Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Oh Brother It's The Hodgepodge

Welcome to this week's edition of The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you. That's how the Hodgepodge rolls. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. May 24th is National Brother's Day. Do you have a brother? Older or younger? Did you raise brothers? Tell us something about your brother or tell us something about your own children who are brothers.

I do have a brother, just one and he's five years older than me. He grew up as the only boy in a family of sisters and is the nicest person we all know. Everyone loves my brother. He's kind, funny, smart, and young-at-heart. He's spent his life teaching, coaching, and mentoring high school students, particularly runners, and was recently inducted into the South Jersey Track and Field Hall of Fame. He is also extremely humble and would not mention this huge honor if asked to describe himself. 

I did not birth any brothers, but Daughter1 is raising two of the sweetest boys I know. Their relationship is so special and they are best buds. 

2. A great book you've read or movie you enjoy that features brothers? 

Book-The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles-the two central figures in the book are brothers, and while the character list is long, it's the brother's story and relationship I loved best. 

Film-Seven Brides for Seven Brothers-completely crazy story line but it's still a favorite in our house. The picnic scene with the dancers on the log is amazing. 

3. Something you think is overrated? Something you think is underrated?

Overrated? Popularity

Underrated? Living a quiet life 

4. How much does your past shape you? What parts have shaped you the most? 

I think our past definitely shapes us, but if your past was difficult or troubled (mine was not) I don't think it has to define you going forward. 

The parts of my past that have shaped me the most? Growing up with siblings both older and younger,  parents who loved me and lived out their faith, who gave me a sense of self and security, and then other caring adult influences including youth leaders, church members, camp counselors, and wonderful neighbors. 

5. What's your favorite simple pleasure? 

My morning coffee. The house is quiet, the day is new, the possibilities endless. Sometimes when I lay down to go to sleep at night I will tell hubs how much I'm looking forward to that first cup of coffee. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Hubs and I have been out of town since last Friday, visiting Daughter1 and her crew in Tennessee. My mother-in-law lives half way between here and there so we picked her up on our way home today, for a few days at the lake. 

Life is the best kind of whirlwind here. 

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  1. I agree that a simple life is underrated! I loved your answer to #5; it's a great time of day.

  2. Love the description of your dear brother! Enjoyed all your answers. Sounds like a great trip to Tennessee. How nice to be able to pick up your MIL on your way home. Coffee is one of my simple pleasures to start the day with but I didn't think of it. Enjoy your time with your MIL!

  3. I agree with your simple life being underrated. Sounds like you had a great trip.

  4. Hope you have lots of fun with your mom visiting. Thanks again for the great questions this week.

  5. Oh yes... best buds. :-) That is what my boys are to each other. I love that about your grandson's.
    I agree that a simple life is underrated! And here is to that first cup of coffee.
    xx oo

  6. The first cup of coffee....YES! and now that I am out of school for summer, I enjoyed that first cup of coffee without placing my coffee somewhere and couldn't find it. I sat on my patio enjoying the morning with that cup of coffee.

  7. I chuckled when I read your answer about your morning coffee. Every night before we go to bed, my husband says, "I get to wake up and have coffee!" - y'all must be two peas in the same pod hahaha!

  8. Yeah I have one brother 16yrs younger then me, he is so much like our dad having him and a sister 15yrs younger I helped a lot with them when they were little.

    Life is full of overrated things and people

    The past shapes all of our lives but how I can't say because I don't know

    My life is full of simple pleasures.

  9. The simple life becomes more and more my goal and I'm just about to succeed. So glad you had some time with your grandboy brothers and now a few days with their great grandmother. What joys life does bring.

  10. Yes to that first cup of coffee! Thanks for another great Hodgepodge! I loved Shannon's graduation post and can't believe her first 'man-cub' is six already! Those boys are growing up too fast but that's the way it goes and is as it should be!! Hugs!

  11. Your brother sounds great. I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! Sounds like a loving family you grew up in. That's a blessing. Hooray for a morning coffee. So glad you have been spending time with your family. Take care.

  12. How funny, I get so excited over my "first" cup of coffee each morning. I hate I missed the HP this week but daughter and I were so busy having fun.

  13. Now that I see your simple pleasure, I'm wondering why I didn't choose that as mine, because that describes me EXACTLY! I sure love my coffee. :-) I love how you differentiated between the past shaping us and defining us. It's a hopeful truth that we can't be boxed in by our past, whether good or bad.

  14. I have one younger brother (and a second one that died at birth) and then proceeded to birth 3 boys. They are pretty active.. and in our case accident prone (which they have all seemed to have thankfully grown out of). Since I homeschooled my boys they were incredibly close growing up and often had sleepovers in one another's rooms.