Monday, May 8, 2023

Out Where The Water Is Wide

Hubs and I will celebrate an anniversary in June, and last year were given the absolute best gift, a new grandson, who arrived on the day. What that means if you're me is you need to go ahead and celebrate your wedding day a little early, because your anniversary going forward will now be all about that little man. 

We're okay with that. More than okay in fact but still, another year married should most definitely be marked. Every year is a milestone and its good to step back from all the distractions of life and take stock. Remember what you loved about this person who is somehow older yet still the boy you married. 

Honestly we were totally swayed by internet advertising in our choice of destination. When an ad popped up on hubs news feed for a Bed and Breakfast in the coastal town of Beaufort he said let's go and I said okay. We pulled out our calendars, found a window we could make work, and this past weekend off we went.

It was wonderful. Beaufort is so pretty, so seductive, we were ready to buy a house and move in. 

Let's back up to Friday which is when we left lake town and made our first stop -Savannah (Georgia). 

It happened to be Cinco de Mayo so upon arrival we went in search of a margarita. We ended up at the Savannah Tequila Company and had chips and guacamole for a non-lunch lunch. 

Afterwards we walked the riverfront, browsed shops, and meandered through the amazing collection of artifacts in the JW Marriott lobby. Worth seeing if you're in Savannah.  

We had a light dinner that evening in The Ordinary Pub, then hung out in a little place called The Rail listening to live music. It was a lot of fun. 

Saturday morning we drove just under an hour to Beaufort (South Carolina). We'd booked a mid-morning carriage tour because Beaufort is known for both her history and her fabulous homes, and the carriage tours give you a bit of both. 

The houses y'all. Seriously gorgeous!! There is water beside you and Spanish moss hanging above you and great big verandas calling your name. 

We had lunch at Plums, a small restaurant with a water view, where we shared some peel and eat shrimp and, at the recommendation of the couple dining beside us, a bowl of their gouda mac and cheese. Yum! 

After lunch we checked into our B & B-The Rhett House Inn, which lived up to it's internet advertised billing. The Inn is a 200 year old 'in town' plantation house that oozes charm and Southern hospitality. People assume the Inn's name comes from the character in Gone With The Wind, but Margaret Mitchell actually named the character after the Rhetts of Beaufort and Charleston. Thomas Smith Rhett and his wife Caroline Barnwell raised their children and lived in the house until the Civil War. 

There was champagne, flowers, and a box of chocolates in our room, our own little porch for sitting (or napping as the case may be) with an overall relaxed vibe that is very much Beaufort. 

Beaufort was Pat Conroy's town and I see why he was inspired to write here. 

After lunch we drove to nearby Parris Island because once upon a time I lived there. We actually lived in Laurel Bay, a military housing complex that sits beside the town of Beaufort. This is where new Marine recruits pass through, but my dad had been a Marine for a number of years when we moved here. My mom says out of all the many places our family lived with the Marine Corps, this was one of her favorites.  

Hubs and I went through all the ID checks and car scans needed to enter the base at Parris Island, then visited the Marine Corps Museum which is interesting and very well done. There's a short film that gives you a glimpse into what new recruits experience, and I'll go ahead and say it-Marines are tough!   

We had hoped to drive by the house I lived in some five+ decades ago, but times change, and the world gets crazier by the day, so now there's a gate and guards and you cannot just drive in and wander the neighborhood and say hey, remember when. I get it. And I'm grateful for our soldiers all around the world keeping us safe. 

Hubs and I had dinner in town Saturday night at The Saltus River Grill, which is a short easy walk from the Rhett House Inn. I recommend this one if you're in Beaufort...wonderful service and a delicious meal. 

Our B & B  at night-

Beaufort has been the setting for many a well known film including The Prince of Tides, Forrest Gump, and The Big Chill, so after Sunday morning breakfast on the huge front porch we went for a walk to see what we could see. Here's the Big Chill house-

It's gorgeous and their view is none too shabby either. 

There are beautiful homes all around the Old Point neighborhood, and the Spanish moss makes everything feel extra dreamy. 

We had some great porch time in the afternoon, then drove a couple of miles up the road to Port Royal for dinner. A friend recommended Fishcamp, and since we arrived early we sat beside the water and enjoyed the view from The Shellring Ale House right next door. 

Such a beautiful day! 

We keep full calendars and live busy lives. We are on the go a lot, we have company a lot, we volunteer, have hobbies and a home and grandchildren and all sorts of things that constantly pull at our time and attention.

It was so special to have a few days away to catch our breath and relax. To hold hands, laugh, take long walks, eat fresh seafood, and say cheers to choosing love 39 years ago and all the days since. 


  1. What a beautiful place. Those homes are gorgeous! Happy Anniversary to you two!

  2. Happy early Anniversary to the two of you. Smart of you to carve out a time to celebrate your anniversary at a more convenient time. Love the spots you enjoyed! When our daughter and I flew out to attend our now son-in-law's completion of Marine training at Parris Island in September of 2010 we stayed at the Rhett! It was fun seeing your photos. We stayed in a basement room that opened onto the garden/fountain. Fun memories. The graduation ceremonies were epic and our daughter being able to see her guy after a long separation was sweet. We met part of his family that weekend, too. Later that month Andrew asked Katie to marry him and she said yes.

  3. So many wonderful photos on the 9th June it will be 40yrs since Tim & I first meet

  4. Wow looks like a beautiful place t get away. Thanks for sharing that part of the country.

  5. Happy anniversary month!! Your get-away sounds like it was wonderful and I loved seeing the photos. The old southern mansions are so beautiful and your B&B is amazing. (My ex did boot camp at Parris Island.) Thanks for taking us along!! xo

  6. That sounds like a wonderful anniversary weekend away. What a gorgeous destination.

  7. Wow, what a nice getaway you had. I would love a trip like that. You saw so many beautiful things. Thanks for sharing. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary ... I loved your post. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Happy anniversary. Great post and looks like it was a great break for the pair of you.

  10. Y’all are definitely couple goals! What a wonderful getaway to a beautiful place! Happy Anniversary!