Monday, May 15, 2023

Mother's Day Weekend Recap


Monday morning blogging always happens around here on Monday afternoon. Sometimes Monday evening. Sometimes Tuesday. 

We had a lovely at home weekend which was much needed and a rare occurrence. I had a power nap on the porch Saturday and Sunday both, which might have been the highlight. 

Friday night some new friends came for dinner. A few Sundays ago our pastor encouraged everyone to meet someone new, invite them for coffee or lunch after church or whatever, and so we did. We invited a couple we knew only very casually to come for dinner, and y'all we had the best time talking and  discovering the very many things we have in common, including both of us living in the UK for a while. 

Living life in person is how it's meant to be. 

Saturday morning hubs attended our neighborhood HOA meeting. We were electing new officers and they needed people to show up to be counted. One vote per household though, so hubs voted and I stayed home, called my momma, and washed my hair. 

Happy Mother's Day to me lol. 

It was a pretty day so we took the little red car for a spin, had lunch on the porch at a local lunch spot, and toasted the start of summer with a hand crafted Orange Crush at the lakeside cabana. 

It was for sure a convertible kind of day so after lunch we meandered around some neighborhoods looking at new construction with the radio blaring and the top down. 

Then that nap happened. On the porch with a soft breeze blowing. Perfection. 

I cooked a Home Chef meal on Saturday night then we watched some of our current binge-Succession. Who's watching this? Do you like anyone on the show? Every evening we try to decide if there is a single character we actually like and we pretty much agree no there is not, yet we keep watching. Still in season one and I think there are three but the jury's out on whether we'll make it all the way through. 

Neither of my girls were in the house on Mother's Day, but we have all been coming and going and everyone needed to just stay put. We will see both girls and all the grands in the next few weeks, and as long as I have that next visit on the calendar I'm good. 

My daughters both sent sweet gifts, and also cards where they write messages that make me feel all the feels. My two oldest grands colored a card for me which is one of my favorite things. We went to church Sunday morning, had an afternoon nap I've already mentioned at least three times now, and then hubs grilled scallops on the Big Green Egg for dinner. 

I made a lemon butter orzo and steamed spinach as the sides, and everything was easy and so delicious. 

And now it's Monday. Afternoon. Evening. Whatever. 

We had plans to get up and go to Costco first thing this morning but when we got in the car hubs noticed the tire light on and upon investigation discovered a nail. Bother. Off we went to the tire place which is not in the direction of Costco but we had no choice. We have two houses under construction on our street and I think this was hubs third trip to the tire center as a result. Everyone seemed to know him when we walked in and they're all so nice, and were quick too. 

Now to Costco. 

Wait, before we went to Costco we had to drop a return package at UPS. I ordered lightbulbs for a bathroom fixture and they were the wrong size, even though hubs and I both checked and rechecked to see if we were getting the correct shape, wattage, and style. Ughhhh! 

Does anyone else find buying lightbulbs now just the teensiest bit stressful? I'll have to worry about replacements another day because we still needed to get to Costco. 

Which is not close.

We have to drive into the small big city to shop at a Costco, so only go about once a month. We spend a ridiculous amount of money in our efforts to save money, then treat ourselves to lunch (not at Costco) before making the trek home. 

Once home you still have to deal with all the purchases. The meat has to be broken down into smaller packaging, and I have to rearrange my too full freezers to make room for it all, and the whole thing makes me think I might need another nap. 

Instead I blog. 

Hey, did you know Costco sells jelly bellies in a jumbo sized container? 

I thought my season of jelly bean overindulging ended with Easter, but discovered today it in fact did not. Whoohoo! Happy Monday everyone~


  1. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Your trip to Costo sounds like our trip to Sam's. Goodness! I had a quiet Mother's Day too but Bridget is coming on Friday ALL BY HERSELF! Yes, for the first time since she's had children, 14 years, we will have her all to ourselves. Is it wrong that I am so excited? She is so excited too. She's staying 4 days and we'll make a ton of memories. Have a great week!

  2. Wow! What a great weekend! Convertibles, scallops, new friends in the house...NAPS!!!!

    I love Succession and no, none of the people are likable as people, but as characters, I love them all and have to say my favorites are Greg and Shiv.

  3. I've never heard of Succession! Sounds like you had a really nice Mother's Day.

  4. Haha, yes we know about those jelly beans...our son's favorite. We, too, have to drive a distance to the nearest Costco (65 miles). We always buy a roasted chicken at Costco and then I debone it and put it in 4 quart sized freezer bags and freeze for future use. Best bargain around. Glad you had a peaceful weekend. Sorry about the nail in the tire. OYE. Those scallops look delicious!

  5. We don't have a Costco in Lakeland so have to trek to Brandon for the closest one. I don't belong. There are two Sam's Clubs here and one is only five miles away, so Sam's is where I spend too much money. I need to go soon because I want more salmon and their frozen filets are shrink wrapped and so easy to thaw and cook. I enjoyed your post, Joyce, and I took a nap on Saturday - something I rarely do. xo

  6. That was nice of you to have a couple over to your home. What a fun time going out in the little red car. I am a Succession fan! There are a few people I like but this session is a bit strange if you ask me. Sounds like a nice Mother's Day. Sorry about the tire. Yes on the bulbs. My big jar from Costco is peanut butter M&M's!