Friday, July 1, 2022

1000 Pictures Are Worth A Few Words

We are in regroup mode here today after a week away spoiling our newborn grandson, then a week at home with our two older grandsons. 

We're tired. 

But it's a good kind of tired and we have nowhere to go right now so we're taking our time getting the house back in order. Beds stripped, sheets washed, beds remade, toys and stepstools and little boy dishes put away til next time, bathrooms cleaned, naps taken. 

Naps are important. If the beds don't get remade right away no big deal, but if I miss my nap it might be a problem. 

Having the grands here was grand. As always. It was a bit spur of the moment as Daughter1's in-laws were in her neck of the woods the weekend prior and she decided to ride back to the lake with them, and then her hubs will collect them this weekend. 

We're good with last minute though and never say no to time with the most fun little men on the planet. Even if they do wake up talking and go to bed talking and ask a million jillion questions all the day long and want to swim 24/7 and insist Nana jump off the dock seventeen trillion times and I think you see why we're tired. 

The forecast was for rain every day but it never really materialized so we got to swim every day. We do running jumps holding hands, cannonballs and wazknackers (Pawpaw taught the mancub that-sorry no picture)...we float and kayak-

and we swim under the 'bridge

Pawpaw (the human fish or aqualung as we like to call him) does tricks while my girl and I float on our water saddles and solve all the problems of the world. So good. 

Besides the lake we also spent some time at the pool-

Made homemade peach ice cream-

Colored pictures, worked puzzles, read books, raced Hot Wheel cars, transformed the transformers, facetimed the new baby cousin who by the way, can't wait to join the party-


We fed the birds and some fish too-

We taught the words to some hand clapping games I used to play when I was a kid...Miss Mary Mack anyone?...

There was a boat ride-

And we sharpened our reflexes with lit sparklers lol-

We had the absolute best time roasting marshmallows around the firepit-

In other words, we had a blast! 

I think they had fun too. 


  1. Sweet, sweet memories and yes, it's so tiring but so worth it. Happy 4th!

  2. Love, love, love!! What fun you all have with those beautiful children. It is so fun watching them grow up through your blog, Joyce. Thanks for sharing the fun with us!! Rest, you two. Deep breath! Won't be long until that third little man will be jumping off the dock!! xo

  3. What wonderful memories you are making for those adorable boys x

  4. "1000 Pictures Are Worth A Few Words", and every one of them said a lot! You really have family life down to a beautiful art, no matter what the occasion.

  5. Wow! What an action packed time you had! No wonder you're tired. But what an unforgettable memory-making week!

  6. This post gave me chills. It was all so perfect and beautiful. I love each and every photo and I know exactly the feelings you have had with your 3 grandsons. I am so happy for you.

  7. It does look like you had a wonderful time; I just love that first shot of you both jumping off the dock together!

  8. Oh my, such great fun and so much expanded love and energy. They are adorable and obviously all boy. And that baby! Doesn't come any more adorable than that healthy, beautiful, huggable baby doll.

  9. So wonderful for you all! Grands are the best!