Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Weekend Wanderings

We had us a little 1100 mile road trip this weekend and are in recovery mode here today. Recovery mode means an extended coffee hour on the deck before tackling laundry, grocery shopping, an oil change so the truck is ready for the next road trip coming up quick, and then maybe a nap in the summer sun. 

Friends from way back when had a daughter getting married in Northern Virginia on Saturday so we hit the road Friday to join the party. We drove as far as Richmond stopping for an overnight visit with hubs brother and sister-in-law who live there. We had a lovely dinner out and caught up on all the things which was fun. 

Saturday morning found us on the road again, driving the (supposed!) two hour trek to the D.C. suburbs. We lived in the area once upon a time so we know traffic, but ya'll! The traffic north of Richmond into D.C. is completely ridunkulous. We are truly country people now lol. 

I had booked a hair appointment for Saturday afternoon, and while I should have been there with plenty of time to spare, I barely made it. Whew. Afterwards we checked into the hotel then rode a shuttle out to the wedding venue with some of the other out of town guests. 

So fun to see friends from our girls growing up years...

Hubs and the father of the bride also worked together for three decades so having in person time to catch up was really special. 

Sunday morning we were back on the road, heading just past Richmond to spend the night with some college friends who live in the beautiful Virginia countryside. I took not a single picture but these friends are so precious. We spent lots of post college time with them in the early years of our marriage when we too were living in Richmond. The mister even helped us find our first house back in the day. They built their current house in the country about the same time we built our lake house, and while they've visited here we'd never been there. 

One of their now grown sons lives nearby too, so we got to meet the granddaughters and life just felt so very sweet in the way it comes full circle. 

Monday meant another day of driving with a stop for fresh from the orchard peaches and then another at the kennel to collect the pup. We listen to books on Audible while we drive and are currently listening to Napolean by Andrew Roberts. Kinda makes me wish the French countryside was my next road trip destination. 

Although visiting our newest grandbaby will be pretty great too. 


  1. Oh, you were in my birth state and the state where T and I were married. And, I have a brother that lives just outside DC. You two seem to always be going or coming from somewhere. Always enjoy hearing about your travels.

  2. Road trips are so great!! Sounds like you had a great time with dear friends. That new grandson is SO cute and I know you can't wait to see him again! You look fabulous, by the way!! xo

  3. What a nice trip with so many great connections with friends. Love those kind of trips. I see the new little star in the family has a name, James. Sweet. He is a precious bundle for sure. Enjoy your cuddles with him!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. And that new grandson is adorable!!

  5. It all sounds so perfect. Glad you had a nice time. Grandbaby is so cute and I love his sleeper.

  6. Phew sounds like a busy but lovely weekend.

  7. He is so cute and I love the fish on his onesie! Sounds like a fun road trip!