Tuesday, September 21, 2021

If There's A Birthday There's Gonna Be A Birthday Recap

My brother phoned last night and asked how I'd celebrated and I told him it was ongoing- ha! Truly I feel like it started last Wednesday and carried on through Monday. I took almost no pictures the entire weekend (week???) but if I had you would likely be seeing a lot of food shots. 

Last Wednesday my neighbor took me out to lunch. We've been like ships passing this last month and it was so nice to sit and catch up on all the goings on in our lives. Thursday evening hubs and I drove into the nearby big small town for dinner with our builder and his wife. We have remained friends and she is currently helping me with a slow re-do of my office space (eventually there might be pictures) but mostly we just enjoy one another's company and have a lot in common so a fun night. 

Friday I went to lunch with some college friends who live in roughly the same geography as I do. We were all in the same sorority way back when and can sometimes still act like we're 20 years old when we get together. Except now we also lament our failing eyesight, share in the joys of retirement life, catch up on the well-being of our aging parents, and vow to get together more often. 

If you've read here for a while you know hubs always makes sure there's cake, a specific cake that I love which is chocolate with a raspberry filling and a chocolate ganache poured over all.  This year he asked the baker to decorate with books and so besides being delicious it was super cute too. We invited the next door neighbors over to share and hubs and I might still be enjoying it one small sliver at a time. 

We haven't even gotten to my actual birthdate yet. 

Saturday! My birthday! Both my girls phoned and we facetimed with the grandboys who were very excited about their card...Nana Nana Bo Bana, Banna Fanna Fo Fana, Nana...so cute, especially when sung by an almost 2-year old. Course the card did not arrive until Monday and Daughter2's gift is still out there floating from place to place up and down the east coast and what in the world is going on with the mail anymore???

No matter, because I like my birthday to last lol. 

Hubs and I took a short day trip to the neighboring state of North Carolina and the charming little town of Brevard. I'd never been and everyone here loves it and it's just about an hour from us so not a bad drive. We parked on Main Street and meandered in and out of shops, finally having lunch at Rocky's before heading back home. 

I'd say the only negative to the visit there was all the mask on/mask off as you go in and out of shops. Most required masks and we live in SC where most do not and it was a lot of on/off on/off and raise your hand if you're past ready for it all to miraculously go away. 

Some neighbors had invited us over for an at-home tailgate party to watch the hometown team play Georgia Tech. The hometown team should have walloped them but instead eeked out a win by the skin of their teeth. There was also a pesky two hour delay mid-game due to lightning so we left early and watched to the bitter, nail-biting end at home. 

With birthday cake so not complaining. 

Sunday we went to church, then it was my week to deliver the sanctuary flowers to some folks unable to attend, then hubs and I had brunch followed by a ridiculously fabulous nap on the couch. Sundays don't get much better than that! 

And then on Monday morning I woke up to this-

What a grand and glorious way to begin a brand new year, wouldn't you say? 


  1. What a wonderful birthday for you!!

  2. Oh my goodness, those sunrises and sunsets on your lake are SO amazing!! Birthdays should always last at least a week, if not the entire month!! The cake looks delicious and it is good you had help eating it! I so enjoyed this post!! xo

  3. Although we don't celebrate big for birthdays - a card if we remember early enough to get it there on time, but a prolonged one sounds wonderful. I may need to see how I can pull that off for myself around the big day on Nov. 1.

  4. What a wonderful birthday filled week! Your favorite cake sounds just like the one my son made for me for my birthday this summer and I just love that combo of raspberries and chocolate and ganache! YUM!

  5. Happiest of birthday years to you dear lady! Keep the celebrations going...

  6. What a wonderful birthday week!!

  7. I have to say that you definitely had a week of wonderful birthday celebrations. So happy for you.