Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Hodgepodge Is King

Welcome to this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond

1. Did you watch the coronation of King Charles III? Share some of your thoughts about that, or about the royal family in general. 

We were out of town, but did manage to watch most of the coronation thanks to the time difference between here and the UK. I enjoy following many of the Royals on Instagram, and also some royal watchers including-What Kate Wore and royalteawithjam which are two of my faves. 

Nobody does pomp and ceremony like the British and I enjoyed the pageantry, the solemnity of the ceremony, the fashion, and seeing the various family members supporting the King. While Harry and Meghan were a huge distraction leading up to the day, I'm glad very little attention was actually paid to Harry on the day itself. 

I think the monarchy is in a tricky position in this day and age, but I do think Charles, and then William and Catherine behind him, are trying to modernize the roles. There is a lot of criticism aimed at the monarchy, but I don't think you can discount the tourist dollars and attention the royals bring to their country. Personally I love watching them work. And I'm a teensy bit obsessed with Catherine's hair, wardrobe, and her natural elegance. 

2. What are you the uncrowned queen of? 

The Hodgepodge of course. 

3. In a box of chocolates which one do you usually go for? 

I like a lemon-orange-or raspberry cream and will go for that if there's one in the box. I also like the chocolate crinkles, anything with nuts, and also the caramels. I don't care for anything with a maple flavoring. 

4. Something learned at your mother's knee? 

So many things...a love of books, cooking, and Jesus are three that spring immediately to mind. 

5. 'Like mother, like daughter' what way is this saying true for you? 

I wrote a whole post about this a few years ago, which you can read here-One Of These Things Is A Lot Like The Other. Besides a love of family, great books, cooking, and Jesus you could also say we share a similar streak of stubborn lol. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My bookclub read a really interesting book this month-The Daughters of Yalta: The Roosevelts, Churchills and Harrimans: A Story of Love and War by Catherine Grace Katz. If you like history, biography, and a WW2 setting, you might enjoy this one too. 

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  1. Last night at our young adult Bible study, we were talking about Esther and about the pomp and circumstance way back then being similar to the coronation over the weekend. As always, thank you for the questions! I enjoyed your answers.

  2. So glad to be back today. I've had a few distractions the past couple of weeks but am on the up and up and doing so very well. Always fun to participate. Thanks for being a most gracious hostess.

  3. I follow What Kate Wore also. You are so right about pomp and ceremony. I always love it! Yes, I believe they are trying to modernize it too. Of course it's the Hodgepodge for you! I definitely like the nuts and caramels too. It's okay to have some stubborn in you. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. I'll have to check out 'what Catherine wore' and royalteawithjam! Long live the Hodgepodge Queen!

  5. Happy Mother's Day Joyce!!
    I enjoyed reading your answers about The Royals, I agree, I feel the same as you.
    Until the next Hodgepodge my Queen. Hee Hee!
    Love, Carla

  6. No doubt about it! You are the Queen of the Hodgepodge!!!

  7. I'm not a big Instagram-er, but do follow Catherine and Charlotte. Have to admit, the Brits do pomp and ceremony like none other. Thanks for another set of entertaining questions!

  8. Some damn good answers, I didn't watch the coronation just the highlights the following morning, I wouldn't want to be a royal and I am queen of nothing also. I do like nougat type chocolate. Mum taught me many things like you can't argue with a drunk and the older I get the more like mum I become.

  9. Oh I always reach for the caramel or anything with dark chocolate! I saw nothing at all of the coronation (mostly because I forgot and didn't even think to look on our streaming networks). Oh yes, my mom and I are SO MUCH alike-- we often say the same thing at the same time.

  10. I loved your description... streak of stubborn! I have one of those, too! LOL Thanks for another great Hodgepodge, Joyce, and you are definitely our Queen!! xo

  11. Oooh, I need to follow WhatKateWore! I admire her elegance and grace so much, and she seems like she would be a genuinely lovely person to take tea with. I agree with you about the monarchy being in a tough spot, but doing their best to suit their roles to our times.

    You are most definitely the Queen of the Hodgepodge!

  12. Haha...I never thought of the royals as having instagrams, now I'm curious. Also I'll give you all my fruit filled candies.

  13. I am coming in a day late and a dollar short but my post will go live tonight or first thing tomorrow. Can't seem to find time for everything these days.

    Really enjoyed reading your questions and of course, your responses. Sounds like you were raised by a delightful, if somewhat stubborn, mama. Me, too. I don't see too much of my mom in me but the older I get, more similarities crop up. My mother was very smart and very level headed.

    Glad for the book review. Sounds like something right up my alley.