Monday, September 27, 2021

Autumn Leaves And Pumpkins Please

Let's start on a high happy note...the weather. It has been absolutely spectacular here these past few days and we've been soaking up the sunshine, low humidity, and still warm waters of the lake. Yes we are swimming in late September and early October looks promising too. 

I am not going to host a Wednesday Hodgepodge this week (Sept 29) because I plan to be busy entertaining the cutest little punkins in the world while their parents have a mini-holiday and attend a wedding in Charleston. They arrive tomorrow and we are planning all manner of fun while they're in the house. The Hodgepodge will be back to it's regular programming the week after (October 6). 

Can you believe it's October???

Well, almost October???

I bought a couple of small pumpkins today that I will let the boys paint and I've pulled out a few of my fall decorations too. I bought a couple of mums for my front porch but need to make another trip to the nursery so I can replace dead summer plant pots with the colors of fall. My favorite. 

I looked back through my photos to see how we've been filling the time, and I guess you might say we've spent it enjoying the little things.  

Cool mornings with a blanket on my lap, coffee cup in hand while the fire dances and the sun rises. Lots of in person time with friends and neighbors... college football watched and some hand wringing too, good books read, identifying planets in the night sky while the moon shines like a spotlight on the lake.  

Did I already tell you fall is my favorite? 

We have also pretty much devoted ourselves full time to keeping our pup in one of the top ten positions in the Garden and Gun Magazine dog photo contest. He has moved from no place, to ninth place, to currently 5th place out of a few thousand dogs, and he's still going strong. It has been a lot of fun and if you're one of the many who have voted we thank you. 

Also, keep voting because our competition never sleeps-ha! The link is here- Garden and Gun Good Dog Photo Contest link . If you haven't voted it's not too's easy, free, and we've got to keep this momentum up until the 8th which means I'll probably mention it again (and again).  

I think this is the only magazine we still subscribe to because the aesthetic is lovely and every issue is full of delicious recipes, interesting places to go-see-do, and usually dogs, particularly the sporting breeds. If you love the south, southern food especially, the outdoor life, travel, music, and the sporting culture you would most likely enjoy it too. 

In other news, my niece is getting married in a couple of weeks and I am super excited not only for her big happy day, but also to have both girls and both of my sons-in-law on the same terra firma. Fun fact-my sons-in-law have never met one another in person because the stupid you-know-what prevented the South Korean contingent from attending Daughter2's wedding back in January. 

Another fun fact-my son-in-law (the recent groom) has never met Daughter1 in person (thank goodness for Facetime), or the cutest little men on the planet, aka his nephews, so we are all so excited... for the wedding, for family togetherness, for the beauty of fall, and for love all around. 

Happy fall y'all...may the beauty of the earth this time of year remind you that you're known and loved by the Maker and Creator of it all. 


  1. Sounds like lots of fun family time on your lake! We will be at our niece's wedding in Maiden, North Carolina on October 1st. Looking forward to the my Dear's whole family being together for the first time since all the kids got married. Enjoy your times together!

  2. Enjoy your family time! Fall is my favorite time of year too; though much too cold to be swimming up here in our lake.

  3. Have fun! I'm babysitting our 3 year old grandson til tomorrow (had him since sunday). It's been fun but a bit rough because he missses mom and dad and baby sis, but it's been fine.

  4. oh, and see you next week for hodgepodge.

  5. Voted for Hunley again and will try to remember to keep going back.

    Have lots of fun with the littles this week and take lots of pictures so we can see and enjoy them too.

  6. Garden and Gun is the only magazine subscription, too! It is a BEAUTIFUL magazine. I voted again for your sweet pup!
    It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time with family. Your love for all of them speaks loudly through your words.

  7. It all sounds so perfect. How exciting to have the grandsons visiting. Also the wedding you will be attending, along with the fact that your sons in laws will meet each other and that the most recent groom with meet daughter #1 in person. Enjoy each moment! Hooray for the nice weather. I've been voting but I need to make sure I do it more often.

  8. Oh, what fun you will have over these next few days (especially)!! I hope lots of pictures will be forthcoming!! I am so happy for all of you... AND for that sweet Hunley! I vote as often as I can, each day! Enjoy those kiddos!! xo

  9. I am so excited for you to have this special time with your boys. And, how great for their parents to have some adult, time-alone time as well. Best wishes for Hunley!

  10. your dog photo is just wonderful!!! Glossy, evocative of the moment. It makes me feel something and that's the hallmark of art, right? I love Fall too, would love really cool weather (today is the first of 60's which is normal, instead of 90's and fires. Oh that's right we still have smoke from wildfires clouding the skies) Anyway a gas firepit, a blankie, and a cup of coffee looking out into blue skies sounds lovely