Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Ten Times The Fun In The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. The last couple of weeks the link has loaded a bit funny, in that it opens in a new page. I have unchecked the box that allows this to happen, but it happens anyway? It may or may not happen today, but if so just click where it tells you to click and you'll be able to add your link there in the usual way. And don't forget to leave a comment for the blogger before we go-

From this Side of the Pond

1. Something you've done recently that required you giving 110% ?

Everything? Ha! These past couple of weeks have been a doozy between hubs having back issues and a dog that requires 24/7 care/observation/monitoring. But we're giving it 110% because sometimes life is easy peasy and sometimes it's not. 

2. What task-sport-chore-hobby-activity have you participated in or completed, that if judged, would land you a perfect 10?  

Is porch sitting an activity? If so I'm for sure a 10. 

3. What are ten of your favorite things right now? 

This is a question I could definitely overthink so I'm going with a stream of consciousness kind of answer. In no particular order...

less humidity, lobsters at my front door courtesy of my neighbor, God's word, facetime, mid-day phone calls, our military, fresh from the garden produce, the way a cup of tea makes me feel better about most everything, changing seasons, daughters

4. Nine times out of ten I _________________________.

... fall asleep before the movie ends. 

5. Where were you when the world stopped turning, twenty years ago this week? 

Twenty years. It's still hard to think about that day, and with the current situation in Afghanistan it all feels fresh again. I heard someone speak to military folks who might be feeling like their service in Afghanistan these past twenty years was all for naught, and why that's so not true. 

For two decades children have been born and raised in an America where the threat of another attack wasn't on their radar thanks to the men and women who stood watch. Their service and their sacrifice allowed children to grow up without that particular anxiety, and how do you put a price on that?

Twenty years ago I was the Director of a church preschool and kindergarten located just outside of D.C. Many families in our school worked in the Pentagon or were Secret Service Agents so it felt very personal to us. At the time we didn't even have a radio in our office so when we noticed our copier repairman just sitting in his car outside our building we were annoyed. When he finally came in he broke the news to us and life shifted. 

There is America before 9/11 and America after 9/11 and they are not the same. 

I am thinking this week of all who lost so much on that day, of the bravery of our police-fire-and first responders-who ran in when everyone was running out. Of our military men and women who gave so much and those in harms way today. I am praying this week especially for peace all around the world and for revival in our nation.  

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

This little punkin celebrates a birthday later this week...

I'm sure I'll write a post on the actual day because she expects it and I don't like to disappoint, but if you have a chance hop over to her blog today (It's Elementary) and leave a happy birthday wish. She might be a grown up married Mrs. now, but she is still this adorable. 

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  1. Joyce,

    Porch sitting sounds like a peaceful activity and sure it's an activity of sorts. No doubt your brain is spinning with creative ideas or fixes to situations. If you're like me then you can't really sit still, something is fidgeting and that's being active. I liked your 10 favorite things. I wouldn't mind having some lobster. Generally I can stay awake till the end of a movie. There was a time when that was a real chore for me. The only way I fall asleep these days is if I didn't sleep well the previous night and then I might drop off. I'm thankful for our men & women who've kept this country safe the past 2 decades. It's awful how things are going in Afghanistan. I can't imagine how you and the hubby dealt with the events of 9/11 being so close to DC with personal relationships directly in line of the terrorist threat of that day. A distant cousin lost her life at the Pentagon that day. I didn't know her, never met her, but it goes to show how small our world really is and that anything can happen that you wouldn't expect to. The anniversary of that fateful day is painful but the reminder hopefully will serve to protect ourselves better. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones on that day. I can't imagine what those people went through and perhaps still do. What a bright way to end your Q&A with the announcement of your daughter's birthday. What a pretty darlin' she was and I know she still is this day! I'll pop in on her to leave warm birthday wishes for her. Thanks for hosting the mid-week fun, my dear!

  2. ohhh noooo... poor lobster :(
    LOL'ed at the sleep in a movie - that's my husband 100%
    You are so right - the world before 9/11 is not the same after. These big moments that change the world entirely. I've been watching all the new things out & cant believe there's still so much we've never seen/known - stories to still be told. I still cry & get that gut kick with each one.

  3. Joyce, as I think about what has come from our military spending 20 years in Afghanistan, I try to think of the people there. Those who may for the first time felt hope for a life different from what they had known. The women and girls who experienced respect and freedom for the first time. Those who heard the gospel and came to know a loving and saving Savior. Yes, we saw 20 years without another 9/11 on our soil, but in so many ways, that was a daily occurrence on theirs. May God continue to bless those brave people left there to endure another kind of world now. May God continue to bless our brave men and women and their families who gave their all for such a possibility for others. And, may God bless America!

  4. Great answers Joyce. Wow...Lobster, now that's special. YUM. I love your thoughts on 9/11.

  5. Thank you for you answer to #5 and the reminder to be so grateful for those who protect us.

  6. I never tire of hearing people speak of 9/11, and your account is powerful. "There is America before 9/11 and America after 9/11 and they are not the same." Wow.
    As ever, the anniversary is weighing heavy on my heart this week -- I hope it never ceases to do so.

  7. I pray that hubs and the pup are getting better with each passing day. The porch sounds perfect! Number 5 just breaks my heart. Happy Birthday to you daughter.

  8. Those are some mighty fine lookin lobster! Sorry for your struggles right now. It is true that we can expect them. Praying all will be well. I really overthought a few of the questions for sure. Happy Birthday to your dear daughter. I need to come up with something special for my hubby for his birthday tomorrow. I enjoyed your stream of consciousness 10! Blessings.

  9. oh my goodness - I cannot imagine how you felt on that day 20 years ago. It was bad enough and I had no ties to anyone so I can't imagine how you felt knowing that parents might be in the pentagon. There is a man in our church who was there that day (retired military now).

  10. Those lobsters look delicious. I tend to fall asleep before the movie ends too; unless we're in a movie theater.

  11. Hi Joyce,
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us in answering #5.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter.. I am heading over to visit her blog.

  12. Thanks for another great Hodgepodge, Joyce. Sure hope pup is healing and will be able to resume his water frolics before it gets too cold. Those lobster look delicious! I've never tried to cook one. You are so right - There is America before 9/11 and America after 9/11 and they are not the same. Will go visit the birthday girl when I post this! xo

  13. I totally enjoy sitting on my porch! Oh goodness, I can't imagine how you felt knowing parents could have been in the pentagon.
    Wishing your daughter a Happy Birthday!

  14. Good for you, porch sitting! I really need to do that more but I'm always distracted by something else. Hubby can porch sit all the live long day. :o)) I can't remember if I told you that we'll be hanging in the Flowery Branch and Houschton, Ga. area on our visit the end of the month. We have no plans for an excursion this year. Sure would love to drop by and do a little porch sitting with you though. One day.........