest of the week.

  9. And I thought we got a lot of snow the other day! I do not envy them having to dig out from 32".

  10. 32 inches of snow sounds horrendous. Even for an area that's probably equipped to deal with snow. Hope Hubby gets your TVs etc sorted quickly. I'd be the one doing that in our house lol.

  11. Joyce,
    Thank you for this message. It was just what I needed.
    I am excited to see more of the wedding.
    Love, Carla

  12. That plant is a miracle. So hopeful and uplifting. Thank you. I have an orchid I brought home from mom's and it has steadily gone downhill since. I am so sad.

    Oh, those snow pictures. I love love love me some snow. But if we don't get a blizzard soon, bring on the spring!!

  13. Your Amaryllis is so pretty. Mark's dad use to send me one at Christmas. I had no idea the bride and groom don't live nearby. ((Hugs)) That is one sweet photo with the grooms grandfather.