Thursday, May 30, 2024


It's 4:30 and I'm finally sitting down with my cup of afternoon tea. I volunteer on Thursday mornings so left the house at 8:30. We wrapped up about 1, then I needed to pick up a few groceries after being out of town all week, plus my gas gauge was on empty, and I wanted to grab a little hostess gift for a friend we'll see this weekend. 

I called my momma, cut up the watermelon I bought, and optimistically just now threw in a load of laundry. I hope it makes it all the way into the closet tonite. Sometimes when I start laundry late in the day I forget it's happening. 

And even though it's late in the day, I'm going to link up with Patty and Holly for this month's edition of musings. 

1. What are you looking forward to this summer? 

Lots of things including starting every morning with coffee on the covered deck. 

And because dining al fresco is my favorite thing breakfast and dinner most days will happen on our screened porch. Jumping off the dock with my grandson is a yearly tradition we'll continue this summer too. 

I bought all the grands matching t-shirts and I love the noisy happy chaos of having everyone together at the lake. We also bought paddleboards this year from a neighbor who was selling theirs and I'm determined to master it.  

We have houseguests coming next week which is always lots of fun, I'm helping host a bridal shower in August, two of my grandsons plus my oldest daughter all have summer birthdays and we love celebrating their special days. 

I guess what I love most about summer is everyday lake life...the view, boating out to one of the islands on the lake with a picnic lunch...

Swimming, people randomly pulling up to the dock to say hi and hang out, float parties with neighbors where everyone brings a float and a beverage and we just chillax in the water and of course...

...chasing the sunset, which never gets old. 

2. Favorite summer traditions? 

I think I mostly answered this in question one, but one tradition I didn't mention would be the July 4th fireworks my across the cove neighbor hosts every year. Boaters come from all around the lake and anchor in the cove and channel and wait for the show to begin. The fireworks are spectacular and the show lasts a long time. When there's a really ginormous firework all the boaters honk and it's so fun and festive and God Bless America! 

3. Favorite summer recipe? Please share. 

I don't have pictures but have linked the recipes. I love this tomato pomodori recipe. It is the absolute perfect starter or porch snack with a glass of wine. Delicioso! 

I make my favorite pasta salad a lot in the summer months too. I use grape tomatoes, black olives, red and yellow peppers, and cucumber for the veggies. 

4. Summer vacation plans? 

We don't typically take any big trips in summer because that's prime lake time. We enjoy traveling in the fall and have a big trip on the books in September. Which is still lake season, but also our favorite month to travel. 

5. Cole slaw or potato salad? Recipe to share?

Yes please. I love both but I rarely make potato salad. I don't really have a recipe, I just make it like my mama did with mayo (Dukes because we live in the land of Dukes and also because it's the best), onion, celery, chopped sweet pickle, and a little pickle juice. 

I do make a lot of cole slaw in the summer because we do a lot of BBQ. Hubs loves his Big Green Egg, and makes the best pulled pork, brisket, wings, and brats all of which taste better with a side of slaw. 

6. Favorite ice cream or frozen treat? 

A margarita lol. 

I like an occasional scoop of ice cream but it's not something I crave. Hubs on the other hand...
I do love homemade ice cream and that's something we'll do at least once this summer. Probably when the grands are visiting. 

7. Favorite summer beverage? 

A Pimms cup. I first had one when we moved to the UK and it's basically summer in a cup. It's one part Pimms to three parts Sprite, add cucumber, slices of citrus, a few sliced strawberries, and a sprig of mint. There are variations, but this is how we do it here. You can add some gin if you're so inclined but I like mine without. 

8. Beach, lake, or mountains? 

I love all three, but since the lake is in my own backyard I'm going with lake. As the saying goes...'unsalted, no sharks'.

9. Best ways to beat the heat in summer? 

10. Favorite sunscreen?

I don't know if I have a favorite. We go through a lotta sunscreen here and I'm not neccessarily loyal to one brand. I currently have Neutrogena Faces, Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch, Banana Boat Sport, Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch (I like the feel of this one), and Tula. 

Happy summer everyone! 


  1. Love your summer traditions and celebrations of the 4th, the sunset, being with family, etc. It all sounds lovely!

  2. Coffee on your deck and boating sound like the makings of a perfect summer to me!

  3. You have the perfect setting for summer fun and are doing a great job embracing it. Great photos. Our trip to Scotland is on the books for September. I have to wait until the end of June to book the particulars but the flights are booked! Happy weekend to you!

  4. I can see why you love summer on the lake. I love the picture of you laying on the float reading a book. It's beautiful there and I hope you have a great summer.

  5. Awesome answer for #1. It's going to be a great summer. Definitely no need for a summer vacation. Your place is perfect! I love potato salad and cole slaw also. Pimms sounds good too.

  6. No summer here unless we are talking about my granddaughter which we are not, I am also not ready for winter which today 1 June is the first day of.
    A summer by the lake sounds nice, good questions and great answers.

  7. ..and no gators for that #8!! LOL I think the lake life is the best and y'all live it well!! I loved this post!! xo

  8. Your descriptions of summer are like something out of a book, so wonderful. Loved all your pictures, too!

  9. I had my first Pimm's cup last year and really liked it. Coffee on the porch every morning sounds divine! Thanks for joining us!