Friday, September 3, 2021

Quietly Living In A Noisy World

I was going to post a Thursday Thirteen yesterday, which is something bloggers used to do every Thursday, but when I typed the number it felt all wrong so I'm just going to wing it with some Friday random instead. 

Hubs and I went out for dinner Wednesday night to celebrate his birthday, a lovely local spot we enjoy. When we walked in we saw this-

At first I thought it odd they had a table reserved for someone right in the entryway because who would want to sit there, but then I registered the sign and the beer and my heart felt heavy with sadness. I'm glad the restaurant set the table, in their own way acknowledging the sacrifices made and the pain still so raw. While I know we want to put our heads down and pretend this didn't happen the way it happened, I for one hope we don't forget. 

We're such a fickle people, so easily distracted. I know it seems we wake up every day to some new awfulness we need to wrap our brains around, but I pray we don't forget these soldiers. So young and by all accounts proud to serve their country, proud to be helping people fleeing a country overrun by terror. Let's not forget. 

We've pretty much been at home this week keeping a watchful eye on our pup. He had a follow up visit with the vet yesterday who said things are looking much better than they were a few days ago, but we still have a ways to go in terms of healing. He has been mostly cooperative and for that we are grateful. 

It is so nice living in almost the same time zone as my daughter1. She has been facetime-ing us late morning and nobody is just waking up or just going to bed. So much easier for everyone than the crazy am/pm differences we've had these past two years, and it's especially fun to think I'll see them in person before the month is out. 

It's tea time. All summer I drink a late afternoon iced coffee until suddenly I don't want iced coffee, I want hot tea. It's still hot and humid here, maybe more so than it's been this entire summer, but there's something about the way the light changes in September, children returning to school, knowing fall is almost upon us even if the thermometer says otherwise, that says it's time for tea. 

This is interesting, right? 

Who else feels like they've watched every movie new, old, and older on Prime and Netflix during Covid? We do a lot of scrolling these days but nothing jumps out at us. We've started a couple of series recently but our interest wanes and we set it aside thinking maybe we'll come back later and finish but then we don't. If you are watching something great let me know. 

Speaking of Covid, how's everyone coping? What a mess. Honestly everything under the sun feels a bit of a mess right now, and we're bombarded with seemingly endless noise every which way we turn. I've been thinking about how to live quietly, and of course social media leaps to mind. 

I remember when I first joined Instagram, all the beauty there. It was almost entirely photographs, lovely images of faraway places, meals lovingly prepared, cozy home spaces that inspired, and that appealed to me. Like most things on the Internet it's become harsher and louder and as a result, less beautiful. 

There's a time for every season, and maybe that includes social media too. 

My daughter and I were talking recently about all the things in the world that threaten to overwhelm us, and how most of those things are completely outside of our ability to change or control. She told me in these troubled times she is taking this verse to heart-

"And aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands as we have instructed you." 1 Thessalonians 4:11 

A gentle reminder not to complicate things, but to care for and tend to the people and the work right in front of us. This we can do...

And it is beautiful. 


  1. We are currently watching JAG (hubby has it on DVD), Bones and Murdoch Mysteries and are enjoying them all. Love that last picture. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Yes, AMEN!! I just finished 13/14 seasons of Murdock Mysteries (but it is quite silly sometimes). I did watch Clickbait on Netflix. It was 6 episodes and quite the murder mystery. I also loved Treme on HBOMAX. It is rough/tough about New Orleans after Katrina but the music is amazing and the restaurants and the chefs and the solid characters... loved it and may start watching it again. I love several things on Acorn TV, including 800 Words (think you would like it) and Bed of Roses just to name two. I don't watch the news and I scroll past hateful posts on FB. Amen again to that verse. God is good. xo

  3. I’m doing pretty much the same thing with tv when I’m home alone. I’m also trying to read a couple of books. Social media seems always to be screaming at us, but in between are friends with cute pics and good news. Love that last pic. Also love your daughter’s favorite verse you cited, along with the one that says we pray for our leaders and government so we may lead a peaceful and tranquil life. 1 Timothy 2:1-2 (CSB) 1 First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for everyone, 2 for kings and all those who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. I long for that.

  4. Thank you for sharing that Bible verse. I don't think I have read it before. I like the idea of living quietly and working with your hands. Glad to see that supported and recommended in the Word.
    Oh, this Covid. Just exhausting. And the news this week was pretty dreadful. I get so wound up watching the news when there is something tragic and historic happening, and then get down in the dumps. I need to make myself turn off the TV and finally did yesterday and today.
    I hope I can remember to set a place at our Thanksgiving table this year for all of the service members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. I appreciate that the restaurant you visited did that for the 13 soldiers we lost this week.

  5. Another great post with profound thoughts. I love, love that verse and truly I’m happiest when I’m working with my hands. Have a most enjoyable weekend.

    We will just be staying in the Houshton area of Atlanta (where one of the sisters live) this next trip. I would absolutely love to meet you in person and perhaps that will work out one year.

  6. I was brewing a cup of decaf green tea as I read this post. All you have said is so true. We are all weary of the stuff that's pushed in front of us, some of it just annoying noise, along with the troubling current events.

    You are right: living quietly and taking care of those within our reach -- that is a wonderful perspective as we wake each new day. (and I get to do exactly that today as some family comes here for a few hours)

    I, for one, have watched very few movies but have buried myself in Bible study and Bible-based books of instruction. That, and truly good music with real harmony and lyrics based on Scripture, has (have?) ministered to my wounded soul these past nine months.

    Thank you for yet another beautiful, thoughtful post, Joyce.

  7. We have spent the past 8 years trying to live a quieter life and while I don't want to be that person that sticks my head in the sand and ignores what's going on in the world I do feel that so much is out of my control and I am much happier not knowing. I try to focus on our family and our immediate lives and block out so much. I don't go on social media, we don't watch the news, and we try to spend a lot of time out in nature and with those people we love.

  8. Another great post Joyce. Thank you. And thank you for sharing the bible verse.
    Love, Carla

  9. Sweet photo with the boys. Glad that the pup is doing better. I am so feed up with Covid-19. When will we ever see an end to this. I am truly worried about this. I'm supposed to start bowling soon and not sure I could go if people are not masked. Hope you have a lovely Labor Day.

  10. Yes! What a great verse, especially for the times we're living in today. I'm with you on the movies, I want something that envelopes me, that I can get lost in but then the movie ends and I think, "Nope, that wasn't it." Maybe we're becoming more dissatisfied with the things of this world and longing more for our heavenly home?! :) Have a wonderful day!

  11. Hello Joyce,

    I stopped by this morning to lift your hodgepodge questions when I noticed this post which naturally pulled me in. How lovely the restaurant paid tribute to our brave men who paid the ultimate price while protecting others! We have spent our fair share of time glued in front of the TV watching every possible interesting thing on various streaming services, too. What really got me here is the verse your daughter shared with you which I'm going to scribble out and place on my refrigerator as a daily reminder to keep my hands busy. Somehow inherently I've been doing just that, I've had the strong desire to find ways to be creative and in doing so it's kept my mind free from concerns that surround us. God's word is the key to unlocking all great mysteries and allaying all fears. Please tell your daughter thank you for sharing the perfect verse. It was lovely to read your randomness. Have a blessed and joyful day, my dear!

  12. In our huge multi-thousand seat sanctuary this past Sunday were 13 large American flags draped across pews all across the room. Our pastor, who isn't afraid to take a very bold political and scriptural stand on things, spoke to our current situation, showed a video of several state Reps who were former military, and our Associate Pastor prayed the most powerful prayer for our country, the families of these 13 young people and for our churches. It was an amazing service.

    Thank you for sharing the scripture. Yes, especially when things are totally out of our control do we need God's assurance that He does know what is going on and we are to be busy doing what He's called us to do.

  13. That was a very kind thing for the restaurant to do in honor of the fallen soldiers.