Monday, July 11, 2022

Summer Sunshine

Are these the dog days of summer? The Farmer's Almanac says 'tis true and so does my hair. In case you didn't know humidity and thick wavy hair don't mix. Today though, we woke up to lower humidity and even had a slight breeze with our coffee. We know it won't last but we'll enjoy it while we can. 

This is one of the first weeks we've had in a while where we've been without houseguests, have slept  in our own beds every night, and had some time to catch up with friends and events around the lake. Hubs and I were out doing fun things Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday night, which sounds like a lot but didn't feel like a lot. 

There was mah jong, dinner with our next door neighbors at a nearby favorite restaurant, our monthly wine club dinner with a fun table of friends, and on Saturday a music fest 'amongst the trees'...

Bands and BBQ in a cozy corner of the forest. 

My limelights are blooming.

Well, two out of three are blooming. A mama deer gave birth in our backyard and then promptly ate every single bloom on one of the plants. We forgive her. The fawn was precious and we're partial to new and expectant moms 'round here.

Speaking of new moms...this sweet little family had newborn photos taken recently and I love them so much. 

We facetime this little cutie patootie pretty much every day and cannot wait to see him in person again before August arrives. 

And speaking of expectant moms...

Daughter1 is expecting a little girl this fall which means we're going from two grands to four in less than a year, and we could not be more excited!

We're not the only ones. 


  1. Hip hip hooray for another grand on the way and the first little girl! Congratulations to all!

  2. Oh, I am just so excited for you all to be getting a little girl!! She will be SO SPOILED and those two older brothers will take care of her all the way through high school, I'm sure! Watch out!! LOL Just the best news. And I still can't get over that head of hair on D2's little boy. Family is what life is all about. xo

  3. You are definitely blessed in the grandchild department Joyce.

  4. Oh my... a little girl... how exciting! We had a girl after two boys... fun! Congratulations to everyone... new baby parents, new baby girl to be parents and of course, the grandparents!

  5. Oh, how wonderful Joyce! Congratulations to all!

  6. How exciting to be expecting a grandgirl! Congratulations to your family.

    Your first picture reminds me of paintings my husband and I did on a date night to "Painting with a Twist" one year for our anniversary.

  7. Congratulations (again!) grandma! How exciting.

  8. It all sounds so perfect. Love the photos and the flower is so beautiful. OMG, I am in tears. So exciting about the baby girl whose going to join the family. Love the photos of your new grandson. He is so precious. A post with beautiful blessings.

  9. Oh that's lovely news. Congratulations!

  10. Hi Joyce,
    Congratulations!!!! I am so happy to see young couples continuing to build families. It makes my heart happy!!
    Love and Prayers!!