Monday, June 24, 2024

The Weekend Rehash

We had a very hot, mostly low key weekend, although is a weekend still a weekend when you're retired? When you can call every day Saturday if you so choose? For us old habits die hard, and we still try to take care of whatever needs taking care of during the week, then view the weekend as down time. 

I think I mentioned in the Hodgepodge this week that I had no plans to splurge on anything, but I'd forgotten about the facial I booked the last time I was at this spa. Which, was only a little over a month ago, but I loved it so much I booked another and that happened on Friday. I loved it every bit as much the second time around and told my hubs it's the absolute most relaxed hour of my day-week-possibly my year. I recommend. 

No photos because selfies here would completely wreck the zen.

Friday night it was still too hot to cook so we splurged (oops, another one) on dinner at one of our favorite spots in a nearby town and enjoyed the air conditioning, a yummy cocktail, and not cooking. Hubs guitar teacher's band was playing at a local brewery Friday night so after dinner we made a stop there to listen for a while. 

Saturday I had to make a quick trip to the library to pick up a book I've had on hold and also return a couple I've read. I love when the timing works out so the pick up and drop off can be done in one trip because the library is in town and we live out. I made another stop for a few groceries before heading home for an afternoon on the lake. 

It was hot. So hot. Several friends invited us to raft up with our boat in a quiet cove and have what we call a float party. Everyone brings a float, their own beverage and snacks, and you float. That's it. 

The lake is the perfect temperature and this is the ideal way to spend a steamy Saturday. 

We got back to our dock four hours later and it was still hot. Hubs let the little brown dog swim while I prepped dinner. We are all in on the College Baseball World Series this year because the VOLS have made it to the final finals, and it was game one on Saturday night. 

Which they lost.

But they did win game two on Sunday afternoon, which I missed because I was driving to my daughter's house. She needs a helping hand this week and I was available. When I walked in the door there was one excruciating inning left, but the VOLS eked out the win and it's on to game three Monday night.

Hubs and I did get the paddleboards out before I left on Sunday, and I had another go at standing, balancing, paddling, and turning. I'm just going to say a paddleboard does not turn on a dime the way a kayak does. 

Ask me how I know. My legs are like jelly when I get off the board, but I gotta think my core is improving because I have my stomach clenched the entire time I'm up. Hubs says I need to relax and I'm sure I will eventually. They say practice makes perfect, but the jury is still out! 

Have a nice week cveryone~

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  1. I give you so much credit for paddle boarding-that takes major core strength! The lake looks and sounds just perfect for this steamy weather- so glad you enjoyed!

  2. Your retired life is hash tag goals. I love just floating. That's so fun!

  3. Looks like a good weekend! We did a bit of floating on the lake as well. Glad your tram made it as far as they did; as you know, the Noles got kinda far then lost.

  4. Looks like a great weekend. When you float around with people in the lake, is it hard to stay still? Like if you´re talking to someone don´t you naturally start to drift a little in the water? Or are you able to stand up such that your feet touch the ground?

    1. There's a bit of a current but you're not fighting it. You do move your legs pretty much the whole time, but nothing crazy, and you have a float of some kind. Everyone is kind of being pulled in the same direction, then you notice, and you make your way back closer to the boats. It's fun!

  5. Well...that float party looks like so much fun. What a great idea for those of you who live on a lake. Sounds like a real good weekend. Enjoy your time helping out your daughter and enjoying the 'Grands'!

  6. The facial and a float party sounds wonderful! That is great you are able to do those fun things. Enjoy your day!

  7. I just made my library run this morning.. I dropped off 2 and picked up 6! That weekend float sound wonderful.

  8. I bet paddleboarding is pretty challenging. This reminds me to schedule a facial. I find it so relaxing and like it much more than a massage. Hope you have a good week...enjoy those sweet grandkids!

  9. Great photos, I would love a facial or a massage, sounds like a good weekend

  10. It sounds like the perfect weekend and a float party sounds divine!!

  11. You two are the busiest folks and always up to some kind of fun. Sounds like a great weekend and now you have a fun weekend ahead. Blessings abundant!

  12. Oh, how I loved my facials every five-six weeks. I quit because of COVID and then Joe died and I had to go to work and a facial had to go away for awhile. They are SO relaxing and just the best pampering, for sure!! I enjoyed your photos and your busy but very fun weekend activities!! Have a blessed week ahead! xo

  13. Good for you on getting the facial. Friday night sounds like fun too! How awesome to hang out in the lake with friends. Enjoy the game on Monday. I'm pretty sure I couldn't do a paddleboard. How nice to be by your daughter. Enjoy!