Monday, February 15, 2021

Stuff On A 2020 Monday

Yes I know it's 2021. It's also another gray Monday in these parts, and I don't know why I say 'these parts' because I live in a neighborhood, not some remote cabin in the woods. Sometimes saying 'these parts' just feels right. 

It's going to be one of those posts isn't it? 

I got nothin'. 

Let's blog anyway. Actually I have many somethings, but I try so hard not to whine in this space and the thoughts in my head feel a teensy bit whiny. Where is the sun???

On the bright side all this rain is not snow. 

I might rather have snow. 

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Valentine's Day in some way? Mine started early with hubs walking through the door Friday, the most gorgeous red roses in hand-

For the record fresh flowers make February feel less February-ish. 

We rarely dine out on Valentine's Day, or any day lately, but on Valentine's day we typically cook something together at home. This year our local wine store offered a 'to-go' cook at home special which included a half bottle of champagne, two filets, two crab cakes, and a bottle of red so that's what we did. Hubs grilled the steaks, I cooked the crab cakes, we added a wedge salad and shared a baked potato and it was all super delish. 

We made a creme brûlée for dessert. I cooked and hubs fired up the sugary top and I meant to take a picture but wasn't quick enough. Oh well. There's always next year. 

Saturday night our neighbors invited us over for a spur of the moment get together which was really fun. Fun friendly neighbors are a blessing y'all. It was just the four of us and we had tacos and played cards and listened to music and discussed life and marriage and summertime fun. It all felt very un-2020 ish.  

I know!! It's 2021 but somehow 2020 is a better descriptor, don't you think?

I have three books going currently so read a lot, and we watched more television than is probably good for us but we do what we must in the middle of a rainy, gray, corona-y winter. 

We had a fabulous Facetime with our grands, the highlight of which was my 3 year old grandson singing a new song he'd learned that is essentially Proverbs 17:22 set to music. He sings it with great enthusiasm and not a little drama proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that a joyful heart really is good medicine. 

In other unrelated news, I'm hoping to participate in this year's April A-Z blog challenge and am trying to come up with a theme now. I do better with a theme, but blog content is in short supply these days. As evidenced by this post,  ahem. Can I even write 26 posts in a row in 2020 2021? I'm open to suggestions. 

Okay. I guess we're done here. Summer's comin'! but in the meantime let's find our blessings in the small things, k? Have a great week everyone!


  1. How sweet of your hubby to bring you roses for Valentine's Day, they are gorgeous. Your dinner sure sounds delicious too! I think we will always think of these times as what I call it, the year we do not speak of. I think I'm going to do the A-Z challenge too. I haven't participated since 2014! I definitely need to come up with some kind of theme too. Oh and by the way, I whine on my blog when the need arises so feel free to whine away :D

  2. Yes, I think we are all getting better at finding our blessings in the small things, Joyce. Your roses are beautiful and very UN-2020ish so high five to your hubs! V-Day dinner sounds delicious! Fun neighbors do make life nicer! I agree!! Good luck with your A-Z theme. Three or four of my friends here in blogland do that each year and I am always excited to see each installment! Have a good week, my friend! xo

  3. Sounds like a perfect Valentine's Day meal. What a great idea for the shop to offer that to go. Woohoo for cards and tacos. We get a card night tomorrow night to meet another couple who live on our road and have to pass our home going in and out of town. A mutual friend is hosting them and us. April A to Z, hmmm, Hope you come up with a theme that can make the 26 days flow well for you!

  4. I feel your pain. We are in a winter storm that will last thru Thursday. The weather plus Covid is about to do me in. Spring cannot get here soon enough for sure! Happy week!

  5. Thank you for all the updates. Sounds like it was a good weekend. How can you read three books at the same time??? Glad you had Facetime with the grands.