Friday, September 10, 2021

Ten On The Tenth Birthday Style

Today Daughter2 celebrates her birthday, and the one thing she always requests on her special day is a blog post from her momma. I may have fallen down the rabbit hole reading back through twelve years of birthday posts here because TIME! How it flies and changes and grows us all up.  

Since her birthday conveniently falls on the 10th lets go with a list of 10 things today. 

1. When I started this blog twelve years ago she was a college sophomore. Huh? 

Those college years feel like a lifetime ago, and I guess in many ways they were. She celebrated that birthday on this side of the pond while hubs and I blew kisses across the ocean from our home in England.  

2. She still lives a distance but technology has come a long way since 2009. 

One of my friends recently put it this way...distance is a bother, not a barrier to having a close relationship with your grown children and that's so true. What you poured into them as they were growing up comes back to you in the most wonderful of ways. 

3. She was home for a week this summer to welcome her sister, brother-in-law, and most especially her nephews stateside. 

The cutest grandboys in the world are as busy as can be and when she left to return to her own home hubs and I looked at each other and said we couldn't have done it without her. We laughed, but only sort of because she truly is the most capable person we know. 

4. She is the absolute best at getting things done. Need someone to make dinner? run to the store? wrestle an almost two year old down to be changed? get a wonky toy working? read a story for the 817th time? take charge when you try to slice your finger off?, solve a problem, keep a secret, make you laugh?...well she's your girl.  

5. I remember when she was in middle school she had a white board next to her bed and before going to sleep she would make a list of everything she needed to do the next day. The list always started with-

         1. wake up

I smile just thinking about it, but also this is her in a nutshell. She has always shown us life is meant to be tackled, embraced, jumped into with both feet.

6. She's a beauty. 

And it is not just skin deep.

7. She teaches, reads, bakes, and naps like it's her job. One of those things really is her job. 

8. She loves dogs, books, sharpies, Jesus, and hot tea with her momma in the late afternoon. She is the best at making a new plan when a new plan must be made. 

9. I asked her sister what her favorite thing is about Daughter2 and she said, "She's the first person I want to share any news with, good or bad. And she always takes my side, even if I'm wrong.' Ha! 

She added, 'So thankful she's mine.'

Yes ma'am. Aren't we all?

10. She is chatty, faithful, and determined...the best friend, the sweetest sister, the much adored aunt . She is confidante, truth teller, joy bringer, a day brightener ... 

...and oh so loved. 

Happy birthday sweet girl! May all your wishes come true xo


  1. Happy birthday to your D2!! A beautiful tribute to her (as she is to you!!). xo

  2. Beautiful birthday tribute for your beautiful daughter! Happy Birthday!

  3. Aw, hoping Daughter2 has a fabulous birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday to your girl. You have written a wonderful tribute!

  5. Sweet, sweet post for an extraordinary gal!!!

  6. Happy Birthday daughter2! What a sweet post.