Wednesday, May 8, 2024

A Photo Finish Hodgepodge

Welcome to another week in The Wednesday Hodgepodge. If you've answered today's questions add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for your neighbor there because that's what good blog neighbors do. Here we go...

From this Side of the Pond
1. Did you watch the Kentucky Derby this past weekend? Have you ever been to a horse race? Ever ridden a horse? Did you enjoy it? Have you ever been to Kentucky? Do you like Bourbon? 

We did watch the Derby. We had an impromptu party which I wrote about in Monday's post (Oh Hey Monday). This year's race was one of the most exciting in a long time, a literal photo finish. I think the winner was over the line by half a hoof. 

I've never been to the Derby, but I have been to a few horse races. When we lived in NJ we used to go to the race at Far Hills every year as guests of someone hubs did business with. It's held in the fall and it's a steeplechase. I always enjoyed it and wrote about it on my blog several times. Off To The Races was the first one. There's more, but is anyone going back to 2011 on my blog to read about a horse race? 

Carry on. 

I've ridden a horse, but it's been a while. I used to ride horses at summer camp. 
Hubs and I have also had a couple of horseback outings while traveling for some of his work trips, one in St. Lucia and one in Sedona. In St. Lucia they let us take the horses on the beach and that was especially fun. 

St. Lucia, 2002-horesback riding on the beach in my mom jeans 

I've been to Kentucky several times, twice on 'the bourbon trail'. 

I'm not a bourbon drinker but the distilleries are in some very pretty countryside and I enjoyed our visits there. 

2.  What's something you wish you'd placed in a time capsule twenty-five years ago? 

Hmmm, I knew this question sounded familiar. I asked one very similar to it just last year. Oops. The original question when I posted them yesterday said fifteen years ago, but then I switched it to twenty-five. Answer whichever time frame is easiest for you. 

Twenty-five years ago feels like it should be high school but when I do the math I come up with 1999. Can that be right? 

Remember 1999 when we were all a dither about Y2K?  I have a few packs of Pokemon cards that people started trading that year so might include those. Is Pokemon still a thing? 

Or maybe I'd include a phone because I had a big clunky phone in 1999. Or a video camera. Ours was the kind you hoisted on your shoulder which made it look like you worked for a major news network. Probably something tech because 1999 technology was a long way from where we are today. 

3. Are you adventurous? Elaborate. 

Reluctantly lol. And I guess it depends what you mean by 'adventurous'. I'm not going to hang glide, bungee jump, or skydive but I will try other sorts of things some people might find scary. I looked up the definition and Webster says, 'willing to take risks or try out new methods, ideas, or experiences'. 

I did move abroad with two teenagers in the house, traveled solo in Europe a couple of times, ate some unidentifiable something from a styrofoam cup in Taiwan, and will speak comfortably in front of large gatherings of people, so I'm that kind of adventurous

I'm also married to an adventurous person and sometimes I get talked into pulled in to the fun. 

4. Something you want to make this year? It can be a new recipe, craft, diy project, a milestone you've set for yourself...anything at all. 

I have too big goals for putting together some scrapbooks for my grandchildren this year. I've bought some supplies and printed a few pictures but I need to get crackin'.  

5. Cinco de Mayo was also celebrated this past you like Mexican food? If so what's your favorite dish? Have you ever been to Mexico?  Margarita-yes or no?

I love Mexican food and enchiladas are probably my favorite. Unless guacamole counts and if yes then that's my favorite favorite. I've been to Mexico several times but have no desire to go there now.

Cancun with friends- 2011

Margarita? Yes please, on the rocks with salt. 

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Absolute sweetest post I've read in forever on my daughter1's blog Tuesday. It's not about me, but the words feel like a true happy mother's day gift. I've linked it here-Sisters and Mothers.  

Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere~

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  1. Work trips to St. Lucia´s and Sedona sound nice. My husband doesn´t travel much but when he does it is to some place like Omaha (no offense to anyone from there!). I feel the same way about being adventurous- sort of, kind of, depends on what degree we are talking of it...Thanks for the questions and link up!

  2. Yeah I'm not sure I'd go back to Mexico now but never say never. I will say, I won't go back to Paris; that country is being overrun now. I enjoy enchiladas too and guac is my favorite! I probably make it once a week.

  3. I am not a Bourbon fan either. I read your daughter's post yesterday; it brought tears to my eyes. In today's world so thankful they care about each other so much. Great Job, Mama raising them!

  4. I will click over to read your daughter's post. Riding a horse on a beach was a dream of mine. Your impromptu party looked like such a hoot. We are hoping to visit at least one distillery in Scotland. Maybe we can talk our kids into more than one. Oh boy...I did the math wrong on the time capsule question. Oye. Have a great Mother's Day weekend.


  5. Another vote for enchiladas and guacamole here! Thanks for hosting the Hodgepodge.

  6. These were fun questions this week Joyce. Thank you. I enjoyed reading your answers. From being blog friends for so long, I feel like your very adventurous. I kinda live vicariously through some of your trips, because I don't feel too adventurous at all. Have a great day!

  7. I just read your daughter's post and you're right it is just the sweetest thing.

  8. I will have to check out that post you wrote when I have time. You do so many awesome things. I do remember Y2K. That was crazy. Your answer about a phone is a good one. I love that you lived in Europe. Neither one of us are adventurous. The scrapbooks are a great idea. I love guacamole too and the margarita. I will check out your daughter's post too. Have a great day.

  9. Hi Joyce, I read Shannon's post yesterday, I loved it. I loved when she mentioned trapper keeper full of bridal inspiration. :-)
    Good luck with the scrapbook, that will be fun. I just finished the T-shirt quilt for Sam. I will start Atticus' in 2025. Need a little break after that big project. I am not a quilter or sewer .. so it was a challenge.... but so worth it.
    High Fives to Woodford Reserve.

  10. Yes, we watched the Kentucky Derby. I think the win was by the horse’s upper lip!!

    Yesterday i read Daughter1’s blog post, and yes, it was delightful. She, like you, has a very pleasant and engaging writing style.

  11. I love that you are doing scrapbooks for your grandkids! I totally fogot to mention I lived in another country for a few years, so that was my biggest adventure. Thanks for hosting and Happy Mother's Day!

  12. Gosh in 1999 I was still in college... I'm not sure what I would have picked from that era for a time capsule but tech sure has come a long way since then! I think we are going to have to try to make (and try!) enchiladas; you are not the first blog I've seen that answer on today and I have never ever tried them before.

  13. I just read your daughter's! First of all, she definitely has inherited your gift with words. You must be so proud of both your girls. I truly hope my kids (even though brother and sister) will continue to share a close bond into adulthood. Thanks for sharing!

  14. You are lucky you rid on horses while I was a real coward when I was young ! I have never been to Mexico and don't miss it either !

  15. I enjoyed your answers and pictures today!! I'm headed to your daughter's blog now!

  16. Pretty flowers, interesting questions, and answers, I have never been to the races but have ridden a horse way back when I think I liked it but maybe not it was a long time ago.
    Living in Australia I have never been to Kentucky, nor do I drink bourbon.
    I am in no way adventurist, and I have never tried Mexican food.

  17. Crushed ice and salt - definitely!! I loved that daughter post. Made me cry, actually. Thanks for another fun Hodgepodge, Joyce! I enjoyed your answers!!

  18. If my husband did work trips to St Lucia I would definitely tag along! LOL Looks like some great experiences, and I think I'm close to the same brand of adventurous as you are. :-) I've been to Kentucky a few times but haven't had time to do the Bourbon Trail - that is on our list though!

  19. How fun. I think a party would be fun, but I don't think anyone I know would enjoy horse racing...haha. Loved your answers. Especially #3, I think I'm with you. Scrapbooks...I was just thinking the other day how I should do some digital ones again. Work on doing one a year with top photos. I could eat guacamole wtih a spoon.