Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Good Old Hodgepodge

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered this week's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. The link continues being contrary and wants to open in a new window. That works though, so keep calm and link we go- 

From this Side of the Pond

1. How would you define 'old'? At what age is someone old? 

A complicated question, one even experts around the world cannot agree upon. I think life is essentially a're young, you're middle aged, you're old. The word old has negative connotations so we hesitate to say that out loud, but we don't live forever, nor do we stay young forever. 

I'm not sure I can put a number on old. I know vibrant, energetic, healthy 80-year old people and frail and fragile 60-year old people.  Old to me is linked to our mental and physical health and that's different for everyone. That being said 40 isn't old and 80 isn't young. 

2. A place you've been that's old? Tell us something about your visit there. 

What's old? Is 200 years old or is 1200 years old? I guess both are true. Even when you're talking buildings old is a relative term. 

I've been to so many old and interesting places (some would even be termed ancient) that it's hard to zero in on just one. I love an ancient castle, the ruins of an ancient castle, tell tale signs the Romans once stood where you are standing now, old churches and cathedrals and really just take me back to Europe please, pre-pandemic of course. I've also been to parts of Asia and loved seeing the beauty of the old world mixed with modern day there. 

                                                 12th century ramparts over Provins, France 2009

Athens, 2007

Okehampton Castle, Devon, UK 2008
built between 1068-1086

Yu Garden, Shanghai, 2012
completed in 1577

I could post a hundred pictures, but I'll stop at four. 

3. Something you miss about the 'good old days'? When were they anyway? 

In answering this question I had to remind myself there's good and bad in every decade. While there are things I might long for from days gone by, no era is all sunshine and roses. 

I'm going to say the 'good old days' were somewhere back before the Internet ruled the world. I appreciate the internet as much as the next person, but it's a different world we are living in with the universe at our fingertips. 

Things were simpler. Your car didn't run on a computer, your oven didn't run on a computer, you weren't available by phone-text-email 24/7, you didn't have to download an app to make a purchase or log in to your medical chart or remember what you changed the password to when your account was hacked..we knew how to wait and waiting is a lost art in the age of instant everything. 

4. In what way are you a 'chip off the old block'? Or if you'd rather, in what way is your child a 'chip off the old block'? 

I am my mother's daughter in so very many ways. If you want to know all the very many ways you can read the post I wrote for Mother's Day, 2017. The link is here-One Of These Things Is A Lot Like The Other.  

5. Old fashioned, Old Testament, old timer, same old same old, old glory, good old boy, old wives tale...choose an 'old' phrase that relates to something in your life or the wider world currently and explain. 

I was reading about some of the old wives tales related to aging and whether or not there was any truth to them. Can you tell I have a birthday coming up soon? We've all heard it said 'you're only as young as you feel' and apparently that one is mostly true. I mean there are candles on the cake regardless, but staying active, grateful and optimistic help us feel young at heart. 

Then there's the one that says if you pluck a gray hair out ten more will grow in it's place. I'm here to tell you the gray hair grows whether you pluck it or not. Experts say this one isn't true but add you may end up with thinning hair if you keep plucking, so do yourself a favor and don't. 

Finally, how about that old wives tale that says  smiling too much will give you wrinkles. Sadly this is true, but let's agree to smile anyway. Who wants to live to be 100 in a world where everybody's cranky? 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Our super sweet pup (Hunley) is currently entered in a good dog photo contest hosted by Garden and Gun Magazine. 

Voting is free and he appreciates the love. If you would like to vote you'll find the link here- Garden and Gun 

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  1. Waiting (and I will add patiently) is definitely a lost art!!
    Old wives tales...I have plucked a few gray hairs here lately and I am waiting (patiently) to see if my old wives tale is true (secretly crossing my fingers that it isn't).

  2. “ Wrinkles should only indicate where smiles have been.” ~Mark Twain
    I don’t pluck gray hairs. I just cover them up. Your wisdom is expressed much better than mine about age. And old places are much more interesting to visit. I think we managed just fine before the Internet.

  3. Joyce,

    I made a goof on the link up. You'll see one for tinyurl. For some reason when my first attempt said my link was too long and so I shortened it, but didn't notice until after I linked it did I see the notice no tinyurls allowed. Oddly, I entered my long url and it worked! Sorry 'bout that!!

    I enjoyed reading your responses and got a kick out of the 'old wives tales'. My hair is very fine so I definitely do not want to pluck the glitter out and besides it's actually kinda growing on me...literally! :) I still pluck them out of my eyebrows but that's really stupid which I need to really quit because sometimes it leaves too much of a gap and that looks weird. The photos of the ancient buildings in your travels were nice to see. It must've been nice to visit faraway places. I appreciate your sharing these sites with us. Have a wonderfully wild Wednesday and thanks for hosting the mid-week fun!

  4. Heading out the door to watch over our grands this morning. I'll come back later to read your post and comment! Cheers!

  5. So glad to be back Joyce. I love all the vacation pics. Also, congrats on your newest addition! Hunley is beautiful! I headed over to read your post about your Mom. Have a great week.

  6. Fun questions this week Joyce and I enjoyed your answers and photographs. Oh and I voted for Hunley. Great picture, by the way!!

  7. I love Garden and Gun magazine. I just voted for your sweet pup!! Thank you for the questions this week and every week!

  8. Old wives tales are fun. ;-)
    I voted for Hunley. What a fun name for a magazine, Garden&Gun.

  9. Voted for Hunley, he looks like a good boy. You've got to travel to a lot of amazing places, such a beautiful world we live in.

  10. I love your "old" place pics! I also agree that before the internet, things felt so simple. So even though it does help and makes things easier, it complicates so much. I think because it draws in children (much like the video games of today) and makes then complacent. They aren't as willing to just go outside like we did in the old days!

  11. Good answer on what is old. You have definitely been to a lot of old places. Excellent answer on the "good old days." That is true about the wrinkles. People used to call me smiley. I have the wrinkles! That is exciting news about Hunley. Take care.

  12. Thanks for another fun the thought-filled Hodgepodge, Joyce. I have been voting for Hunley and will continue as often as I can. I enjoyed your answers! xo

  13. Your answers are nearly the same as mine ! Only the old wives sayings is different, I talk about storks bringing babies, lol !

  14. I think age and perception change as we age too; I used to think 40 was old but I definitely do not anymore (well, maybe on days my back is hurting). I loved looking at all the old architecture in France. It was so neat to see how different the older buildings were compared to the new modern building that often popped up right next door.

  15. You have been to a lot of old places. How nice to be able to enjoy all those travels. I feel old after I've been running after a 4 and 2 year old. Thank you Joyce for the questions each week!