Wednesday, June 12, 2024

A Simple Hodgepodge

Welcome to another week of Wednesday Hodgepodge-ing. If you've answered today's questions, add your link at the end of my post, then leave a comment for the blogger before you on the list. Or all the bloggers on the list, if you've got time to fill. Here we go-

From this Side of the Pond
1. June 12 is National Simplicity Day. In what way is your life simple? What's one way that it's not? 

We're retired, so for the most part can organize our day in whatever way suits us. That being said, it seems we always have a full calendar and we're on the go a lot, which means when we are at home we're adding in appointments, home maintenance and repairs etc. 

But! since we're retired if someone suggests spur of the moment fun, we're in. 

And then of course there are family logistics. Always a thing for us. Our moms in two different states. Our siblings in several different states. Our daughters in two different states. We spend a lot of time figuring out how to be with our people. 

2. Something you remember from a 'simpler time'? 

One thing that stands out to me is how we live in a culture today of immediacy. Everything at our fingertips with the click of a mouse or the push of a button. We've lost the wonderful sense of anticipation that was so much a part of my own childhood. 

We had to wait for so many things...our favorite television show (if ya missed it ya missed it), Christmas wasn't a 2-month celebration in terms of decor and activity, a new dress at Easter, your turn to use the phone, vacations once a year and certainly nothing 'exotic'

Waiting for something wonderful was part of what made it wonderful. We can ask if the world was indeed simpler when we were growing up, or do we just remember it that way, but I'm going to say it was. Technology. There basically was none. We didn't know what we didn't know and that made life simpler in so many ways. 

3. Do you like squash? If so what's your favorite variety? What's a favorite way to prepare squash? 

I do like squash, all kinds, so not sure I have a favorite. I probably love butternut, yellow, and zucchini best.  I like butternut squash soup in the fall and there's a squash casserole I love to make this time of year called Mrs. Hopkins Boarding House Squash . Simple and delicious.

4. Do you shop the warehouse stores (such as Costco, Sam's B.J's, etc)? If so how often do you go, and what's something you always buy in this type of store? 

We shop occasionally at Costco. It's a fair drive so we might go once every six weeks or so. If we're going in to the nearby small big city we put it on our agenda. I always buy paper towels and tp there. We like some of their meats, their frozen pizza, and hubs favorite snack is the peanut butter filled pretzel bites, so if they're in stock I'll buy those too. 

5. Father's Day is this coming Sunday. Any plans to make the day special? Tell us something about your own father, or something about your hubs as a father, or about someone who stepped into your life and acted as a father if yours was not a part of your life. 

While my mother worked part time later in their marriage my parents mostly had the more traditional roles of husband and wife/father and mother. My dad went to work, mowed the lawn, and paid the bills. My mom managed the house, meals, and most things kid related. My dad was a man of deep faith, a hard worker, steady. While he didn't always have a lot to say, he was always there for us and we knew we could count on him. The blessing of that sense of security a solid father brings to a family cannot be overstated. 

We have a lot happening on Father's Day this year. Our third grandson has a birthday on Father's Day which also happens to be our 40th wedding anniversary. 

As an aside, every time I write that number I kind of scratch my head and think, 'that can't be right? we're not old enough to have been married 40 years are we?'

Yet, here we are. 40 years of married life. It goes fast y'all. 

Anyway, since all the grandparents will be in town my daughter and son-in-law will also have baby girl's dedication at church that day. I'm sure my son-in-law will grill something wonderful and it will be a nice weekend filled with family fun. 

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

My dad died at the too young age of 66. He never got to see his grandgirls grow up, never even got to meet his grandson who arrived more than a decade after this shot was taken. It's one of my favorite pictures though...

He adored these girls and they loved him right back. 

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  1. I love the pictures! Happy Anniversary! Doesn't the time go by so much faster the older we get? We are hitting 50 years in August. That is nice that family will be together when your granddaughter is dedicated. Sounds like a great weekend ahead! PS. Thanks for posting this early.

  2. I love your description of a simpler time in #2. I forgot that we always buy paper towels and tp at Costco as well, and trash bags! Thanks for hosting the Hodgepodge!

  3. What a sweet photo of your dad and the girls. My parents were long gone when our kids were born and Mark's daddy was diagnosed with cancer right before our kids were born and died 4 days before their first birthday so they never knew what it was like to have a granddad. It sounds like y'all are going to have a fun weekend!!

  4. Your wedding picture is beautiful- congrats on the upcoming 40 years! And the picture of you and your sisters and your dad is so sweet. I´m sure you treasure it. I loved what you said about waiting for something wonderful was part of what made it wonderful. Thanks for hosting the link up. Have a great Wednesday!

    1. The picture is my daughters and my niece with my dad : )

  5. Happy (early) Anniversary!! Love the picture of your dad with your two daughters and the other little girl. My dad never got to meet my daughters :(. He was so young when he passed away (cancer...that mean beast). Enjoy your weekend.

  6. I agree that we always want everything NOW but I kind of missing having to wait and I try to make myself notice that at certain moments, like if I have to wait for a car or appointment, I try not to use my phone and feel exasperated. I also hate that holidays go on so long. Great photos!

  7. Your Father's day is packed with such good things to celebrate. A good father is such a sweet blessing from God. Love your wedding photo and your now photo, too! Congratulations on 40 years! Love the photo of you dad. 66 is so young. Great answer to the 2nd question, so true. Enjoy your wonderful family weekend!

  8. True, you definitely have a lot to figure out with seeing the family. I love your answer for #2. Joyce, you are so good at this. My brain draws blanks. Those pretzel bites are the best. I haven't bought them in years because I would eat them all the time. We live very close to our Costco but mainly go when we need to stock up on things, especially meat. Sounds like a lovely home to grow up in. My mom was a mess and drank. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it's going to be a great Father's Day. What a sweet photo with your dad. Sorry he passed so young.

  9. This post had so many nuggest of goodness and "aha" moments for me - I couldn't agree more with your take on the current culture of immediacy. My daughters and I often talk about (and agree) that its so important to provide experiences of waiting with our little ones. I also lost my dad too soon (at 73 after 5 years of illness). He was such a compass in my life and to our girls, Papa was a true light! Wishing you a wonderful Father's Day weekend and a Happy 40th! So much to celebrate!

  10. Happy anniversary! It's funny how time flies. We were driving the other day and my husband remarked that a tree he could "remember planting just a few years ago" at his dad's old house is huge now. I replied "we went to our senior prom 29 years ago so I'm pretty sure you planted that more than a FEW years ago!" He looked stunned for a minute there...

  11. What a lovely post! I agree with all you said about technology and simpler times. And about how we’re all so used to immediacy. So very true.
    I’m so blessed to have all my family living within 6 miles from each other in the same town! I honestly don’t believe we could afford to travel to see them if they all lived outside of California. On the other hand, living so close doesn’t automatically mean we see each other every day. We have our independent lives, and they have their lives and are busy. I think for me it’s just nice knowing they’re close. Probably they feel the same.
    I especially enjoyed this week’s Hodgepodge. Thank you for all that you do! God bless.

  12. I was telling my daughter the other day how we use to run and grab a drink/snack during a commercial because if you missed any of a tv show, you had to wait until summer re-runs to see it again. It sounds like all your people are spread out so I'm glad you have retirement time to see them all when you can.

  13. I have also been married for 40yrs.

    I think my life is pretty simple, as I do bugga all most days, I read blogs, check emails, write a blog post, do some housework and do jigsaws on my tablet as well as find a words and other simple games to keep my brain working.

    A simpler time well I guess that was back when I was a child without a care in the world but what do I remember, nothing…………….

    I assume you mean squash as in the food and not the sport, I like what we call butternut pumpkin which I think other countries call squash.

    I have never shopped at a warehouse type store.

    Father’s Day is in September for us

    Remember things we process have more meaning when seen, talked about and shared in some way with others.

  14. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary, Joyce! Lots of love to be celebrated this weekend!! Great photos and yes we both lost our dads too young. Hugs!

  15. Your wedding photo is beautiful ! And you have dark hair ! You made it to the 40th wedding anniversary, we made it to 54

  16. I loved your answer about simpler times. Technology is supposed to make our lifes easier, but I don't think it succeeds at that. I love how easy it makes communication and information, but life certainly isn't SIMPLER because some things are EASIER. Congrats on your wedding anniversary!

  17. Simpler times were just that and I do so miss them. Although, being retired, times are pretty simple for us right now. We get to pick and choose what we do other than the dictates of dr. visits. Congratulations on your 40th anniversary. This is our 59th and to think we will be working on our 60th soon is unbelievable. We just aren't old enough for that. And yet........