Friday, May 24, 2024

The Friday Five

It seems everyone is blogging about that end of the school year kind of crazy busy-ness that happens every May and what I want to know is why is my May the same kind of crazy busy? No school aged children at home and we're retired. Here's my friendly psa to anyone who isn't retired and is telling themselves life will 'settle down' once they are-

It won't. 

Retired does not mean bored, a calendar full of blank space, or nowhere to go-nothing to do. 
At least it doesn't for us. We still have so much going on and are always in search of 'a quick nap' to recharge which will not be happening this week. 

This week is still pretty grand though. My son-in-law has a work conference and spouses were invited to tag along. We're in charge of their littles while they're away, and we are absolutely loving every happy exhausting minute of it. 

 It's only Day1 but so far so good lol. 

While baby is napping and the boys are lego-ing I'm going to do a quick five favorites from the week that was....linking with Erika and Andrea and their Friday Favorites hop-

1. My parents. My in-laws. I've been thinking about them a lot this week. My hubs traveled extensively for work back in the day and I was able to accompany him on a number of really fun trips. Before leaving I remember always feeling a little bit anxious about how my girls would do while we were away (they were always completely fine), and not giving a a whole lot of thought as to how my parents would do. 

Now that I'm the parent watching the grands I realize my worries were misplaced-ha! The littles are living their best lives with grandparents in the house. 

Grandparents on the other hand are used to sipping their leisurely two cups of coffee in the morning without anyone ever asking a single question. They have  to relearn how to buckle a car seat and unbuckle a stroller every.single.time they visit, and they've forgotten what it's like to watch kids and cook dinner at the same time. They work hard to bite their tongue and not say, 'be careful!!' every few seconds when the six year old is on top of the jungle gym. 

Seriously. I'm married to a literal dare devil who gave his own mother gray hairs (and possibly still does), but when it comes to his grands he can't help but say 'be careful' when they're doing kid type things. We're working on it, but I'm also pretty sure this is just how grandparents are wired the world over. 

I do know my girls appreciate our efforts, and that of their in-laws too. I will have to assume some decades after the fact, that my own parents and in-laws also knew how much I appreciated the excellent care they provided whenever we asked. 

2. In person time with our grands. I haven't seen this set in person since January so we were overdue. And we're having the best time doing all the things, keeping them busy, them keeping us busy (truth!) stacking blocks, reading books, climbing, building, running, swinging, sliding, looking, and laughing, all with laps full-hearts full. 

We arrived a day early so we would also be able to spend some time with Daughter1 before they left on their trip, and that always does a momma's heart good. 

3. When my girls were small and hubs and I went out of town I'd wrap little gifts, one for each day we would be away, for the girls to open. It was something to look forward to and also helped them mark the time. My daughter has done the same for hers and I love that. 

4. I started a subscription to Lovevery when my third grandson was born. My daughter2 knew about it and thought it looked good, so I signed him up and sent boxes the first year of his life. Then when Little Miss arrived on the scene I sent her boxes too. 

Then of course I forgot to cancel the subscription so surprise! they both got boxes this month. It worked out well as we're doling out the items here this week while Mom and Dad are away and the toys in the box are a happy distraction. 

Distraction is king in terms of managing the toddler kingdom. 

Anyway, if you're not familiar with Lovevery they are stage-based play kits and the quality is top notch. I'm not a rep for them, we've just been so pleased with the product I thought I'd share. They are not inexpensive but like I said the quality is phenomenal. 

Each kit contains 7-10 playthings, a book, and a developmental play guide. I will add that both of my grands have absolutely loved the kits they've received and the toys are made to last. 

If you're interested message me and I'll give you a friend referral which will save you $20 on your first kit.  You can also skip boxes or cancel if you decide you don't want the full year.  

5. Lastly, I never want the Memorial Day weekend to go by without mentioning the men and women who have served this land I love, as well as those currently in some branch of our nation's military. In particular I want to honor those who've given their very lives...'who more than self their country loved, and mercy more than life...'  

I grew up in a 'military family' and while my dad did not die in battle, he is buried in Arlington National Cemetery beside so very many who did. I pray on this holiday weekend, between trips to the pool, backyard barbecues, and the thrill of summer rolling in, that we can all pause for a moment and acknowledge the sacrifices made, by those soldiers and by their families too. 

Let's hush the national bickering on this day, and remember with pride and gratitude how America became and remains the land of the free. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone and may God bless America! 


  1. Such an enjoyable post and I do know that "good tired" feeling that comes with Grans. I've had the girls (9 & 14) this week as they got out a week earlier than their Momma. They are so easy now and we do a lot of game playing, eating out and going shopping. I so enjoy them. Happy Memorial weekend!!!

  2. Being a grandparent watching our grandchildren is such a joy and a blessing, I watched mine a lot when they were little, more so the boys then the girls and I loved it.

    We should never forget those who served, many gave their lives and others gave their peace of mind forever more.

    Lest we forget

  3. What fun you are all having!! Enjoy the long weekend with your littles and God bless all who served this great land and gave their lives for our freedom. xo

  4. Taking care of grands for the weekend sounds like a fun adjustment to have to make to your schedule! You kids are lucky that you and your husband are willing and able to offer care for their kids while they are on a trip. It sounds like a win-win-win where everyone is truly a winner! Have a great weekend!!

  5. It sounds like you are enjoying and cherishing every moment with the grands. I hope the rest of the time together will be just as good! I am so thankful for all who have served and all who are still serving. God bless America!

  6. Now I feel like I owe my mother in law an extra Thank you! While our parents often pitched in when my husband and I went away too my mother in law often wrangled all 3 of them completely on her own for days at a time.. and yes even though my boys never seemed to care we were leaving (and in fact often cheered "mimi's here!") I never gave a thought to how she was handling them. It sounds like you are having a really fun and busy week.

  7. I agree, it won't settle down. I often wonder why they are called the golden years! How wonderful to be watching the littles. I agree, grandparents are definitely wired that way. You can't help yourself to say those things. That set looks like so much fun. I thought about ordering those boxes but never did but I did buy that caterpillar crawl through for James. God bless your dad and all those who have served our country along with those who gave their lives for our freedom.

  8. I have a couple more years before my eldest leaves education but I can't imagine life slowing down or calming down at all. My dad is supposed to or retired but has a busier life than the rest of our family put together.
    I hope you are having a great time with the little one's. It sure looks like you are.
    That subscription box does look fab. Something new and fun for the kids.

  9. Beautiful blog post, Joyce. Those monthly boxes of toys look wonderful. Like you, I wish our country could stop the bickering and be united in gratitude.

  10. I hope every moment of your time with the grands goes well! I know you will be exhausted!! I, too, wish we could quit the bickering and be united!!

  11. I have been reading your blog for a few years now but this is the first time I've commented. I so enjoy your writing style and approach to life. I am also a mother of two daughters, a retired kindergarten teacher and a grandma - Bacco is the name my Lucy has given me (I'm not sure how but I'm embracing it!) and now we have a second granddaughter, 3 weeks old! Oh, the snuggles! We're about 4 1/2 hours away from them so we make road trips there regularly. I often feel a kinship as you share your life with your readers! My friend and I started blogging after we both retired and our mutual blog focuses on family and our life as Grands to our Littles. It's been such a fun journey! I love your Hodgepodge, too, but since I share the blog with my friend and since our combined focus is a bit different I tend to be an observer/reader. So many fun prompts - I use some with my husband over dinner! Wishing you a blessed Memorial Day, Joyce! Laura/

  12. I can imagine how tired the two of you are chasing and enjoying all the grands! What a nice getaway for daughter. Our son surprised our DIL with a Memorial weekend away while he watches our Grands. It was her Mother's day present. She's in Arizona with our oldest, our other DIL and some of our nieces and nephews, the annual Cousin Memorial weekend. Next year we'll insist they both go and we will keep the kiddos. He is doing very well as a single parent! We are remembering the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.